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Are Jewel Eye LED Headlights Worth It? You Tell me below.
With thousands of people seeing Instagram posts, and YouTube Videos, why is it that we never get to see output shots of these lights on the road?
Are they mounted crooked?
Are they even actually functional?
With only a handful of professionals (I'm definitely not one of them) offering services like this, I wanted to ask this question to anyone wanting to buy, or build these lights.
Should you even do it?
If you spend several hundred dollars on parts, and then spend a hundred hours on the build, how much should something like this cost?
Will it be usable, or will they only be a set of car show lights, or swapped on temporarily for The Gram?
Tell me your opinion below.
Also, here’s the Pantera project:

These are the jewel eye headlights that everybody talks about; they put them in wrxs and evos, and all the cars that you can think about. But this video i'm going to show you why you might not ever want to do something like this, because it's not actually going to work now. This is an acura tlx and that has a bunch of cool stuff inside we've removed a lot of the internal pieces, because this was a project that i was making something really custom for the pantera project. If you haven't seen that video, i will link it down below, but this is how it looks on the acura.

This is what it looks like after you've taken everything out and what you can tell is that you have this really big led projector setup. This is a similar, led, projector setup, where you've got two led low beams for the nissan gt-r. This is a high beam. It's got a big fan in the back and if you look in here, it's actually a little bit hard to tell at first, but there's no lenses on these inner ones.

They're just reflectors. These outer three are your low beam and then these two right here are your high beam different than with the gtr, where there's a projector for the high beam. This is another multi led projector setup out of an rx 350. I think this is from alexis and it has a very similar situation where you've got all these crazy little projectors with high beam and low beam and drl all coming from these projectors themselves.

Now that's a lot of information about projectors, and why am i telling you this? It's because people want to take these projectors out of this set of lights and stick them into their much smaller housing and there's a big problem with that, mainly that it's not going to fit, and the second reason is because it's not gon na ever be able To be aimed properly, it's gon na be crooked when you're driving down the road, which means someone's getting blinded over there or you can't see over here and that's a big problem. Now, this big giant monster is from a hyundai. Veloster thing has enough room to put those projectors inside and adjust the pitch so that it's actually going to hit the ground you're able to see even probably better than you were from like this factory projector but, more importantly, you're. Not blinding anybody you're not having any problems most of the lights i'd be willing to bet almost every time you see these really cool jewel eye headlights are installed in a set of lights.

That's not aimed properly, and probably the back end of the housing is probably completely chopped up right here, so that everything can actually sit inside the housing and fit in the first place. Let's take this thing over to my workbench over here: i'm going to hit it with the heat gun, because i've already opened these things up, but it's slightly pressed back together. I want to show you what these things look like, if i completely remove them from this tlx housing. Normally you would just stick this thing in an oven or if you're a weirdo, and you made one out of a cardboard box like the last video that we did, you could stick it in there all right.

As john pointed out, it is so nice and cold in here now. This thing would have been impossible to open if i didn't use the heat gun. So that's really the only reason i did it all right. So here's a little bit closer of a look at these lights and what i can tell you is: we've got a couple: little ball joints.

We've got a couple things that i can just back out a screw. This is what you want to do if you're ever accessing these things and taking them out of a housing, you don't want to break everything a lot of times, people just kind of don't care, so they'll they'll just tear everything up something important, because i do want To put these projectors back in after i'm done is i want to see how far that screw goes to the end of that plastic insert just so that i can realign it there afterwards, this bottom one i can see as well how far that thing is adjusted Forward so let me mark them and then i'm going to take these things out buy out. So here is the beast. This is the tlx.

This is apparently the smallest and the best performing unit to use for a jewel eye retrofit, and i brought out a couple different, very common lights. This is from a wrx. This is from an evo 10 and i'm going to show you how big this thing is. In comparison to these, i'm sure you've seen a lot of cars with this size lights.

So let's take a look just at the back alone of this light. That thing is complete, like there's no way that it's gon na fit right here and there's no way that it's gon na come over here, so we're gon na for sure have to trim up like crazy chop this up by the way, my boy jay at sinister Has done this exact retrofit? He bought the front clip of a wrx so that he could mount headlights to the car and properly aim them. If you don't do that, you're not going to aim them right, you're going to be guessing, and i promise i promise your guess is not going to just miraculously end up with this super delicate part, high performance aiming exactly where it's going to need like what are The chances of that it's just not going to happen okay, so we could tell that this retrofit right here, every time you've ever seen it on a car unless it was built by jay, it's not aimed right, there's no way you could barely even fit the thing In if you chop the crap out of the back of this light and then how are you gon na seal, it jay made a full fiberglass back end and made a mold out of it, and i don't think he wants to do much more of that, because It took so much time. Okay, let's look at the evo, the mighty mitsubishi evo.

You might have seen this july retrofit on a set of these lights as well, and let's take a look at what it looks like from the front so size wise. It actually doesn't look too bad until you get an overhead view. Look at how narrow the inside part of the light right here is. Where that turn signal bulb would go.

You would have to completely chop all of that up just for it to fit, because if you tried to move this over here now, this whole part is hanging too far out the side of the light. This is not a good size, projector unit to stick in this small of a light and i'm guessing that the whole back of that light is just hanging open, and this thing is just kind of slid into place. Randomly not secured not aimed not actually what you think it is people on instagram lie. People always ask me about that.

Like how come my lights, don't look like this like, because the picture that you based your purchase decision off of was a lie. Somebody took a picture with an iphone had the light settings all maxed out to the to the top and you're like oh cool. My underglow is going to look like this cloud that my car is floating on no dude. So this is a big piece of hardware.

This is something where it's not going to fit. It's just not. I wish it was. I wish this was something simple.

The projector retrofit is hard as it is. I have a whole online course about it, and this is what i'm typically working with something around this size and you have to you know, make sure that it's aimed properly and it's not too hard to mount it. It's completely flat the mounting bracket on there. Look at that mounting bracket, that's not a mounting bracket.

This is a whole system. High beam, low beam, drl, there's a lot of electronics. There's a whole driver that you have to install in the light that has to make its way to this thing. You're, probably gon na have to chop wires, extend things like nobody knows the kind of worms they're getting into when they want to do a jewel eye.

Retrofit, so i am going to make this offer to you if you are somebody that wants to find a proper jewel eye, retro fitter. I think that's a word hit me up. I will actually charge you money to connect you with the right people, because i know the guys that you should go to for that job and most people are tire kickers. So, if you're willing to pay me to hear your whole build idea, talk on the phone for 15 minutes and send you off to the proper person and i vet you as a solid buyer.

Then this person that can do this retrofit, for you is definitely going to take that a lot more seriously than the 20 out of 20 tire kickers that typically hit them up, because it's just a hard thing to do so, let me know: have you ever seen A jewel eye retrofit, what kind of car was it comment below get in contact with me on instagram? If you want to know more about who should install these? For you.

By Chris

12 thoughts on “Are Jewel Eye LED Headlights Worth It?”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars al dee says:

    just a quick question,do you take outside work. i wanted to know if you would be willing take a set of headlights and paint the inside black and reseal?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ZOOM VIDEO CHANNEL says:


  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars anavan7 says:

    Tire kickers, hehe reminds me of the movie Kill Bill when Bill’s brother was getting yelled at by the strip joint owner telling him to take off that ‘shit kicker hat’

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tiny Rick says:

    Not every one does a botched job like he implies.
    Really thinks people are lazy as fuck…. which he's not wrong. Just that when you spend the money, it's going to show.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Lee says:

    Great content and presentation let down by out of focus and/or flashing the the products in and out of camera shot . Absolutely professional and I hope you'll take this as well meant for you and your future presentations . Thankyou for sharing your knowledge . Kev .

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Taylor Made Detailing says:

    I installed Lightworkz G5-R projectors in my 99 4runner, I got pretty lucky on install being that the housings had the perfect sized holes for the projector ring. Aiming was/is a whole nother animal.

    I essentially pull into a parking lot, find the lowest car there that I can park behind. I aim the tips or crown of the projected light pattern at the very edge of their top of their trunk. Doing this over the years has saved me getting revenge high beamed for no reason. Good luck aiming these 😂

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Noah White says:

    I built my set of jewel eyes into my 2010 speed3 headlight. Had to basically remake the rear housing from fiberglass. And then aiming them wasn’t too bad one that was done. The difficult part was creating the custom shroud.

    I’ve had so many people ask me to do it on their cars and I told them how much it would cost in just labor alone trying to get them aimed properly while remaining adjustable and they quickly realized it wasn’t for them.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wayne says:

    I am not a fan of busting open the housing (when it is not meant to be opened) for my headlights or taillights for a look there is too much room for error and then you have to replace your lights

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gary Jon Meyer II says:

    I was going to mention Sinister and the front core support. Then you referred to to the build. Jewels aren’t particularly my style, but for those that build them properly, they are pretty dope. Plus as long as you’re an automobile enthusiast, I don’t care what you build, we have a common hobby and that’s rad.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J says:

    Can you upgrade the leds themselves in a 2015+ gtr headlight low beam? I feel like they can be brighter (depending on the heat sink) and I feel like the led cri could be better. Interesting experiment

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chapystick _ says:

    Honestly this only makes me want to do it more 😂 and I’d find out my headlights are too narrow top to bottom, because they’re already so long I have a comfortable quad 3inch projector lens setup

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Victor N. Uribe says:

    I just a hold of a pair of headlights from a wrecked tlx that were replaced because of broken shell tabs, worth 1,200. I'm going to retrofit them into a set of 08 tsx, I know for sure they are going to fit.

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