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Here are all the parts i used for this little project:
Addressable LED Strip:
LED Controller:
Aluminum LED Strip Channel:
USB Plug:

I just made a badass light bar for the back of my imac. I'm going to show you how we did that because we just experimented, we didn't know if it was going to work. I think it turned out pretty cool. Let me know in the comments below, if you agree all right, let's go back and see how we made this thing.

This is going to be weird. I don't often mess with addressable led stuff, but today i'm going to be doing this little light bar i'm getting ready to stick it in my office. So if you look in here, this is where we're doing a lot of the work right now. That has nothing to do with automotive, that's just chopping up the videos doing the stuff working with john and even working with other businesses, software companies, cool stuff, i'm excited about it and i just want to have a stupid light bar back behind the monitor there.

So this is going to be an experiment of how do i power up some cool addressable leds and stick it behind my my monitor and make it look dope and i'm actually going to get power from usb. So i'll show you what i was about to do. I almost took this old computer power supply and this 5 volt converter, even though this thing puts out 5 volts, and i didn't even think about it. I'm wasting this whole part.

If i hook it up the way that it is right now, but even more dumb than that is, i have usb outlets that i installed in that room when i built it and they put out 5 volts. So we're gon na go test a usb little control plug thing and we're gon na see which wires that we need to tap into to get five volts and then plug it into this addressable led little controller, this little guy right here, it's an sp110e yeah. I don't know and then we'll get to plug it in and control it with bluetooth behind my computer should be dope, so let's go find out if it's going to work. So if you look, this is a regular usb cord and it's got four wires inside of it.

So what i need to do is strip the ends, i'm pretty sure it's the green wire and the black wire, but i could be wrong. So i'm gon na try to strip the ends and i'm gon na test it after i plug it in just gon na plug it into this little outlet that i have right here, and i know that this thing is putting out power. I just need to make sure that i'm getting five volts. What is that nothing? Oh, three, negative, three! Okay! So that's not right! So next, i'm going to test the red and black.

That was a loud ass lens here. That is hey. Why do we never use this camera in that lens? I don't know, makes sense. I use it for live streaming, nothing! Oh 5! Volt! Is it yep? It showed negative 5 volts.

So black, oh okay, yeah, that's crazy! Okay! So if black is positive, five volts red is negative, tight. Okay, i think what i'm gon na do, because this is so sketchy i'm just gon na solder. These wires up. So, let's get our quad hands ready, make a little patch connection for this got to get my favorite stripper.

What's the name of your favorite stripper, let's get those things tinned up and ready red in this case is negative. Black is positive. Okay, now we should be able to plug this thing into the wall and it should just work: hey we're filming, stop freaking screaming now plug this thing in and scared hey. Is that it? Oh on point, that's dope! What i don't know is how visible that's gon na be on this, because, if you look, this is where i'm actually filming over to there.

So i've got this light that will be turned on to show my face and then that is gon na hopefully be putting up some light in the background, so we'll see if that works next, so this is this is why i'm usually one that's not talking about Using addressable leds here we are setting up a little light bar in a dark room like it's dark in here. It's not it's not super bright at all, and this thing's not bright enough to cast light to be noticeable even with all the colors of the rainbow. It's just not an awesome thing to have to create any sort of effect on this wall. I just thought of something take off the diffuser.

I can yeah, let's try it that'll be brighter all right. Let's give it a shot that that's like a two second experiment: wow: okay, and how much better does that? Look that actually does look better yeah prefer to cut it like to the size of the computer. You wouldn't be able to see it. I've made a little mark where i'm going to cut this right here, but i'm also going to trim this little inside piece so that we can run the wires because we basically just want to see just the same exact aluminum as like how the top of my Imac looks and we want it to just kind of look like that.

But then all the light is going to be at a 45 degree angle shooting up at the wall, and we don't want to see this guy. So we're just going to change things up. A wee bit right now, i'm actually going to lift this whole strip off. I have no idea how sticky this is.

It doesn't look like it's too hardcore and then i can even cut the led strip. Now, once i get this one sketchy cut, my led strip cool. I can go there so this now, i'm just gon na be able to make it look better and we know that we're gon na cut it right here. So i'm just gon na use a dremel.

I bet you know what i could do. I bet you. I could just use my milwaukee multi-cutter. I bet i'll just eat right through the aluminum.

It might be loud and annoying, but it'll work geez. That was not an efficient way to do it, but it worked really well. So that was stupid, any excuse to use milwaukee tools and videos, i do it, so we can check and see if it works, it looks stuck, it does right. Eh, that's pretty cool, it was an accident that turned out as good as it did and matter of fact.

I should probably just hide the leds on the other side so that you really just can't see them all right. Well, i have thermal tape and i'm using the double-sided tape, because john was showing me on the back. There's actually contact points right here that technically touching the aluminum could bridge and so with the thermal tape on the aluminum, and then that sticky translucent tape on the back of the strip. We should be all good to go right now, and i've also got some more thermal tape doubled up on the bottom.

So i think literally, all we have to do right now is stick this thing to the top of the monitor and plug them in and enjoy them keep in mind. This was a completely out of the blue random thing that i thought might be cool and it looks like that's. It just got to decide what animation looks the coolest on the back side of this thing. Okay, you tell me, should i build these things and make them available to you, or do you think this is better to just leave as a diy project, with all the amazon links that i did stick below in this video? I want to know.

I want to hear back and also just comment: did you watch this whole video? It was kind of long and weird, but i thought it was pretty dope. I think it turned out awesome and i'm excited to share and see what you guys do with this video. Alright i'll see you next one see ya.

By Chris

8 thoughts on “DIY Light Bar LED Experiment”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SlapCity Kustomz says:

    I watched the whole video, cut the strip in half why not add both hmmm for brighter light

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luigi Diaz says:

    It looks good. Keep it as a DYI. And yes I watched the whole video. I always do Bro🦾🤟

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean Pamer says:

    Watched the whole video, and I think having as a DIY is great.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Smith says:

    I've been wanting to backlight my monitor for a long time this was cool to see a "headlight guy" do DIY tech stuff. Yeah I watched to the end, gotta see how it turned out! Props for being able to strip wire with fingernails shows you're the real deal and a true electrical OG!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M L says:

    Discord MO$ here n I Love ya Bro n what you do with addressables n sequentails on people's rides but for ambient lighting you could of gone with some of the cheapo IP65 amazon strip kits. Cut a piece long enough to stick around the border on the back of the Mac n add an extension with the rgbw cable I know you got plenty of. Then hook that up to the rest of the strip, sticking the rest of the strip around your desk or to the top border of the room to get you a fuller brighter lighting effect.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chico says:

    just stick the strip only on the back of the monitor, invisible ! Or with the aluminium but on the back ! Not the top, invisibel !

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeremy Gyles says:

    Hahahahaha I've done the same thing on my shoe shelf. But a lot lazier and sloppy

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Blade's Toy Shop says:

    What's weird is the fact that the wiring is aft-backwards, not what you're doing with the LED strip.

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