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We brought these 1981 Delorean Tail Lights up to 2015 (the Future!) standards! We have a ton of footage we couldn't include, but I'll add it ALL to my free mini course:
Huge shout to my boy Irko, (Multi Platinum Audio Engineer and Bow Tie Connoisseur) who told me about this project nearly a year, ago, but only just recently picked up this DMC-12.
Check out his YouTube Channel Here:
What crazy lighting ideas would YOU do to it?

I'm with erico and he brought his delorean over and he told me if i mess up this tail light. You can't get a replacement, it's old, it's rare and if i break anything, i'm in big trouble all right. What other parts of the car are super hard to replace? You were telling me before this one, this guy right here. So, what's the difference between like one fender versus this one, when the company went bankrupt bankruptcy, they were just about to make these, so they never made them so they're, very rare and therefore they cost a lot of money.

Oh wow, no pressure, you think. That's the same deal with the tail right, i think so wow. If i mess up this tail light, there's no way to get another one. The company went out of business, they don't make the parts there's only so many of them.

I think they made like 9 000 of these cars, so to get a replacement tail light on the left side is next to impossible. We're gon na take this thing off we're gon na swap it to led bulbs put in a load, resistor change it up to better brakes, running light and reverse. You got some little washers in there, not for the shaky handed man so yeah. It's a full circuit board, that's open to the elements yo, it's the oldest car you've ever done, so i just did a set of 50 year old tail lights.

The other day. I can actually make changes to how this functions and build a full, sequential board right here. Yeah we're gon na do side by side fly ride, bulbs versus versus the others, 40 years old one. This is gon na, be cool man.

Now, on the passenger tail light, only one of the two brake light bulbs was lighting up and when we took it apart, what we realized is they're open to the elements so water and air everything dust can get up in there. I'm going to check continuity on here, i'm gon na try to make that noise. It's the base on both sides and it's like the vibration of the circuit board against the plastic over the years - has completely ruined that circuit and there. So our connection problem is from the ground now.

Luckily, that was on the passenger side tail light, which wasn't nearly as big a deal as the driver's side grounds are grounded you're grounded. The other thing that we had to do is put in a load resistor. So we used the vled's vlr6 load resistor, which is just super fancy. Now i will say if i were to do it over and plan ahead of time.

I would just get a flasher relay. They even have rate adjustable flasher relays, which is what we're going to use once we make these tail lights sequential. So we have to know which one of these circuits is for the turn signal, which is our amber bulb here, and i've got this whole circuit. That runs all the way along the top right there and then the ground, as we saw playing around with the other stuff, ends at this black wire.

So that tells me that i can add the load resistor which we're going to need if we want to have future sequential lights on this car, so i've been working with the leds and they have this load resistor. That looks really good but, more importantly than it looking really good. It's just really damn efficient, so we can just have the weather tight connection there. It's got this super sticky, they call it vhb tape.

So i say very hot boy tape. I don't know it's super sticky and uh the best stuff. You can get 3m tape. It's gon na stick on the back of the load resistor and then the other side is going to go to the delorean and when we install it instead of having what some people say is like.

Oh those t-taps they're super dangerous. Well, we're not going to use t-taps we're going to use a duotap from the leds, which is kind of like the the most bougie load resistor you could possibly have. Is this thing the vlr6 so we'll go through that on there and then we'll have some uh? So what i've learned is that the ground is just not fantastic. Well, that's 2015 proof this delorean, so we can throw the load resistors on there and i want to add some dielectric grease.

So this thing stands the test of time. I'm gon na pop this thing open, add the grease and then snap the wires into place in the grease goes. You know i love dielectric grease all over my fingers, because it's disgusting, beautiful part about these duotaps does not matter which wire you put in, which slot so long as they're, both in there. So there goes the power wire and there is the ground wire, and now all i got to do is crimp it down into place.

Give me that satisfaction. Bro, oh, got him just like the other side. Ground wire is the second one and then the fifth one is our turn signal, but this one is green with the red stripe all right. This is like that moment on on that movie, the rock or, like you got to slide the tubes in there perfect.

Otherwise, things explode, everybody dies of poison. I don't know if there's poison, but i think everybody would die this. You know the kind of super sketch part is getting these things to thread back in there yeah and that that guy's got a damn. Wood screw yeah this.

This little feller that one too no wait. Wait! No, that's! That's the good! Looking one yeah this ugly, look at that ugly bastard. They both have it though yeah no, i mean listen this. This has this is history.

This is called making it work. Take a look again: this is the original output and then now i'm going to show you what the led output is working lights, parking lights, hey, brake lights, so much brighter. Now we got to say goodbye to earco, but we're not going to be done. We got more plans, oh yeah, you want to tell me about the plans.

What's next well, first like and subscribe right, yeah right plans well sequential stuff, brighter lights in the front, so i can actually see when i'm driving at night and so forth. So many other things, i think i think we need to make sure he can see at night first more to come on the delorean. I hope you hang around and stay tuned for that. Take care.


By Chris

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    Your video quality is so professional it’s better than dumb TV

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    That’s nuts ! I love it I also miss seeing Chris hahaha !

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