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Pop out my chat so good morning on christmas eve, if you watch your replay, it'll, probably be on christmas, so merry christmas. This should actually be pretty uh, pretty straightforward. I'm gon na solder up some stuff and show some some cool things. We're gon na turn on some lights, it will dance, it will strobe, they will do neat things and i actually have the cool lens on this guy, so i could show you better than normal yeah.

That's the idea! Happy christmas, sean ooh, hopefully uh. Hopefully we can get our guy donald in here simply addressable sinister, merry christmas, my friend good lord, so i've got some diode dynamics, little drivers that i'm going to solder up right now and i figured what a great time to say. What's up to the boys hang out for a bit and uh, maybe even finish the stream before wifey knows that i'm out here working, i woke up and banged out a set of wrx lights for my guy norman local dude super cool um, and i stayed up Late, the other night just pounding away on these gtr tail lights. They are set two of four that i will ever build this style and this camera hates my life.

So so there's that not the coolest sean says i'm not looking for this. Oh, you know what sean says. We should know what sean says there we go now. We will know what sean says not looking for the set of headlights.

I have to open today merry christmas, mr rusted and busted. What kind of lights are you gon na? Do sean all right, i'm gon na start soldering, it's gon na be a good time. I swore that i had like a split screen thing going on too. What happened there? Where are we at? Let's see if i could, let's see if i could get my split, is this it hey there we go.

Oh that'll, do pig i've been recording in jammies in uh, full bomb mode. It's been kind of nice, actually, kia k5, no worries, halo, demon, eye etched lens and rgb strip. What did you charge for that you're not doing it for yourself right, it's for a customer, hey. I actually have a question too dude.

What the hell should. I talk about on uh tiktok, live streams because i can't work on stuff. I actually have to sit and talk to him. Man can i tell you something i charged 1200 bucks to do a set of wrx lights, sea lights and halos and honestly.

I think that way too cheap. It would have been way too too easy to do like three sets of wrx lights without sea lights and halos it would have been fat. I mean i think, doing that doing the sea lights are really easy. Halo is hard but, like i would say, like a thousand bucks for wrx lights, chemically stripped, blacked out and uh c lights.

That's like the move, adding the halos, that's where everything gets way more difficult, but hey is what it is, speaking of which hey, let's show off our thing, i'm just waiting for donald where's, donal, where's, donald. Let's see this see this. Do you see what we're gon na work on? I really like these uh the new quad hands. I think they're dope, so we'll do our little announcement when my guy pops in but yeah.

So what's the average amount of time that you would spend on? If you could guess - and i don't mean guess like just off the top of your head but try to count up like what what really kind of time are you spending when you build lights, any idea, can you guess whoa? I definitely don't need to look through the magnifying glass, but that helps a lot. This'll be cool, but yeah take a guess. How long does it take when you work on a set of lights, because i know you can charge more and you can do less. I know it it's true, you could do more of those lights that you do less on scale.

That way. That is my hope for you, you're taking my advice, um, yeah, oh and meanwhile, is this like. I think this is a bad idea to sit here and have those things going right in my eye. That does look cool, though really simple power and ground connection for these hey jay, when you do um sea lights and halos, how long do you usually make the wire to go from the back of the headlight down to the turn signal on the bumper? Let me know my friend: i did it this long kind of feel.

Like that's overkill, i don't know so. I've seen people that have hard times with their sea lights. On the wrx. The turn signal.

I was trying to do things without my quad hands and it was hard now i'm using my quad hands and it's easy, except that i have lights, blinding me the whole time which is not smart and i'm live streaming. It's also hard. Okay, i've got one more thing to do. I think all right, i'm about to hop into discord, but i don't do it for the money i charge enough to cover materials and enough money to make it worth it.

Sean are you young and single, because it sounds like it. I don't know. I have a. I have a very different outlook on charging for things.

I think there's like a general consensus from especially artists that, like by selling you're like doing a disturb a disservice to somebody - and it's almost like when i went to the store the other day, and i was looking at shoes for my kid. Um he's gon na put holes in everything, so i'm not gon na spend 70 bucks on the nikes when walmart has an exact copy of those shoes exact. It's like the same, such a rip-off they're, like 10 bucks dude. My kid drags his toe on his skateboard and just burns a hole right through the shoes, no matter what they are so like bro.

Until you take care of your stuff, you get walmart shoes and i honestly like he doesn't care what his shoes look like anyway. Popular little beautiful kid, i swear it's ridiculous he's not he's not finding value in his clothes to move him places socially, but i don't know man, let's see. Oh, i do have some wire right here. Perfect sean one day, you're going to be overrun with people and you'll have to charge more to keep your sanity on a set of g35 headlights for rgb strip and tim.

I swear. I knock those out in about two hours way easier to buy seven pairs of walmart shoes than it is to buy one pair of nikes. What's up stream christmas tree christy dj christmas tree, hey man, we're showing off set two of four um, and then you and uh and one other dude are the last ones with these. These guys the little medallions um.

But yours is the scariest of all of them, but i just want to show you. This is the most basic, how it's the most basic one that i've done, and it looks really good like the the way that these guys are doing their thing. I really like these panels and the crazy thing. Let me show you guys.

I didn't actually do a little overview yet so check this out. We've got those flashing right now and then we've got the strobe. So i think this is a strobe that'll change patterns. In a second see, it should start bouncing bounce baby, there's that and then, with this on there at the same time, looks super dope, but this this is what i really like: that's nice, okay hand, medium light skin tone, okay hand, medium light, skin tone, okay, hand, Medium skin tone: okay, okay, so here's turn signal, damn dance dance i like that and showing it from this view just really clean nice little fluid movement so that i love um brakes.

This is a very basic setup, but i really like it um parking light with turn signal and triple flash for the break, pretty cool and then, if you guys remember how to reverse the polarity that so that we can do this, the brightness, you got a seat On this time, for a set of g35 headlights is 2 to 2.5 hours. Yeah, that's crazy, fast, dude yeah! If you're doing, if you're doing lights like that, you've got rgb. I would encourage you then to do this. Do better builds um, 39 years old and married with a 12 years old, perfect, so you're just like me same same situation, the reason i would say to um like focus on the craft of it, then, if you're, if you i don't know, if it's not about Money then, i would definitely see how much you can actually learn and push that specific segment, and then you can actually start really flexing your creative muscles.

She can't do that with 800 bucks super limited. Damn that looks really good on this. This lens yay. Okay, that's all i want to show you for now enemy.

Do what you want by the way. What do i know, but the point mainly is just that um, you want to be able to expand and a lot of people aim way too low and that's actually a disservice to their potential customers, because what you're capable of, if you don't really push things to Find out um, you know, that's the service that you're offering right. It's different people and if you find out that you're capable of crazy, crazy things, people will be stoked about it. I don't have access to the files on discord.

You really do. I don't know how to find them. I'm slightly send illiterate, yeah, just post up in um general right now in general chat and then i'll i'll, hop in and hook you up i'll roll. You up, i think, that's what happens a lot of times on discord just so everybody knows i need to get more into designing sequences for my tails, yeah everybody does but in discord.

If i have to go look for you, i just forget. I just start doing things and then like i'll, have the intention of finding you and then i'll just add on something else. So if you ever want or need anything for me on discord, make sure you send me um a dm. Tell me about it on a live but post on general, because for some reason the dm system doesn't give me easy access to make changes because it's like outside of the actual discord.

So, let's just oh there's donal, where you at donald hop on this live tail lights for my car. So i'm gon na attempt doing some custom tales. Your videos help a lot. We're live hop on okay and francisco.

I'm stoked dude happy to hear that happy to hear that, let's see, let's see sean paymer sent me a dm with the word quadhans on discord. That's funny! You silly man all right! Let's see, let's see i'm gon na find. Mr tim, i can't share my screen. I haven't set that button up yet.

Actually i can can't i desktop there. We go. There's me: okay, let's find, let's find our our man tim, where you at tim he's like help i need. I need rolls squad boom.

Look how easy that was now. Tim has access to the files got him. That's how we do it, donald where you wet. Let's get you in here.

I've got stuff to tell you, sir, all right, i'm stripping wires, because that's exactly how i started francisco. Let's see then just work it out. Yeah man and honestly, if you i don't know, i'm just like if, if you're able to do rgb work in two hours or you could learn so much other stuff, you can do and people will be stoked to pay you um, and that goes for anybody. But i really have just been driving down and into this thing, a lot more lately um, i heard i heard a really cool saying yesterday.

You know how you always hear that it's like a derogatory statement when you hear about the jack of all trades master of none uh. I guess that's like merry chrysler. Merry chrysler. I guess that's part of a longer saying that says: um master of none, but often better than a master of one.

I have no idea how to do the rgb stuff so saying that you're, a jack of all trades and a master of none, but often better than a master of one, it's kind of cool to think about when it comes to building lights, like you might be A jack of all trades with the individual things that you're doing such as sequential or rgb or addressable, or your wiring or whatever so you're a jack of all trades, but you're, not a master of one specific thing, but you're, probably better at it than somebody who Only does one of those things i find like being a really round builder. Is dope not like belly, but you know just overall skill set i've already done. Roughly 70 sets of g35 headlight this year, lol and uh you're smoking yeah. So you like that shirt bro.

This shirt, no, it's just always the one. That's out more complex on my builds and elevating my game. That's good is that sean said that hell, yeah well, dude you're, just you're kicking aston, just keep doing what you're doing. I think that's always like my thing is like i want to find people that are just doing that, because i'm not doing it to my new ones.

A lot of people have a resistance to wanting to do um more and more stuff in their like they just want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, that's just a burnout stay on the same platform and just use all your creative juices. On that and then looking at all the other things that people are doing like the hardest thing is to just be like put the blinders on, don't worry about what everybody else is doing, don't chase everything and let you know let let all the version one bugs That are gon na pop up. Let other people find those okay. Let them do it.

Hey, there's dying less than three stay cool winking face, hey so just started watching your channel. Your information is very useful. Thank you. You are very welcome.

Wait to be making animations. It's so much fun, hey uh me and jay were talking donald and guess what i need you to send me and discord your information, because you're, the winner of this guy, we're gon na get you hooked up from quad hands all right, so you have been gifted. I think it's a a group effort, we're like we want our man donald to get hooked up and so shoot me over your info. I'm gon na send quad hands that info and they're gon na.

Send you this all right so merry christmas donald! Thank you! Jay! For being the man, starting that whole thing with quad hands in the first place and um yeah, thank you guys for hopping into discord and doing that thing, and i just want to mention um, i'm going to do another one and i'll announce it right now and Give you guys the jump on everything: yay congrats, donal, hell's, yeah, donal, congrats congrats, all around sir that's dope. So that's a great way to start christmas eve i feel like um and then the next thing look at me struggling over here, i'm struggling. You know why, because i'm not thinking what i should be thinking is wow i should be thinking use my corners. I can't wait to light up the chair for you by next christmas lol to do what, by next christmas.

Oh glow trim what up yeah man, i just need a better chair. This chair, sucks, it's so dirty! It's so dirty! Okay, so check this out in d.a house um dude there were some whiny little in instagram yesterday that were like. Oh, i didn't win and i had to post the picture on discord and follow someone shut up. So kicked him out.

Let's get him out of discord. Get him out the community. We don't need all that nonsense um, but this is what i'm gon na say so we're gon na do more uh, i'm gon na be geez. I'm gon na be driving all of my traffic that i can over to um.

Now we don't need that negativity and he wouldn't say that to my face anyway. Nobody would because people are genuinely better people in person than they are on the internet, where they can just be a little whiny and not have any repercussions for it. You know what i mean: nobody likes that and i want to do a lot more stuff, um contest-wise and my goal is that you guys can benefit and some companies can benefit and we can all learn together how these things work the best how they're the funnest? I had fun doing the robot race. I thought that was dope and that's all that's all my wife sometimes, but we're going to do a bunch of stuff and i'm just going to lead the street or lead the charge.

As far as like doing a bunch of um a bunch of stuff, so like i have a bunch of angel eyes, i have a bunch uh or you know, halos. I've got a bunch of corso motion parts, i got all sorts of stuff, and so i want to do like a weekly giveaway right now. But what i really really want to do is drive traffic to my facebook page to get follows over there, because, as soon as i hit 10 000 on facebook, i could just repurpose 10 years of content that i've been posting on youtube into little three minute. Little snippets over there on facebook - and it's just gon na make a big giant difference.

So i don't want facebook to be my main platform, but if zucks is throwing out money, i'm gon na get mine for sure you know i don't need any. Nobody else has to do anything, i'm just i already have it. I already have everything i need. It's like i've been building a collection of libraries for all these years, so, like just gon na start making money off of it from them dude.

I actually. I have all the mystery boxes sitting up there. You know what i i want to tell you guys about, because i'm just so grateful about it is um um. So i got.

I finally got my first paycheck from instagram from doing all these reels lately and dude that helped so much i paid for my house with that money i got paid from instagram and youtube. Basically, on the same day, i paid my mortgage. What kind of life is that right, so me not needing to do things for anybody outside of people who have already, you know, signed up to do things, for i think i'm just gon na stick on that flow for a little while the mystery boxes were right When i was getting started and then we could do fun stuff like mystery boxes and not not worry about, like i don't know if i'm too pinched doing something right. So i want to just on that vein of having the freedom to just not do anything unless it sounds fun and helpful, like running contests and helping brands.

Do a bunch of stuff and learning about all these automations and tools and stuff so that i can use that for my other business like dream job for me, so that and then guys did i tell everybody that john got a job. Doing freelance editing for um group chat. Did i tell anybody this yet go to um on instagram? Look up group chat. I think it's group chat, pod or group chat news um, but my guy has been listening to this podcast with drama chris drama.

Whatever his last name is he's rob durdick's cousin he's got the company, young and reckless, and then him and his buddies he's got a couple buddies that are brothers and they're um they're on this dope podcast, but we went there dude it was crazy. It was just it was just dope to go to downtown l.a go up to one of these big buildings. Go inside sit down john's, just editing all day, got on board and got trained, and now he sits next to me here and works and he's doing this work growing his business editing for other companies and doing all that and uh. I don't know just stoked.

That's all we want, so i think running a bunch of fun, uh contests and stuff right now, i'm getting away. I got some big threats the other day. I got another nonsense yesterday with some of these jobs and i'm just like a cool podcast short story. Yeah really good yeah short story.

Long um was what um john used to listen to, and then they launched group chat and so now, like he'll, basically be in the room when he wants to go to la and they're they're, filming and he'll be like helping make the show produce the show more And more super dope. I can't wait, can't wait to see more of that. Go all right. Brett bauer, hey uh! Brett! Are you here? I just want to make sure i have something messed up today.

Actually, i know i have something cool to tell you how about that right. If you're on the stream say hi and then i'm gon na make this other one really quick, so while brett decides he wants to be here, my wife ran a second race and you won it. So i'm gon na send you some led bulbs. She was like, let's just do it again, but we won't be live so then nobody will see - and i was like oh brett won he'd - be sad if he knew that, but then it was like, ah whatever, let's hook the mans up.

Okay um. Let me swap these out with some others. This should be all i need. That's a winner winner, chicken dinner, i tend to cater to a more budget-friendly crowd.

Not everyone has 2k for lights, so i cater to that lower-cost crowd. I get it. I understand all right. Well, my man, that is the easy way to do it good good.

Looking all right! Sorry, i like turtles right now, i'm helping my son, i like turtles, is that i like turtles. Are you serious wait away? Let me see i like turtles. I don't know why that is funny um sean. I want to do the same thing in the next couple years.

Thanks yeah you're welcome brett. I like turtles, nice, that's gon na have me laughing for a minute right. Let's see see lights the shorter one. So i love the verbal part of the live stream.

Now so silly yeah, hey, listen, sean, no judgment, man! I want everybody to win more than they're winning. Now everybody so like a lot of times. What that looks like is, i would rather um. I would rather hear oh, are you serious, oh, never mind? I thought i did something bad, but i did something good yeah, um yeah.

I just i don't know i just like jordan. My favorite dinosaur is the one that is your gtr lights being actually finished and shipped off before you buy the whole jdm icon scene. Oh um, i'll finish, one point and start a second, the third one. So i want everybody, that's doing lights to charge more.

I get that everybody wants nice things. I also think that a lot of times people go a little bit. Ham was like, and it looks cheesy because i have an opinion and my opinion is packing too many parts in the lights looks, but i'm all allowed to stupid that opinion and everyone else is allowed to disagree with me. So i just find clean and simple.

I'm in la i don't know just seen everything here, so i think sometimes it takes a while. So by the time i see it reach other parts of the country or parts of the world. It's like yeah, that's a little bit cheesy but um. That's just me.

Being uh a jerk, what i ordered clean or but listen so jordan, i really i'm curious how how much nft stuff have you been listening to jordan, because what i've realized is i'm gon na definitely start doing some stuff, and this will be cool for you, guys. Uh, a lot of what i'm gon na be doing in the future is gon na, be when i started my photography, crypto based and all that i said earlier. I was overrun with clients wanting to undercut everything um, but i'm going to be doing some stuff. That's like easy to buy easy to get into inside the community now and over time.

It's gon na actually become a lot more valuable, but i'm actually gon na make it to where, in this year, coming up that the only way to get me to build lights. For anybody will be to either have a certain um either have a certain nft or a certain um amount of uh coin that i'm gon na have available, and then the other thing will be that like, if you've had, i need to be in this coin or Something for a certain amount of time that it'll actually unlock something like an nft because you've been holding for 12 months or six months or whatever, and that will be way more valuable than what you actually bought and it will carry perks related. I will work out lots and lots of different details on that, because i kind of have to dream it all up. I want to execute on a way where it's just like money, guys just don't matter anymore.

I just don't care about them. I just don't want people to run in with money and be like i'm going to tell you what to do, because i have money. I have no idea what else you have going on. I want only the things that i deal with to be people that are in the ecosystem.

You know, because that helps everybody damn rich guys so burned out, no more rich guys and we're rich guys unless they are dope, homie rich guys, the best ones. Some of the coolest people, i've ever met it easier, but jordan. Good news, though, is that um over the past. Just since you were here last time, um a lot has opened up to where the existing content that i already have is getting served out, and i think something to the effect of what was it.

Uh 600 doesn't sound like a lot. It's like 600 bucks a week from existing content that i already had was coming in what like extra so that i mean that's a that's like a job right um, and that's enough that i don't need to take on any work which is dope. And it's not asking, i don't want to squeeze the life out of every freaking thing in my you know, community you guys everything else like i don't want it to just be pitching constantly non-stop. I want a lot of automated opportunities, but i don't want to just be like buy this guys, buy that guys buy all these things guys.

I want you guys winning. I want you guys getting cool stuff like donald. Just did that's dope and yes, jordan dammit. Oh man, absolutely maybe i can even bring them to you.

Wouldn't that be dope. What a freaking visit i need to go to canada, bad, a family up there, i'd so love to do that or next time you buy a jd in my car. Just we'll just drive back together i'll tell the wife and kids like i got ta go hang out with jordan for a while. Yes, that would be so fun, but, like a lot of you guys, i want to visit.

Let's go thumbs up come on up. That's honestly, the difference between me doing um, taking on new jobs and just worrying about building the the media side of the business is like me getting to travel. I can't travel and build lights. So what was that? Can i do opal lights? I don't know i've.

Never done them, i've never even seen one like not. I've never touched one put it that way: neptune's net in malibu with the super ndr34 once they a replica, you could be one of the driver. If you wanted yeah, i want to drive a supra or r34 further away and by the way, what that meant was. I just want to drive the r34 i've driven supras, not r34s.

I want to buy r34. That's definitely the stupid money move that i will make later when they're way too expensive and all that. But i want to tell you about this check this out, because i know nobody knows about um. Well, not nobody! I can't assume that, but a lot of people don't know about how the nft things work, but i'm actually gon na do a whole, like collection of um they're, basically they're illustratings right.

It's artwork, that's gon na, be like all the popular jdm chassis that i've worked on um and we're just gon na have a bunch of them available. They're like collector cards, basically but they're gon na be able to unlock stuff like courses and things like that. So they'll be utility built into them. I'm excited it's gon na be dope, so timmy tamimoto.

What's up tommy moto tommy moto, it's fun to see all right. Well, i hope this is long enough for uh is the bumper i feel bad. I wish i would have told him to just pop off the little um bumper turn signals. Maybe you know what damn it james is making me spend money.

Maybe i should do that morning. Good morning, mr paymar, i love your uh sean you're um. No, i'm not gon na. Do anybody's cars they're refused.

Just so you know. Can you build me? No, that's that's my answer, but i love you. I want you to hook up with somebody in the community and have them do it. Don't want to build lights for people uh, but sean paymer.

I do uh. I thought it was funny that you did the um the dm in discord. That was like yeah the dm. If you didn't yet the dm to see how the automation stuff works.

If you dm me the word quad hands on instagram, i have automation set up that will send you some stuff it'll, send you some information. So what i'm going to do is i'm going to change up those automations to have in court? I swear to god. You could i i beg you, i'm going to turn this around tkog. Please, please pay one of these guys they're better at build.

Something like jay is better from south africa and i have a pet lion yeah. You don't want me to build you lights. If you live in south africa, dude 100 taxes and duties, which means if i charge you 10 000, then it's gon na cost, you 20, because it's 100 taxes and duties together. You don't want to do that um, but i i would rather my man, you learn how to build these things.

There's guys that hit me up from south africa all the time that want to uh learn to build lights and be like the guy in south africa that builds people lights. That's how you do it and i honestly have this feeling that it was so hard to set up to the automation. No, it was it's easy, so you can do it with insta chat instachamp. If you go to, it should uh.

It takes a little bit of finessing, but it's definitely cool lives are not available. Uh. I make all of my lives on um unlisted after a day, because last time i did two months of daily live streams. It killed my channel, so it confused the algorithm guy.

For mk4 supra is south africa, the highest import duties. I don't know man, it's pretty freaking terrible, though there's a lot of places, who's that oh that's tommy got you yeah man, i do too. I actually hit up benji the other day i was like. I miss you bro.

I want to go snowboarding with with shawn and benji that sounds so fun sean's down. He said it just got to get myself to seattle. That's where they're at it's so fun, though we were on the live stream with um, think media and somebody said something about snowboarding. I was like: let's go sean's like i'm down, let's go it's like well, i need to tell benji that i'm going to be uh a airbnb at his house come to big bear.

Are you able to unprivate the ones i want to go to i'm trying to learn all this uh last year's stuff is, if you go into um, go to and click on the blog and everything's there there's literally every it's all the unlisted videos or the The links to the videos are there on on the blog, so go back and comment jesus. I don't know how i can get people to comment. You know how inconsistent i am right. Like i don't show up, i i'm supposed to be doing the lives every day.

I don't do that like i. Let things get in the way and then like i just don't like to apologize. I really don't. I try to do my absolute best and a lot of times.

That's inconsistent. I think, having the consistency of social media companies paying me every month will lead to more consistency, but, like i don't know, i think a lot of times it comes down to like am. I gon na lose my ass. If i keep on doing this.

Yes, okay, then i'm not gon na. Do it all good? Do you have a family bro? I know man, hey and listen. I would be doing better. If i was more consistent, i would be making more money if i was more consistent, but i don't know i just don't like to stress out infinity mirror anything: it's not easy and not fun.

Jake um, i think zach uh and i are gon na - put a course together for that and i really wanted to make him some money. I really do because i want it to be very in-depth. It's gon na be cool. What's with geniuslink, tell me about that.

I forgot, and i don't know why that that hit me so much but uh all right. Let's get this guy connected and then we will have our lights. I'm gon na add another camera over there. Really quick! Oh that's right! Let me tell you man, you are somebody to be impressed by someone.

I call on what you just said a couple times, but they're molding them. Anybody who can do this kind of work is special and a bunch of think that anybody can do it. That's not true, so don't listen to yourself, sean, listen to me, you're special. What you can do is not okay! Let me let me ask you this question, for you, let's get serious in your city.

I just i want. I want to do some like straight feedback, because the stream's going to be over in a minute - and i want to get some feedback from you - guys some real stuff, easy stuff. So if you can hit up somebody in your and i turn down the volume, so i can't hear you guys if you can pay somebody to fix a tire in your town. Uh just say me just put in chat me: can you get a tire fixed in your city right and then the next question is, can you get somebody to fix the plumbing at your house? Just say me: it's gon na.

Be me me me me all right: can you get somebody to um uh install a wood patio in your backyard? Can you get somebody to cut your lawn? Can you get somebody to um stitch up a wound i don't know, can. Can you get somebody to pull a tooth in your town? Anybody know how to do that. Um. Okay, all these things are average things that you can find anywhere paint your car.

Every city's got one uh. Did you crack your iphone screen? Oh no, where am i gon na find a specialist who can fix an iphone screen or an ipad? Ah, oh yeah. Every city's got that guy tons of them. None of that stuff is special.

Do you know somebody who can fix um? You know an engine yep. Every city: do you know somebody in your city who specifically focuses on g35 lights, say me in the comments? No, i actually say i know g35 guys in my city like write that whole sentence out. If in your city, there are guys that you know do specifically custom work on g35 lights that are dope at it and then swap g35 with that statement to say gtr and then swap that statement with. I know somebody in my city who does corvette headlights like this is not necessary, for anybody to keep participating point is special.

All the other shit's, not special diamond dozen commoditized. How do how do you make money when you're commoditized you sell for cheaper? You dress up a better deal. You put better bonuses on top of it uh. If you're special, you don't got to do all that you just be dope.

Just let people know that you do that stuff. That's the big thing as long as they know that you can do it and you're really well known for doing it and you're good at it. You win because there's not the guy down the street that does it for cheaper or the guy up the street that charges more money, there's just not other guys, there's like five people, so you know - and you don't have to listen to me at all. I mean here this is what typical guys do well, i know i can do this and i know people local will pay for it, but they won't pay that much.

So i'm just going to charge this amount of much and i'll just be cool there and they keep that going for a while and then guess what happens? That's not special! That's not! That's, not rare that somebody comes up with that business strategy. So guess what happens? Another guy in your city starts doing those exact kind of lights and he starts doing it because he wants to like save people, money and guess who becomes the over charging uh like greedy guy, you you're the guy at the whopping 800 bucks you're, the guy that Now, charges too much! Why? Because it's commoditized and there's another guy in town, that's doing it for 700 bucks and then guess what you're, both because there's a 19 year old that just figured figured this stuff out he's doing for 400 bucks! Okay soapbox over! Don't be any of those people i just talked about be special like in my area. People knows that i'm the only that do g flights be special. If someone doesn't like my price, i wish them the best and nine tenths times they come back.

Merry christmas to you and your family: merry christmas, less than crimeless homeless than chromeless. Do you connect the key fob to both headlights? Danish? I don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean key fob to both headlights? I don't know what you mean, sir, be well broken. I just love it.

Are you good enough or people know the parts equality they end up paying for it be well yourself, mr gloat trim. I appreciate you thanks for making me laugh, i'm the only one. I'm glad you like turtles 18, plus camaros the way i do thanks shawn, if i'm there at just about everything i do. I have my passions and i have my hobbies yeah man, i don't i this is what i think i just don't have that much time here, since there is only one module for the key.

Is it connected to both headlights, so they work in coordination with each other you're, the only one like you jason, true story, um yeah. I guess. If you're talking about a four channel remote, my guy, you just sync them both up you'll, never get anywhere. With my singing, but i still enjoy it, are we going to have our nft talk? Yeah, okay, nft talk, i'm just going to say it really quick.

It's super fast say i'm gon na take. Let's say i'm gon na take uh like seven chassis right, meaning we're gon na do like nsx uh mark four supra gtr, 35, r34 um, so rx7 um, probably yeah five to seven chassis, i'm gon na choose and then we're gon na choose um different attributes. So we're gon na have halos we're gon na have underglow we're gon na have um. I think carbon hoods we're gon na have wheels.

We're gon na have a few different things like that and we'll have a few different backgrounds so, like cityscape um, just a couple. Other things you know like a cars and coffee background. I don't know something like that where it's just like, like a background that says coffee or something like that, either way, those are gon na, be um the variations and then we're gon na randomly generate everything. All these attributes across all those different chassis, so body color that, like paint color, that's going to be another one too, and it's going to randomize everything and then you'll have some cards that have halos and this color paint.

In this background, and one of those will be more rare than the other and it'll basically come down to we'll set how many rare attributes all those different things will have, and then they will become um more desirable based on rarity and they will have access utility Tied to them - and the idea is just that - there's gon na be a lot of stuff that i do in the future that you won't be able to do unless you have those uh. Those nfts and you'll be able to sell them to other people um based on demand. You know if it if it's just a little community thing that just stays fly red, then so be it if it grows outside of the community and more people coming to discord and nfts um grow the opportunity for the business. Just like these social media platforms, just as good, i went with a megabyte different route for mine with smart contract that gives perk with the actual car.

Like one hour drive yeah, that's dope dude. I just can't wait to see what people do with it since i'm such a digital guy. I want all my stuff to be very much based on uh on things that you get access to on the interwebs metaverse, all the fun stuff, all right, i'm gon na add a camera in here. If i can sheesh, i don't even know if i can alright.

Let's say: oven: cam of bin. Sorry, i got ta. Add my other camera hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry up, oven to the other till you're at the top of the mountain. Sorry, okay! Now we're gon na go to other camera.

I can't even read it's too far away c920: let's go! Let's go hey! Why doesn't it work? What a jerk, oh well i'll mess with that later, who turned the lights out? You'll get the hang of this stream thing one of these years. Chris. You guys know that hold on sean i'll. Take a look, sounds great.

It's dark in here, fine and one second, oh, hey dude that headlight um chemical, guys, headlight, cleaner, freaking fire! So good! You didn't see those lights over there, they're, so bright mikko what's happening. I have a three-car garage but currently have a rg, 37's, 2011 g37 on bags and my sons, that's dope in the garage yeah man. My wife would castrate me if i had stuff in the house but like to recreate the scoop, sequential taillights for animation design challenge. How would you rate the difficulty of this task? 10, 10 out of 10., not easy, yeah, the um.

Let's see yeah the cutting open the genesis, coupe tail lights, hardest tail light to open. I haven't done a harder tail light, so i'm sure there's plenty of other opinions on that after you've done a couple after you get really good at it sure, but like i had to break five to ten tail lights, uh in some capacity and then fix them And seen so many people break those taillights, that's all i used to do. It was just genesis scoops ten years ago that was my jam um, so lots and lots and lots of genesis, coupes and um yeah, like every other tail lights easier than that jay. Have you ever done any genesis, group, taillights, they're, terrible the 2013 ones to open up, not good but again giveaway? This was dope super stoked, yes, i've, because you have one set at least in production lol.

I like that it does look dope right like. Why would if we're, if we're able to do live streams that turn into um contests and stuff, then i will be happy to be multi-sequenced and i am thinking i'm going to be hating myself. What are you uh? What do you? What are you guys doing for christmas? Slash, um, what'd, you get yourself for christmas. I always could try not to be pessimistic about it being like i'm buying myself christmas presents, but it is what it is right.

It's like this is the stuff. I want here's the money to buy. I don't know hmm only one broken taillight that sucks for christmas. Oh sean, my grandmother, man, i'm sorry to hear that jake, i'm glad you get to visit her by the kpd.

Oh check, you out tim dude. I want to be, i want to be, like tim, have a dope 240. nice christmas money on my kid and wife. Me too, sean, i sure, did i'm with my family in montana, good, for you sean what about everybody else? What are you doing for christmas? Where are you traveling? Who are you gon na spend time with? What do you care about? Where is your brain, and where is your heart got three inches of snow overnight nice? It's raining crazy good for you, jordan! Saving for a custom one of 16 carbon fiber hood with clear window but spent the money on them.

That's a smart move, better move. I bought a horse puppy. The horse, puppy food. Keep that thing going for my family 100 miles away.

At least oh man sean. I live far enough away from my family that they don't unexpectedly pop in it's like they have to go out of their way, but at least we're close enough that we can visit um. I think in the future. My my parents are my mom's turning 60., my dad's 67.

My in-laws are both 67 or will be within the next couple months: they're not getting any younger and i'm like uh. I will for sure stay around local, but i think after after mom and dad are gone man, i have nothing holding me in one pla, one place at all, so i think whether we move away from california at that point where i just have property here or Something like that, i don't know, but i look forward to getting to travel a lot and i want to go to a lot of different places once last year for my birthday, where are you out in cali sean, where you at yeah dude, i'm i'm like just Outside of i'm off the 10 freeway before you hit the desert, if you're driving to palm springs, oh yeah you're way up there, i'm in beaumont, which is like the bakersfield of southern california or like of l.a part right, would be difficult to travel back this year. Spending quality time at home. There you go of our little castle, all of it is desert.

I know it is if you're from canada and like everything's, just like you throw a seed in the corner and it just turns into a sequoia um yeah. I don't think they have sequoias in canada, australia scares me bro everything wants to kill you in australia. Everybody seems to be pretty hot, though i don't know is everybody hot in australia is that this is what the media tells me. I watch trashy tv from australia.

All right boys, big, thank you again to my boy, jay at sinister for so many things, but in this case uh. The one thing that i'll i'll call out is just my guy's got enough tools. He didn't need him and we wanted to hook up our boy. Donnell, so we're stoked there you go well, not me.

I spent 20 years building the business now i just want to travel and enjoy my life and live as long as i can and help other people and all the fun things sean. Thank you. My man. Merry christmas uh, if you dm me the word quad hands, then it will automatically send you a link to quad hands, which is actually my affiliate link.

Merry christmas, and unlike with amazon, where you're not allowed to tell them, uh tell people to buy from your amazon store because or your amazon link, because it will help you. I can tell you straight up. I have no. I i've never made a penny from quad hands so uh.

If people start buying from my links, apparently i will make money. Let's see how much so it'll automatically send you links to what we showed today, some other cool stuff and their whole catalog. So yep do it on instagram all right. Thank you.

Guys. Uh enjoyed hanging out goofing around laughing, giving away stuff. Thank you jay. Thank you.

Everybody, peace out, boys merry freaking christmas. I hope you all have a really good time be safe and uh. Yeah take care of your loved ones later, victory medium light, skin tone.

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