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I was just waiting for you to give me some crap bro. I was like where's, my guy al, to be like. Why are you taking so long dude? It's all that we were waiting for it. Was you why'd you take so long to give me crap, bro how's that i got the anamorphic lens check this thing out? Hey.

I wonder if that is going to continue to be a cool little tool live stream. I think it will be showing everything all crazy. Like rolling on the floor, laughing rolling on the floor, super super tight. Yes, so sick, yeah, buddy all right! So here's the idea that we are going to be working on today.

We are going to do um these two taillights, so they're about to get sealed up, and the very last moves that i want to mess with are making some animations that start on one side stack over to the other and then continue over, so that we can Get some pretty cool animations on here so just like yesterday, yesterday, i'm gon na make these these guys available to everybody. So everybody that wants to get a hold of the code. Oh he's gon na be able to see it. It's hurting my eyeballs but yeah.

The idea right now you can even tell it's just got the same exact mode on both of them, and i have to hook this thing up to a wire harness and then have it essentially looking like it's all one continuous setup left to right, trying to move Stuff around, but this bench is gnarly right now i had to reset up all of the camera stuff. It was annoying earlier. I was getting frustrated. I updated one thing and it made me need to like update everything.

You know the live streams, work, wow, okay, so for now at least we can kind of see a side by side. Yes, yes, oh and guess what else i'm gon na try to do something. Let's try to do it. Oh did my did.

I i just lost the ability to hear anything, pretty sure you guys can hear music yeah. Yes, it appears that you can. You changed my earbud. My hearing aid went out thing that aids me in hearing apparently stopped connecting um.

I got the voice chat set up. So we should be able to play around with that. I want to hear you guys as we go, i'm going to be listening. Let's see, connected connect, reconnect any reason.

I can't hear anything there. We go, i'm back. Okay, let's see if we can get you guys talking, can you oh looks like it's gon na work, i'm gon na try one more time to disconnect and reconnect this thing check this out. What's up guys, listen, listen! Hey! Can you hear yourselves haha? That is funny? Okay, how do i do i wish i could set this up to a different channel? The problem is it's tied in with the music right.

So, let's see if i can turn music down on here and then music up in here. Let's hear those chats nice is that better than a long time since we've gotten to hear that, yes, it's so much fun that way, all right so feel free to just talk to me, i'm here now nice! No here we go all right. So we're going to work on some animations specifically for these. These are 14 channel single color, sequential pattern, things hi dad.

What's up, we have these reflectors and i'm trying to figure out what to do with it, eddie from cali with the big old fat eggplant. What up sirs all right, so is this gon na be okay with you guys that we do this a whole bunch, this whole uh, this whole season, i'm gon na, have fun doing it. I'm pretty excited about it. I do got ta say, though, that before i proceed much further, i think i need to hook this thing up somewhat just some sort of uh.

Yes remote control, because it's going to kill my freaking eyeballs, oh yeah, all right good, let's go here, we go uh. Let me kill this momentarily, so i can get some stuff set. This is gon na be fun, though i'm already excited about it all right, so i've got christie vacuum form vacuum form i used to you see it's one of those things. That's super cool that it's kind of like video games.

You'll know that a lot of stuff is going the way it is stream every day until christmas, that see me vacuum forming. That means things are going exceptionally well. That makes zero okay. That was crazy um.

I want to set up something here. I need to be able to see all this stuff. Is that what i want to do, lapel mic isn't working lapel mic. You don't hear that are we? Are we without audio? Oh, it's just because i was talking over here.

Yeah, there's no lapel video on how to make a switchback with a basic relay so you're, not so weird. You must have been further away. It's reading out loud sooner than the chat. So there's like a delay on the actual chat.

That's so crazy! Vlogmas, 2.0 kinda! It's like cosmos 2.0. This voice chat is the bomb thumbs up he's made one already yeah, so i guess we hear it after see. How do i want to do this boys? I need to get power going to both sides bridged. I don't want to spend this whole time into fun stuff and make it about programming, but i do still need to make sure that we turn everything on nice and easy right now get this programming done.

This is great, at least we know we can communicate easy with you yeah you can so much better. That's like one of the hardest things about streaming for me is that, like i, just can't pay attention to anybody else, because it's such a kind of grueling task of just being able to know what the hell i'm doing in the first place. You know. Okay, i think we're getting somewhere think we're doing it really doing it harry babies.

I don't want to do this there we go. Don't you guys go quiet on me now, so you could can communicate with me and then stop communicating with me. I can get scared and lonely over here. What's up, let's see missing power right now and turns on.

We should be fine dive into some programming come on. No, i can't i know i can green to blue yellow to white. I know so many different things uh. One of my guys, one of my uh buddies, commented something earlier on uh a facebook post who's showing his uh, how he connects his wire harnesses to make it easy for the customer.

That was definitely one of those kind of underrated posts. I was on diodynamics website. They have a conversation kit to make the lead brake light. Flash, as the turn signal is that the same diodes you use, i think, we're good.

Now, that's one animation! Is that good? Yes, so that is what we are going to connect to say kind, but i want to so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to put everything on the switch right now to have the whole custom. Harness built would have happened, and i also want to show just what absolute madness it looks like when you're building lights, everything's not done yet, and you want to test stuff to show a customer it's hard. I want to tell the customer that you don't want to show them, but it's also hard the conversion kit they have. Is it two diodes? I don't know man, i don't know what conversion kit they have at the moment.

I'm afraid i do know that i'm about to have these two different show modes on remote control and then we're gon na add in the turn signals as well. That will free up my brain to think about. If one company has a product, that's similar that'd be dope. Okay, green green.

Last but not least, to put my guys on switches that make sense it should be set now for at least two of the show modes. Let's check nope one and there's two, so i'm gon na go ahead and turn signal anybody remember when i made this oh and by the way, can you tell that the super thin reflectors? What could i put in it to make them look cool lighting wise? Can you tell that my auto focus is on point now? It's never been on point before and look how look how good it is and then it was messed up. It's because all right auto focus, damn it. No.

I just feel stupid. Let's go ground and ground. Yes, why am i late to everything jay? I don't think i'm even checked in here. Yet, as you complement it, it breaks yeah, hi jay, i'm still a little bit uh, not here myself, afraid so i'm happy to have you i'll show up in just a minute.

That's just ej, i sent factor five custom car builder company, an email telling them they need you to do their car kit. Light packages, hey jay 5, our builder company who's, that are they they cool and do they pay? Well, oh, i mean oh darn, there's a yellow in the blue rgb wire. They build custom car kits. Ninety percent of our job is feeling stupid and questioning why we just did it that way.

What's up what is up all you beautiful people? It would be dope as if we could give like an alternating choice. So if, like two people say something back to back, i don't think i'm like it sounds a little bit bipolar in there. You know what i mean tone of voice btw. I look back at your old videos and legit remember watching them back in the day.

I've done it. I've done it! Oh you know i keep saying that hey guys also got our dope little um. Other relay that i can tie into this, i kind of forgot it. I feel that jay i have a cousin in trinidad, trinidad and tobago.

He does some really good car audio. Install i've been sent him your videos. I think he would be interested in your products. What's up james tongue out, hey everyone, what up james tongue out? That was dope like what up james tongue out there? Okay, this is trigger, and that can go this last color here.

Okay, i think i'll just make one stupid wire for this. Just the sake of being done, hillbilly, what's up, i love that you guys can connect and talk on dumbness, okay, so we're gon na go with this wire. I meant love the channel. Ah, i'm glad you love it.

Thank you. So we're gon na go female connector. There and then actually that one i kind of clipped along here. I appreciate you sharing the info with the community bro, that's love, and i'm like that was a nice thing to say who the hell said it.

Let's see come on here we go castle. King appreciate you dude totally and honestly, if you aren't in discord james right there above you here, it's my favorite hillbilly tennessee boy in the house. Hey, i just got some laser carbon into. I got ta think of girls that say a boot tears of joy, a buddhist.

What happened there back to me baby raw basic i'm from trinidad and tobago, who the cousin you're talking about bro, i'm about to be in the discord eyes tears of joy thumbs up. I just realized for two days i haven't had any battery connected to this thing. Oh, do this for a second dead, are you dead, mate you're dead, the camera froze? I think i thought i bumped it at first and then i realized ish. This thing has been plugged in for a few days, so, let's give them, let's give them a nice little reset.

What do you say? What do you say? Let's go um at fab lighting. His name is kesten, who pps about a boat same thing here: lol, cool, we're, good, look, nice all right! So here we go. Your dog said hi doing all of this stuff just so that we can also incorporate controlling reverse lights right now on the bench. It's funny because when this thing has its own wire, harness fab lighting, what's up hey, who used to crimp things the wrong way, here's the wire look, the crease is right there, so i used to always take that part of the crimper on focus show them that You can focus anyway, i used to always do it upside down and then they yelled at me on tick tock.

Thank you all right. What's up, you know what i just did. How would make you led diffuser lens covers. That is the question.

I never had those style of prints, so i never did it wrong. Everybody wants to try to do a set of tails without using an outer lens, specifically the g35 or 37. This is, i guess i still do it the wrong way. What's up at crazy toys costume, this is fine to me to just listen to people, talk and work.

You want me to do that. I can absolutely do that. It's like i'm hanging out and being watched as i work listening to the crowd. It's weird, but it's cool and it's all my main guys.

So that's what i want. I want all you guys chatting and hanging out yep thanks. It's me peter fell to snatch at fab lighting i day normal. I love me it like this.

Oh, i think that's a yes. I think. That's a yes i'll see that again, not bad. I guess i can try.

3D printing led diffusers with clear filament, blinded watching the boss work here, sup d. Yes, yes, yes, yes! And yes, yes, yes, wow a lot of yeses all right. Let's make sure that our turn signal is plugged up raw basic. I got to check him out no use translucent silver, star dust filament.

What's up james, you see willy poker lately fancy this episode of fly. Ride is brought to by burnt retinas get yours at Okay, now is where i need you, boys. We've got turn signal.

I don't feel like that translates as well as that. That goes one to the other, nice and continuous. If we get up nice and close, you can see - maybe possibly not how's, it turned. It's keep geez yeah the one on the right is nice yep.

It's got a nice solid flow to it. This guy. It's a wipe away right, one much smoother wow base and then, let's check out our two show modes, look stoked, but now i'm blind lol. Yes, that looks good chris, but can you show it down? I can't slow nice color.

I like the on the right. I mean i can slow down um, not the turn signal, but this is the show mode. Okay, let's take a look slow, asterisk. All right.

Let's give this a a whirl. Shall we everybody ready to make this way more boring? Let's uh: are you using the ghost module right for sure yeah we're going to take um the right turn signal and we're going to make sure that the other side has that um, but before we do, let's see we get to dig around and look for? Oh files, my god that was intense, ah my eyes, hurt so bad right. Now your military right, grin - maybe it won't be as boring today, because i have you guys talking hey, maybe all right see if i could pull out my keyboard without knocking everything over i'm tell you which i like once. I stop seizing yeah no kidding okay.

So let's do uh, i believe, i've already, let's open up our file, i've got to remember which one this is uh he's military grade such a nerd lol, bro, i'm like when is the last time i mess with these files because i just saved some stuff. This is always what this turns into is the searching for files, and i know i had um something on these lights, where i swapped the channel, so i've got to hop in there and find it. Let's go to our google drive where all of these beautiful files found their way to live gop or there yeah, hey, hillbilly. What's up gtr customers strat, i'm just trying to remember where the heck these files were at live stream.

Tim tim seems to be responsible for many many of these euro taillight audi switch. Would the discord be the best way for me to learn the details of how to how to squat it up such a squat? That's what i was supposed to be doing this whole time was plug in sequential squad. Let's see if i could do it, dipping some carbon rendering a model and about to print a full headlight shroud, flywhy dot com, slash squad yep like she said, sucker wow. All right, so i found my file, that's good, so i've got audi signal and then i've got dual signal.

I think what we want to do is just open up this guy um and which one was the good one. This was the one that we liked. So i'm gon na go ahead and i'm gon na rename this right now smoking a big blunt, i'm gon na rename this one passenger um and we're gon na call it 2015 gtr euro passenger right. Oh that's a driver's side! I'm done feet the reason we're going to do it left and right is because we're going to do some wig work.

Good, simple man. Let's see all right live stream. 10. Let's, let's make this a we're going to make a new folder we're going to call this vlogmas 21.

vlogmas 21.. I just got ta save stuff in here, so i don't have to look for him so much. Okay, thank god! I've got a file glorious. Now i'm making a hex file now we are gon na open up our mp lab 75.

Oh, you know, what's funny, is this whole time i've been running squad? I thought i was sharing my screen because i'm dumb can't wait for tomorrow when i can chat while not working all jokes aside. Thank you for all the information that you give out to everybody. You really don't have to do that, but thank you. Oh i don't.

I also don't have to pursue things that are super freaking valuable for my future uh and tie them into car stuff. But i like it, it's fun learning all this stuff is so much more valuable for outside of car stuff, but i get to share with the honeys it's the best name, reading everything out loud. I like her he's the man sharing. Isn't it you're funny man all right? Let's see, i've got my thing open, whoo browsing found.

It got him. Everything's ready to program, got the picket three. You are a genius bro he's done. I just work with geniuses.

That's all chris show the screen. Please open mouth smile yep that one okay here we go, click the old program button, here's the man um and it should be hooked up to power. So this should just work unless i have to bend the connection a little bit. It happens from time to time, but no we're good.

Let's do a quick little check check our turn signal. Are we good legend? He is a genie ass, i'm a genie. Ass, we've done it. We've got our matching turn signals yourself.

So you are a genius lol and okay. Now is when i get to stop goofing around so much and ask you guys stuff uh - and this is actually stuff that i'm gon na have owner on throttle yeah. Those are my boys, crushing it being the internet famous heroes of youtube alright, so this is show mode one, and i want to show you what that looks like on the uh sequence designer, and then this is show mode two. It starts on the big side and then goes to the middle uh.

Neither of these are fantastic like i'm, not i don't care about either of these, i don't know. I kind of feel like tell me what you think. Would it be kind of cool to have something where, instead of it just doing um like we're gon na we're gon na play with this right now, so i've got four big circles right and they're all doing things in perfect symmetry. But what i want to do is break that up and i want to say like like starting from the passenger taillight.

I want to do outer circle. Then inner circle, then inner circle then outer circle and just like start playing with like polka dots. Does that make sense, i hope it does, because that's what we're gon na do, damn it here we go before. I do that.

I'm gon na save this now as passenger, because we're going to need to break up a left and right side for this next step. So go ahead and compile something just so that it saves the hex it got quiet. I see dead people 75. Okay.

So, let's start, let's go to show one: let's see what that actually has damn. This is kind of a pain in the ass too, because uh, something that i've asked people to do quite a bit in the past is make me the um, the layout here, um, based on a shape or something so in this case it would actually look better. Be easier for me, let me know if you guys follow me it'd be easier for me if i had a straight line instead of this, which was originally for the wrx, so i don't know if i can like i like delete all these guys. It's quiet too quiet.

It is quite too quiet. People are like what the hell are you talking about. Bro, i'm, like, i don't even know all right. We're gon na call these we're gon na mess around with this.

This is something i didn't. I haven't really played around too much with on the live stream, so maybe this will be good. We're gon na call this mustard, yes, color amber okay, son of a. I was so close too.

Why damn it all right uh? That is that amber? I guess there we go. That's amber! That's what i that's, i'm sticking with that. Okay! So let's make one little dot here, oh god. Why is this not wanting to play nice? Anybody anybody, bueller bueller? Did i just erase all my steps guys? What am i even doing when i made my lead array, i was so lost: cold, sweat, smile, open without saving; okay, i'm gon na go ahead and open up the driver's side, because i just completely screwed that whole thing up that at least looks good.

Let's say channel one: i wanted that to just be who's amber and is she single chris? I was gon na ask. What are you gon na do with the outer circles? Thinking face my boy, blue in my boy, blue. In this case, all i really need to do is change the layout of these. Why do i should be able to modify each dot to change the coordinates yeah, but i can't oh position right here that makes better sense.

Let's see what zero gives me to give me anything, oh god we're not going to do this in silence by the way boys. Let's start back over in oak city, okay, there we go. What does zero give us over there? Can you put anybody have any clue what i'm doing modify. Is that what i'm supposed to do? I think it is guys i'm dumb now i can modify this.

I believe geez, you see that okay, we do do you, i don't. Do you xyz, so here's the here's. The thing have to select it in the list to modify. When you select the thing for the first time and then i guess, you make a change and then after you've made it, you dial it in by clicking modify and so that's going to change up our different colors.

So considering that this is led number one right here, if i want to tell it to move to right there and say modify wow that is so cumbersome and listen though uh i don't ever do this, i usually pawn it off to other people and then they Give me these genius things back, so i need to like make up for that. We need to have this in the academy in sequential squad showing how to actually modify this stuff. So in this case, we've got a driver's side duo of of circles and they're the same exact shape. So i don't even think it makes too much sense.

I don't have to make it a complicated shape using the designer it's the most cumbersome. I can just make it a straight line: just dots, dot, dot, dot dot because there's only seven dots like seven parts of the animation mustang gt. I have it all lit up. Even headlights, rockers, grille, bumper dash and even wheels last touches tail lights.

I installed all lights myself, good job. Oh there we go aki, i'm glad for you, man, on a 2020. No less. All i need is tail lights yeah, luckily, for you, you've got so many options when it comes to things like tail lights and all that let's do this.

Let's see what zero looks like and then say modify. Oh so, let's see what 50 looks like. Maybe that'll put us right in the middle modify. I found your channel when i was looking for led bulbs.

Thank you for that love, your content, good! Hey thanks, appreciate that. So this is what we're gon na do we're gon na just say 80 on all of these right. That makes sense 80. I don't have to change the color, but whatever all right, who wants to jump off a high thing right now, because this is absolutely painful.

What where's that guy? What's he doing where's this guy? I call it the christmas tree wheels. Do you make custom rgb tail lights, man? I don't even know what to say. Fellas we've got one consuming. Food we've got 15, so 15 is actually that guy and it's because we had a channel that was blown and i repurposed it um.

So maybe that's, maybe that's gon na work. It's gon na show us what we need to see. Kinda. All right, so, let's go back up to two: let's see how far over do we wan na be where's one at 119.? Let's do this, let's say 100 and we'll move over by 10.

people be like hey. Can you make me custom sequential lights, but i don't want to pay you for all of this part really, because this part's terrible this part deserves to be paid for right here, let's say: go by 20., you think imagine that this was like a huge important part Of the job, and then you just weren't, going to get paid for it like boxing stuff up and you get paid to box stuff up. If you do a bad job and the lights get messed up because of how you box them, you can get paid to box them good, that's dumb! All right we're at one. What was the last one 60 facts with all things: custom and all things custom have so many things that go unpaid for and it's absolutely ridiculous.

So the reason that usually happens is because the guy who is super dope at his job making cool things, doesn't charge. People what he's supposed to who waiting to pay? Oh, no, you can't man, you can't! You can't hire me. I love you though you're awesome, but um. I don't think you are willing to pay, because i charge a whole freaking stupid amount of money.

These days, um and there's people here in this chat that are better suited to do the job that you want to do than me by far meaning like man, i still got ta move this thing over again. It's gon na take me all damn day guys. Let's go 20. because after this i swear, i'm gon na freaking quit life 40.

yeah. There are guys here who wants to do a mustang taillight anybody in chat. Anybody in discord. If you're not on discord, um shoot me.

A dm james would be a great option with those custom boards he made yeah, that's sinister, that hillbilly. Can you help him? I agree, hey guys, send me a dm. I changed some stuff up today. I want you to play around with it.

Um. If you send me the word custom on instagram, just dm me, the word custom, you might not even have to dm me the word custom you're trying to modify this. I just realized to my snt here, so i just sent him a message. Hope he jumps in thinking face who's that sure i'm actually already building a set perfect.

So who is that you've seen me trying to modify this? I just realized tim. Isn't here: did you change it from yesterday? Uh? Yes, very much so a lot. Actually, i got off a call with that company yesterday today it was messenger me starting some stuff, so should be cool james brian mcnaught, james brian mcnutt. I'm never going to do this again by the way.

This is super dumb. It's like masochistic in such a weird. Almost enjoyable way, one foaty can you imagine how like just how little this makes sense to somebody who just makes boatloads of cash and they like pay you to do the the work on their lives. Don't understand that this is super important for the kind of legend he is long yeah.

He is 160.. That's my next one. How come? I don't have somebody in chat telling me what to write. Somebody could literally be, but that's understandable.

I drive this mustang gt to all my clients for phone repairs. I'm like the door dash of phone repairs, dual repairs in the mustang, it's rolling advert there you go. You know what i like. I like to be the you of the your thing that you do you know like everybody wants to be uber and stuff.

I want to be the fly ride of automotive lighting. That's what i want to be: okay, 180 and 80.. This is all gon na go somewhere and boys. Let me tell you i want.

I want you to have this. I like it, because i'm only doing this for you not doing this. For me, i don't like it 200 80.. My neck is freaking sore from this.

Do you realize that i'm crying right now about working hard sitting in the workshop? Looking at a computer screen such a pansy 220., my guy's like running all over town being the door dash of phone repair and i'm crying that i have to look at a computer. Three more, i know i can't i know i can uh, but this should be a great example to somebody um the whole. You know lead from the front situation. I normally don't.

I normally don't. I normally just have very smart people like jay or james or tim, or somebody out there just. Why did it blurry pick an ass in my state that drives a fancy car? That's all lit up to every customer and fixes the phones in the car i contract with a phone insurance company too. Oh no.

I hope i don't fall. That's what that's what my guy jake's saying today: okay, guys, that was so stupid. What do you agree? So, let's look at what this animation actually looks like after i see it's, the goggles filter who's got blur. Have you seen the puffy lips safe anyway? If anybody here is able to make custom tail lights for my 2020 mustang gt that are sequential.

Please send me a message. Look at that this. This is what the animation actually looks like you know what i've never done before. I'm gon na make a screen right now, let's make another screen share and this one i'm gon na edit.

So you can see the animation way better. Oh will not. Let me screen unlock. Won't this be better.

I kind of think this will be better just as though like demoing the things that we've just done, that i just ordered the raxiom lead tail lights with sequential turn, signals pretty cool, hopefully they'll last some decent time at sinister and at hillbilly boot commented to you At haki, okay, so let's look at what this animation actually looks like come on? Yes, it's just starting from the outside and going in all right, that's good afternoon! That's what this actually is! Um, let's turn it on. Take a look at it! That's what that was. So from the beginning, if i turn it off and back on, so when it's on with both the same time, i don't think it makes a big impact at all, because they're too close together, the leds are so it just lights up that whole housing. So what you just saw right - there was literally this.

It was starting at the outside and from the moment that it turned on. It was already really really bright and lighting up the whole housing, okay and then, let's take a look at the turn signal. That is here's the turn signal, and so this see how it's doing both. At the same time, everybody see everybody see that's what the turn signal looks like ultra slow motion and here's what it looks like with eyeballs see so now.

The question is: does that look bad compared to that, because i think it does? I think this looks cooler, so why don't we update this file to look like that? Sound good, we're gon na! Do that, where you guys can tell what's happening in the sequence designer, so i'm gon na take all of this stuff right here and i'm just gon na wipe it out. I don't even like it. I hate it. I think it's thanks.

Okay and the hard part about this is that i have an led that has been substituted, so it might screw up. But let's just let's just start with what we can so hello, everyone we're going to turn on led1 um and i want it to turn on full brightness. I guess right and then i'm going to copy that copy. Why hey hey slightly, smiling face that and then hit it and move it over and this time i do that one i'm gon na hit.

I was wondering what's going on because my stupid thing so i'm holding shift and i'm hitting the right arrow and that's basically copying what i have and it's moving everything and i'm curious how this is supposed to work. Because if you look right here, do you guys notice where this 4 looks like it's grayed out? Well, what that for is actually is it's 15., which is kind of bugging me out. Why so, weird to me so whatever right copy move this whole thing over and i'm thinking that what we can do is get to about seven and then we'll uh we'll start trailing it from behind that'll, be cool, so, let's just click all of those who would That be in the other room. Sorry, have you been jake? I have people to come and attack me from inside my house.

Add channel 4 led that is missing. Yeah dude, that's kind of weirded me out, so i'm gon na i'm gon na just see what this actually looks like and we'll adjust as we need to after, but i think looking at it like this is all of these need to have 15 on this up. Timmy, what's up tim tong out? What is this? Let's see i'm gon na compile this, and then we are going to save it as new signal boot signal signal, hey, you know what i'm pretty stoked about just that stupid setting up of the the colors and the led placement all that we've kind of needed that I've been good making big moves thanks to all the motivation and support so booth. What is this? We are modifying some leds, my friend, so let's do this.

Let's take a look. I'm gon na go ahead and update the file. Now, on the tail lights, it's been a minute: let's go update program, oh man, my day kind of just flew past. I miss my lighting people all right, let's see so it should only do ah so bright.

All right, i wasn't sure if i was gon na, do it or not, but look at this boys can you tell that that is completing, so the animation that i just did this? We miss youtube. Sorry that stupid little thing right here, because anywhere where it shows the four i have the 15 hit. I have to remember that now, as we expand on this and i take away from it - okay, so let's dive back in i'm gon na copy this and this time i want it to trail away. So at this point, all of the leds are on and we're gon na have them start turning off, starting at the far end as new stuff turns on on halo or on a circle number two and the hard part about this is it turns off 15 automatically Because it moves it over to 16, which isn't actually an active thing tim shields, we miss you bro.

I am absolutely failing right now. I will say this the right way to do what i'm doing right now, if you had a complicated install, is to just make all of your modifications to the leds in a linear pattern without any swaps and then save that file and then come back later, and I should probably actually do that for as long as that took right now watch how long this is gon na take i'm just gon na undo all of this stuff um and make another file. I think i think that's the right way to do this. So yeah tell you what this is, what we're going to do, i'm going to go to make a new file um.

How do i do new, like this one tim, green heart, green heart, green heart? Okay, i'm trying to think desperately hard how to do this? I don't know if i can: okay we're gon na save the project as no swap no swap, which means now. What i got ta do is say, led swap channels, um, 15 and four all right. So i don't know if you could tell what happened, but it just grayed out 15 now and now all the places where 4 was moved to 15. Now, it's just going in the linear pattern.

The fact that i did that that was weird four five yeah. So those are in the wrong spot up here. What's up who said my name without fear, i love how much of a jackass that sounds like okay, this should be 80.. That makes me feel better modify, and this, which is five, should be one hundy.

Okay, that was a mistake earlier of my got him got him got him okay. Now, if you're following me, what's happening at this point, is we are now gon na actually skip over um? What i really should have done so i'm gon na go ahead and do it now is. I need to take led seven, make sure that that's in one group and led eight, i'm actually going to bump over by 40.. So we're going to call this 200..

It's going to add 40 to that to make this way easier. You understand, 20. Add 40 to this 240. That's not a four! What we're doing is just making a fat gap between the left and the right.

Damn it not good at number pad all right and then 300. I want people to stop coming in my garage, i dated her once she said. Okay, let's see three 20. there we go so check this out.

Uh i'm going to save this now. This is actually the file that we want for swap swap sounds like some star wars word. Finally, now we can see what's actually happening, so i'm going to hit enter to copy that shift right to move it over um and i'm going to add some stuff to this, only just one more time and then add to it and you're going to get what I got going so i want to double click that to give it a trail and then, if i push up double click that okay, so now it's trailing see, you see enter the copy when you're done, i won't tell uh dope. Let me just go enter shift right.

The whole way through cool all right, uh, we're gon na, do two things right now. Super important get this glc file, i'm gon na load up everything right now, so i'm gon na take not only the glp file, which is the whole thing for all of this. Um, but i'm also going to i'm going to load that up right now with exactly what i have here, i'm also going to load up the glc file, which is the configurator, the actual like stupid, coordinates and colors, and all that of the dots and load. All of that up and then i'm also going to save a gls file, because the gls is just the sequence for the turn signals that i just made.

But i'm not ready to save the gls file until after i've done the other stuff. Because then, i'm going to swap back channel 15 and 4 as the last step before we make it, i like how i'm going to working on a door light to figure stuff out long, noob level, ultimate omg when you're done funny: jordan, okay! So here's what we're gon na do first we're gon na save the project as no swap do. I want to replace it. Of course, i do kidding me and then we're going to um we're going to save we're going to export sequence and that sequence is going to be euro 14 driver turn sequence yep, that's what we want with no swap, so we just saved the turn signal.

Now. I need to export the led configuration file, save that over here in what do we call this called it vlogmas vlogmas21 all right. This is gon na, be my um euro gtr. Okay, that's good! I need to make one last change, which is going to be chris.

How can i cancel the daytime running lights? On my 2014 silverado? Don't know man clip a wire, probably i'm gon na go 15 with channel four swear to god. I don't know i don't even got trucks um, so i swapped them now now that i've swapped them now i need to watch this export the sequence again this time, i'm going to say the end here, 4 to 15. swap and the swap is important because that's How these things are hardwired, so it doesn't matter if i want to make changes, i have to do it that way. Okay, i should be totally good.

So i'm going to go back, i'm going to open up without saving anything, i'm going to open um. Where were we at new signal? Okay? Now, if you remember, we have to get into the bcm to cancel the day. Time runs huh. I don't know why that seems like that is in the correct order.

Oh no! It's it's not because of all the other nonsense. So four, so this should actually be five okay, so i'm gon na go ahead and i'm gon na dump. My led configuration i'm gon na import that overwrite. All of this that's good all right, so four is where it should be.

Five is where it should be. That's the first thing we managed to do already and then second is. I need to take my turn signal and i'm just gon na blow it out, it's gon na say, delete step, and then i'm gon na come up here, i'm gon na, say import sequence and append after current and then there we go with our 14 to 15 Or 4 to 15 swap, and we should have exactly what we need should i don't know i might be wrong because look it doesn't show 15 is even there, which i don't know why. That is where you at 14 or 15., all right, i'm just interested to compile this and see what happens.

So, let's see did i just mess up everything. Gentlemen, we're gon na find out uh sure all right, i'm unsure you're gon na ask me if i want to oh that was not new signal, but i just over wrote: let's just do that: share screen, dude face with hand over mouth damn and hit the floor. If anyone with the software for your truck can toggle the day time running lights off remotely how's, all the ogs, i'm done. Okay, here we go.

How much was my mouth just hanging open, as i was doing that guys? Damn it don't live stream? If you don't want to look silly, just just know that we should have some kind of a cool animation this time better than before. Okay, we are out one channel, so that does make sense because for some reason uh - maybe maybe let's see what this is supposed to be coordinates - are 180 all right. So let's do this, let's add an led in here and i want it to be channel 15.. Why doesn't it say 15.? Thank you! It's sinister retro x.

Actually, i'm going to delete that. I need to go to channel 4 and i need to turn that into channel 15 and then hit modify right right right. Uh is that right you got it brother. I got it, let's compile it again, glorious see if we got that hit wiring guide mode check checkbox to make it easy wiring guide mode.

Why? What does that do teach me teach me so i can spread the religion come on. Let me update this real quick. Like tell me about the wiring guide, eisen eisen tell me, hit wiring guide mode check box to make it easy. What does that do all right? Let's first check it did nothing.

He did nothing. I mean this time we're gon na go back and we're gon na check. Like eisen said that really hurt my eyeballs okay, let's go back, because i think all these steps, where it normally says 4, doesn't say that check box by the delete button. Wiring guy just puts the numbers on the screen.

Oh, does it oops son of a, is there an undo or is there not an undo jesus? That was not good, okay! Well, i just had it open a second ago so open without saving what a dumb ass that sucks i was like. Oh really, i don't want to click it in the layout. Oh, that yeah, that's smart wow! That was ridiculous! 15.! That's what should have come up and it didn't man, you guys know heisen in the house, saving the day. Look at that.

How easy it is to visually see what i got wrong and watch double click in there and we're all set compiling. So i'm talking about that's good okay, so we are at 4 20.. I'm gon na keep on going boys. Do i want to update the hex? I bet your sweet ass.

I do this time it's gon na work and i have faith so i'm gon na share the screen. What was happening was uh led4, the fourth little row in there wasn't firing, and now it is that's right, baby tim dude. I wish i could just set the exposure super super low on that. So now all right.

Do we like the way that that looks trying to hunter 100k in the house? What up? I didn't even see you how's, all the oh geez. He says man, we are. Oh well, apparently we're stuck watching a dead epic cam screen. That is not capturing the moment that looks better.

What's good hunter, oh, i got ta turn this down. Dude, i can't see freaking eyeballs hurts so bad. Oh my god! Don't even let me f and turn it down: geez where's vincent! Where is vincent, it looks really good. Okay, i'm going to say that we're set on that fb guys are going to see a bunch of posts in the next few weeks and i'm sorry, but their true die hard is a christmas movie, it's alive.

That looks really good. Actually i like this animation. Let's make sure that we've got this one dialed, i don't like how it starts. Okay, this is gon na be fun.

That's that's! Actually, where i'm going to end the stream after i modify the next part. So there's a part on this file that now i want to break it up into left and right. So, oh god, where are you that little guy? If i don't hit close it, doesn't let me do anything stupid all right, so this is actually really cool. I think - and this should help a lot now - that we've got that layout there very cool.

This is actually a super good live stream to play back for newbies that are just getting started with ghost sequence, because i'm learning so i can only imagine they're learning too. So brake light, we don't have show, we have show one, and it would appear that this is our opening animation and it would also appear that it is different for left and right like originally something was happening at this time and something obviously is happening right here. On this one, so this would be like a wig wag, so this would wig and that would wag make sense. I wish i had that file that used to have it yeah.

This is perfect for a wig wagon. Are you animating the reverse signal nope? This is the animation, for the reverse signal. Go, go, reverse signal, it's on a relay, so it's getting powered up that you speak of wig wag, that i speak of, that is the left and right. It would look really cool.

I think so. This was your file. Tim: let's try to open up another file, i'm going to open up another copy of ghost. Let's see what we can make happen, i bet you we could find the wig to this wag.

You think what do you think? It's literally the most important thing for me to do today is find this new file, so we are going to dive deep into the archives because they don't have tails. Ah, i see just they just wig all right, we're gon na go into ghost files. First off this is what we're gon na do. I need to ah stop looking just been working force.

Jeez all right live stream in um, so i call this 14 channel. So it's going to be a 14 channel thing that you made wrx swap um. Take a look, so i have two different files here that i can check out the hell. Oh i'm stupid, okay um! So, let's see, if show one yeah.

Yes, so we're gon na export this sequence and see, i think, it'll drop right into place. To be honest, with you turn sequence: we're going to call this wig wag, oh man, that would be so dope if we're good with this i'd, be done, i'd be done and i won't be looking up tim. Did you get the satin back up and going your tail driver? Is that what that file was uh, i called it left 14 channel left the hell is left, that's driver that works boom. Okay, so we are going to hop over to here.

We're gon na say show: let's count the steps first before we shoot ourselves in feet, but i believe this is it that's step, one all the way down to 383 delete all all that and i'm just gon na open pray. This goes down to 383 and it does fantastic all right, so we're to say important, append after birthday, wig wag gls boom got him ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho jeez. This is going to be cool. Come on be cool.

No, you can't. I know you can you know, what's crazy, i almost effed up so hard right there, no bro. I want to call it a new signal. We want to call it wig wag, because i got to open it back up and save it as passenger side.

What is the tail you're working on gtr wig wagon? Thank god, i bought another project, so the saturn got put on hold. That was what's the new project. Tell us tell us now, um and then see you also have to save this as passenger turbo new signal, and then this is the wag all right, that's tight! So let's save this file now as um good old drift missile noise passenger. Damn my brain.

I want to be worthless after this pass pass, wigan and wagon what the hell roll man i want one. So bad probably won't drift it, but kinda lol lol. Unless she says lol, she does it like. A teenager use a dimmer switch to cut the daytime lights.

Maybe is this gon na work bam all right. It should be good already um, but i just wanted to make sure i made both files that i don't have to go res, like figure stuff out after we're gon na say, driver side, wigwag, hex file. It's already connected yo dude. What up yo, dude nicholas lindo about to look at us do cool things real time.

Updating the taillights see sorry, i'm late face with cold sweat, the wig, the wag, the wig and the wag yo. That's sick! That's super gangster! You know what it almost looks like though it looks like it's supposed to start on this side and go to that side. I honestly think that i bought the 240 of a close friend that had a brain tumor. He lost that battle in march.

I have his project now. Ah, that's awesome cool that is freaking cool man in the house dj boom in the house. It sucks that you lost the battle, but it's dope that you're picking up the torch man good for you see if this works later everyone's got to run dj boom in the heroes, get get you excited about what your tails are gon na be looking like. So i'm trying to damn you this was working.

You saw it. You guys deactivate reactivity hunter, damn it try this one last torn come on. Don't leave us hanging what stream cool what's up dj boom. I don't understand why this thing hates the live stream.

So much just freaking, i saw nothing. I know this sucks. You can do it on this, probably but you're needing my phone to just kick ass at it. While this stupid one can die.

Let's see, how do we get this lady to make the rave air horn sound? I couldn't hear that, but i think you could pretty sure that wasn't the sound you wanted, though me that was the bleep all right. Here we go ready. Epic cam: don't suck don't suck bro. Can you just go? Oh my god.

It's the fault of the stream. Tell you what this is dope. You have to believe me and watch tomorrow. Cause i'm gon na make some videos about this right.

Now it's gon na be good. What do you guys got going on tonight? You saw nothing and uh man. I don't know what to say. Let's see if i can't find sucks more of the wig in the wag still working it suck yeah.

It was so weird man all right. So here's the deal i'm pumped on what we got accomplished, i'm going to um upload all these files to discord tim. If you don't know, i don't get to have discord and make sure that, can you guys anybody who wants access? Can you please just shoot over uh a message, a direct message in discord to me that i can make sure that you have the um which might call it the access to that file? To that that little group inside of discord, you could tell. I can't even speak anymore, my brain's shot um.

I will give you access to that and then you'll have all the files, and then we can play around even further with these, because we're going to do all of these same animations. The coolness that we make on these we're going to put on dj booms, tail lights, who's, getting these plus sequential inner and sequential outer uh, led tail lights so, and that has been another year plus okay. I will shoot that dm last time i checked on discord. I didn't have access to the different files i'll check in a bit yeah.

I don't think most people do tim. I know you don't so make sure that i have a dm and then um. It just makes it easy for me to round all you guys up in one spot and give the squad guys their um their role either. That or does anybody know if i can make a jake you might know this can? Can i make a link where anybody that i send that link to clicks it and it gives them a role in discord? Is that a thing, because if so we'll put that as a sticky inside of sequential squad, the facebook group and inside of the online course, but i don't know if that's a thing or not, but it should be damn it that'd be useful.

Okay, my brain hurts.

By Chris

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