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We did a side by side comparison of cheap amazon silicone strips, more expensive silicone strips, addressable LED strips, and YuniqueLED Stripz with Ghozt Sequencers.
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In this video, i'm gon na show you four different types of sequential led lights, and i want you to tell me which one you think is best: i'm gon na start with these amazon strips right here. So these things, i think, are about 20 bucks and if you can see on the the video i'm showing right now, they do have white and they have amber. They do just have a couple, little connections that you can wire into the car, but other than that they are very simple to get take out of the box. I don't know how long they're gon na last but they're cheap all right.

The second type right here. We have is a thicker silicone tube around the leds. These ones are actually brighter, i think, than the first ones uh. They cost.

I think about four or five times as much and same thing. We have a little module. That's got the four wires that we can connect to the vehicle. Third, one here is an addressable led strip, and this one has a little programmer with like 120 different modes on it.

That one has some pretty cool, sequential stuff, and last we've got our ghost lighting. Sequencer and this unique led strip that has all the wires individually run to it. This is by far the most complicated of them. We're going to talk a little bit more about this one.

Next, this is the one that we made the other day, so i'm going to plug in the little red cord to the white one, i'm going to make sure that it says right here: power, let's say target from tool and then we will operate all right and Program, so it's programming this right now done. Okay, so here's the magic i got ta take this thing. I don't really got ta. Take this thing all the way out, but i probably should so.

This is supposed to be some amazing stuff that tim did for us. We are going to see what he has blessed us with right now. As soon as i connect power and ground and then start testing, did he give us a brake light. No brake light.

Give us parking light. Oh damn! That was pretty fancy. I can't even see this thing i like that combination dude, that was crazy. Okay, that's freaking bright.

Now, let's take a look at our turn signal. This looked like a pew pew pew pew parking light and then switch back pew pew with the fat laser. At the end, i've never seen one like that. That is dope from tim.

Let me know in the comments below how long do you think tim spent working on that animation? We're gon na give you guys a dope training from tim directly about making your own animations, because i want to learn so like you could learn with me, but i'm going to ask tim how the heck do you come up with stuff like that? How long does it take you to do it and we'll even do a course on the new sequential school exclusive to sequential school? It won't be in squad squad. You get me school, you get tim yeah all right, so we have everything side by side right here. You can see it all in action. You can tell how much brighter or dimmer this one looks like super blue for the addressable um.

This big chunky guy definitely does outshine this, but we know based on the ratings that the unique leds was very much the brightest one of the bunch and check out when i hit the turn signal uh that i actually have to use my phone and there we Go we got some yellow action instead of amber, but that's as close as you're gon na get with a standard out-of-the-box addressable rgb. So you can see a lot of this stuff. Let's change it down to 120 frames, a second in slo-mo and we'll compare how all of these things look super slowed down. You tell me is addressable your favorite, because it's so easy with only three wires or is the 20 amazon thing your favorite, because it's so cheap you can replace it or do you like the 130 dollar, better version of the silicone tube? Or do you like the super, expensive and complicated, unique led mixed with the ghost lighting module you, let me know in the comments below, what's the best bang for your buck and what would you choose to put in your car?.

By Chris

8 thoughts on “Cheap vs EXPENSIVE Sequential LED Strips”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MichaelTruittVEVO says:

    A have a retrofit Lexus LS 500 for a Camry and wanted to see it if possible to replace the sequential leds because the ones that came with taillights are fairly dimmed and dotted. I just wanted them brighter and diffuse them so I don’t have to see the led bulbs.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bryan Centerfitt says:

    The cheap one looks good and would definitely work for someone on a budget..but dude… the ghost lighting is by far the absolute best!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glowe Industries says:

    Yo, hit me up? I have all sorts of toys I think you could have a lot of fun with.. strips over 2x brighter than other brands – (i can send samples), along with 12v fully addressable halos – industry first.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Peters says:

    That is essentially the idea I've been trying to convey to u for the past year and a half. Only I want them the square lens of an e36

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R C says:

    I have so many questions to making my own headlights like do I need to monitor voltage output and input? How do I do that?
    Do I need to match what the one voltage is for the headlights?
    I want my Ford Fusion lights to have sequence to them when I unlock them. I’m watching all your videos on building lights!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt Zacharis says:

    So ive been going crazy watching a ton of your videos because i want to put a sequential led strip in the headlight of my 2006 Daytona 675 for running lights and turn signals. First off Thank you for all the informative videos! Second I made the mistake of getting the chinese ones off of amazon and looked alright in the beginning but the adhesive is trash and the turn signal leds arent that bright to be seen in the daytime. Which ones do you recommend to be pretty bright enough but its also good quality so i dont have to ever go back in the headlight. Also are the Profile RGB halos the brightest RGB halos in the market for angel eyes??

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J S says:

    First is always Ghozt, but my second is the $130 amazon. I own the RGB sequential and the cheap $20 amazon, although I did like the later that 120 frames per second video has made me love the sequential much less. The RGB just sucks for producing the colors that are legal, but awesome for producing illegal colors! The Ghozt are insane and completely over most DIYers abilities, which is why Ghozt is a favorite of Pros like yourself(yourselves). I'm such an ametuer at this lighting thing that I need to rely on ppl like ya'll or premade items from Amazon/eBay. Of course I'm trying to customize a vehicle with old school massive halogen headlights with block turn signals. If I had a cooler type of headlight/taillight housing I'd definitely attempt Ghozt myself.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 412 PSE Kustomz, LLC says:

    It comes down to you get what you pay for. If you want quality you need to free up that cheddar. Obviously the best/most expensive option comes with challenges as far as programming but also the freedom to create endless possibilities is dope. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but why would you punish yourself always replacing the cheapest option because an led dies or it stops it's basic functions.
    If your into fancy custom led lighting I see no reason to be cheap. Although I can see that guy/girl that buys every stick on chrome accessory from Advanced Auto/O'Reillys/Auto Zone going with the $20 Amazon option. C'mon we all know that guy/girl in our area!

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