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Sean paymer - i did not know that solar supremacy. Was you oh wait? It's ethan got it. I read that different. What's up guys, we're gon na do a uh, a pretty fun stream today this is gon na, be making the wire harness for the ghost.

If i remember last time the music was too loud, so we're gon na be doing all the steps that you need to do. This is actually gon na be free. Part of well today is going to be free, but then this will go away and it's going to go. Live on the sequential 101 course.

So one of the big problems when you make a cool custom setup with um, with a ghost sequencer or with any sequential for that matter, is you have to be able to power it? You have to be able to turn it on and make cool stuff happen. If you don't have an easy way to do that, like this, like push a button, cool stuff starts happening, then it can make it very like cumbersome and annoying and um. I don't know kind of like not as fun to want to use if you're, the owner of the super dope lights that you built. So we want to make sure that the people that have the super dope lights they use them, they play with them.

They do all the stuff and i'm going to add a couple functions into these tail lights today that they didn't have yesterday, and all i have to do with that is give them a new way to get power so that i can turn them on with a Strobe controller, that way the halos will turn on they'll bounce left and right. They'll do a bunch of cool stuff and we'll still have this absolute bonkers show mode from last time. So hope all that sounds good. That's what we're gon na cover today, i'm gon na film.

It chop it up, stick it in the courses and it will never be seen of again on uh on the free internet. But what's up everybody shawn, mr james hillbilly, ethan ethan randall. How long you've been watching man cause you've been hitting up quite a bit and uh happy to see you here on the live saw you over in discord, so it looks like we just got three of you, gentlemen. Anybody else that's watching if you don't typically comment, make sure you do that um and let's turn on hey.

We got sinister j in the house. Let's turn on our silly speech, chat. Yo. Did that just happen for the first time right when i mentioned jay hi, look at that alaska says hi.

What up this is gon na be good, hey what's up good morning, hey bro, all right! So since we can all hear each other talking, won't you shout out where you're watching from let's hear the roll call. While i drink some coffee, hey, houston, romania, florida, romanian massachusetts, these are actually some different answers than normal right, very cool uh. I do suck, though i was trying to connect the um just trying to connect the other camera couldn't get it. I'm just gon na make this a not many different views situation we'll go from this one to this one.

To that one there's not not that many! I guess we could go to that. One hi, i'm down here, hey there bc, wonder mercedes, i'm eight or seven. What's up so um, i think you guys were trying to play around with the uh the voice last time and couldn't get her to say anything bad. You should get creative that'll be interesting.

Okay, here's the deal we're gon na dive right into it. Um i miss bc. I need to go back up to vernon, got a bunch of friends in kelowna and vernon, he's beautiful, so happy to have you, martin and henry and phil, and joe and ben and nathaniel first meat surface and nelson um we're going to start chopping up some stuff. So i'm going to grab some wire um first thing that we want to do.

We want to figure out how many functions we're gon na have to control on here, and i could tell you offhand when i build ghost uh ghost modules. Normally they have four inputs. They have power, they have ground and they have show mode one and show mode. Two, that's pretty much the only thing that we need in a basic basic ghost harness um, which is nice, because then you can use things like you know, little four pin connectors or five pin connectors, which are super common because of rgb and rgbw um, but we're Gon na do something with some really high quality like plug twist together nice little connectors and those, i think, have six wires.

So i'm actually gon na build this harness to have six wires going through it, because we have all the things i mentioned, but then we're gon na have power for the strobe controller that i'm adding in and then once that strobe controller is on. If you give one of the wires that it has power a separate wire, then it will change the mode right. So that's gon na mean on our little remote control. We're gon na have show mode, one show mode two and then strobe power and then down here.

The little red button that's gon na be strobe mode. So if we push that a bunch, it will change which side is flashing in which order double flash double flash back forth back like all these different modes will be built in and you'll be able to control them just by clicking that fourth button, so we're gon Na make use of all four buttons. I also got a brand new pack of these so that we can make a new controller uh and we're gon na stream for an hour, and i'm just gon na cut it. After that, i got hacked kind of yesterday sucked.

I opened an email, they were like. We want to give you 600 bucks to make a video about our video game and i looked at the video game and i had like star wars stuff and it looked all sick. I was like yo. This is sick.

Let's go and then they're like okay, well, um, we'll pay you 600 bucks and i was like nah how about don't pay me 600 bucks um. If i'm only gon na, do one video i'll charge you more than that. But if you want to do like a bunch of videos together, then we can do like five of them and instead of sending me 600 bucks, you send me three grand that'd be dope they're, like yeah, we'll do it. How do you want to get paid? We can either do this this or this, and one of those this is was sending me a pdf, and i was like yeah that sounds the safest for me.

I could read over everything. Make sure things seem legit just do that. Well then they didn't do that. Nothing happened and i looked at their website and i was like.

Oh look. Click here, download the little packet and when you download the packet it had a video file, it had a pdf and a bunch of stuff in there. That tells you more about the campaign right, just as i click the second click on the pdf. I realize at the end of the the file it said: dot pdf, dot, exe and i was like.

Oh, did i just open up a file like a program and i looked, and then i looked down at the other one that was a video file at the bottom. It says: dot mp4, dot scr. That was a script, so they they're trying to trick you. It was all bogus, none of it was real.

It's also that they can get access to your accounts, your information, your your porno of yourself. They want to get that and then blackmail you and like black, mirror, you that's what happened to me yesterday. Instead of live streaming, i figured i'd, tell you so if you see any chris porno, that's where it came from, i'm just kidding, i shut it down. It was on a virtual machine.

I pay so that i can have a machine that can run the go sequence. Designer so i can write it on my mac and that was running and when i double click, the pdf that was actually an exe, it launched the virtual machine and then i was like freaking out. I was on the phone with a millionaire about to talk about cool stuff, and then i just freaked out so play around. It was crazy.

I don't know i got freaked out. I shut down the virtual machine, had a dope conversation with my guy john and uh scary, and then i didn't stream, and here we are - and i appreciate that nelson no worries alaska, says bro. I need some help trying to build from scratch. A mini projector from the bottom of the ocean to save the mermaids.

I don't know how to do things from scratch. A lot of times, um people ask me how i made these little diffusers or like how i make the the lightning bolt like. How did i make this? Well, i went to nissan and i was like nissan here's, a bunch of money and then they're like all right, here's a product and then i opened it up, and this was inside. That's how i made this so there's somebody out there much more available than me and they can make a whole housing out of nowhere.

It will probably look 80 like crafts and arts times, but i don't know, but that guy's not me and i think in discord. You could probably poke around talk with james talk with any of these other guys that spend a lot more time in the trenches actually like grinding work and making cool stuff. I'm an idiot. I just make a bunch of cool videos so uh.

I try not to do anything. That's too hard. It helps more people, keep it basic. This is actually way too difficult the stuff i'm about to show right now way too difficult for me to show on youtube.

Nobody needs that, like if i, if i show that to like 10 000 people, like eight of them, needed it right and then all the 9000 other people are just like what what is this, i'm afraid of wires go with the directionals, then switch back to rgbw Lights, sequential rgbw, rock lights, yeah somebody's got a really cool, actually um. My guy john najar um he's got a set up on his um on his jeep, but hillbilly's got it's a badass stuff, that's coming out! So if you're talking about rock lights, you just happen to have kind of said: the magic word james will chime in on the rock light situation. Soon i will review it we'll try to show everybody. It would be fantastic.

That's what i hope anyway, whoa allow this yeah allow this thing to connect full wow. Is it actually gon na work now add apple phone wow? I think all of a sudden uh. This sees my phone. Maybe it got all weird, really quick, um yeah.

Any other questions before i dive in and start chopping up a harness. I know i was talking about all the scary hacker stuff and then uh. I got sidetracked as i do jesus. Do you guys hear that, in the background, the things connecting and disconnecting or is it just in my ear, sweet, okay, i'm gon na cut some wires, so manufacture any other light assembly, damn it.

I wish. I don't know why those two things aren't synced up like they think the light is addressable sequential already nissan manufacture any other light assembly. No, it takes like millions of dollars for them to assemble one. So when people ask me if i can do that, i'm like well nissan's got a giant factory and staff and money just pouring out everywhere, and it takes them a million bucks to make something that ain't me cannot do all right, six wires, we're cutting them.

So we're gon na go see if that angle helps we're gon na go with um, green and orange, because that's the color of our show mode inputs on z ghost. So i like to do it like this. This is how i i measure wire. I say that's six feet and change right arms reach, and then i go a little bit more.

I figure. Okay, that's about about seven feet and i clip it there and then i do another one, that's five feet. So we've got one little section: that's seven feet and we'll do one more after that um and i'm also gon na. Do some white wire and some yellow wire, that's gon na, be my actually i'm not going to use yellow, because i like that for turn signals.

I'm going to use blue and i'm going to use white blue is going to be my power for the strobe controller and then white is going to be my mode, or is that going to be vice versa? I don't know, i don't freaking know guys hey. What are we talking about here? We go. This is gon na, be the seven foot section. You don't have a rollie chair when you do wires because it almost gets freaking stuck on stuff.

You bastard why? What a jerk like? How fast did that happen? Okay, so seven foots foot, i got seven of them, cut that and now messenger james brian mcmahon. Now we got that and now we're gon na. Do our five foot section scary, i'm gon na! Take all these shelves down and do the honeycomb gon na be sick. Talking about it, encourage me, tease me about it, be like hey bro.

You still got hanging shelves up. You suck where's the honeycomb fire. Now i will cave to that mental anxiety, anguish. All right here we go five feet, so i'm gon na go not quite two rolling on the floor: laughing rolling on the floor, laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing.

Okay, there is our other one. Now. This is interesting uh because when i do a really long harness like this, actually i'm thinking about it right now, so first off, i think think what i just did was partially right trying to remember so one of these things only needs to go down halfway yeah. I think we're good, so i just need to double up on one of them sure.

So i got power going down. Okay, i'll figure this out as we go, let's go back to dual camera mode. This is what i want to start with, because it's so confusing. Look at all these wires, it's too many wires.

It's too much light in my freaking face. It's too many things i'm running over all right. If you guys could only tell how small of a space i work in so that we can make all this happen, you would laugh at me. Okay, this is what scares people you're gon na make a wire harness you're freaked out right.

So what we want to do is make this as painless as possible. Let's start connecting our two sides shut up. We're gon na connect, our two sides and then we're gon na. Do some uh some fancy work, but i know the one that's gon na be the most confusing to me is going to be.

I have a really long wire that has to go down for the strobe, because i only want um one of the wires. That goes from the strobe control box needs to go straight down to the driver's side headlight right, so when it does that it only has to be five feet long and then i've got one that needs to go straight down to the driver's headlight and then hook Over and go over to the passenger headlight with the rest of these wires right so that one has to be not just five feet has to be five feet, plus seven feet. So what i've done right now is, i just cut a wire that is five feet in one color and seven feet in that same color, but i'm only going to use half of it because i only have to go from the battery to that headlight and the One that i want to use for that, i believe i'm not dumb, which i could be is going to be this blue one. So i want blue to be designated as my driver's side headlight.

That's the decision that i'm coming up with right now, i'm saying it out loud so that i remember it in a minute i'm going to put some of these wires around my neck and i am going to cut the first wire here. This will all make sense in a minute. I've got to join it with the other white wire that i cut, i think now i got ta cut an extra wire right. I've got a white one that goes down and over getting.

This is confusing already i'm confused balls right now. It's gon na be great it'd, be great. When i do this wrong and then i'm like, oh, why did i do that guys so for right now, let's start with this, i'm starting with the most difficult first. So i can get out of the way.

I just want to say that this blue wire is the short one. That's the one that i needed to go to the battery. I'm gon na take this long, one, i'm gon na set it to the side so that i don't screw up and then we are going to do the easy stuff. Now this is the stuff that scares most people, because again they hate wires, they're, afraid of them.

Their dad tone don't mess with wires. They believed him he's probably right we're just going to take five wires over here and join them with five wires over here. So to do that, for me, what makes the most sense is i like to have the ends of my wire harnesses: go to a really nice connector. So all we have to do is just strip the ends and join them together.

So we're gon na do that. For each color on here, so i'm gon na strip these five wires and then we are going to oh and shout out to uh capri tools. I'm gon na do some more stuff with them. Hopefully, this coming week we'll hop on a call, and so we'll do some streams we'll uh.

What do you guys want? I got ta include you in this. I haven't been asking you things and i need to what kind of giveaways do you want to do this month? Give me something that you want and then i'll go fight for you i'll hit up some companies we'll get some cool stuff going with some of these. Whether it's um social media companies or tools or whatever, no not 14, that's big strippers. Anybody want some strippers.

I got some strippers for you um. I think this is 18 gauge. I want a set of those wire strippers. Okay got it.

I will tell capri we want three of them how's that how about we get capri tools on the live next week and we make it like some sort of a thing like. Oh, i know what we can do. Okay, so i told you guys before about the whole automation dms: let's include that, let's make it to where yes, okay, this isn't gon na work right now, but if you want to test it i'll tell you how, but next week we'll set it up. What up my sir say, um dm me, the word stripper and then cool stuff will happen.

It'll be awesome, hell, yeah uh, so for right now you could dm me the word custom and stuff will happen. I think you could just dm me anything and that stuff will happen, but for all i know i did it wrong. Okay, here we go we're gon na we're gon na put these uh green wires together, i'm literally just twisting them together, nothing fancy! Let's do this! Okay, so that's what we got just how's, that auto focus is it working it's gon na go in and out cause it could be annoying, but i'm not sure all right next wire we're gon na do yes. Next wire is gon na, be black one.

Okay, so tell me: if you sent me a dm on instagram with the word. Actually, i think you can send it on. Can somebody try it on facebook, messenger and somebody try it on instagram and let me know if i'm having a conversation with you, even though i'm sitting here twisting these wires, i need new strippers. You'll get hacked photos.

That's so funny. Do you me the word stripper it'll, be me dressed as a stripper? No, but that'll be fun because we can trigger some cool events like um. It can say it can like just give you all the links to the stuff, like you know, when they do the typical little campaigns and they're like hey uh, go follow this person go, follow that person then send us a screenshot and do all these things. Well, we could do that, but we can actually have it completely gamified to where, when you take uh a screenshot of the person's account or whatever, and you tag you tag me and you tag them in it.

It'll trigger more parts of the automation which will like unlock the next part of the journey, that'd be sick. I want to do that with brands. Just take you guys on little journeys where, like whoever follows, the paths like we give like like three different people, a pair of strippers at the end of that like if you go through all the steps and follow everybody and do the things, do the screenshots and Do the tags - and you know, jump through the hoops like fun stupid hoops, not hard stuff to be gangster uh? I don't have any stickers right now, but i do think that i desperately need to um. If you've, i don't know if it's updated, yet i'm sure it has um, but my instagram shop.

It's going to become a lot more uh involved in fly ride so because you could check out now on instagram directly, i'm going to start incorporating a lot more stuff, especially a lot more use, like i told you guys about the other day with mobile monkey, because I'm going to be training, people how to use the free and the paid version of that software um, and i want to make it fun, there's a guy that absolutely crushes it, but he's in india. He sounds like he's from india and he looks like he's from india and he's a genius, but all the stuff i said before will get in the way of him effectively getting through to a bunch of people that don't want to learn from a guy in india. For whatever reason i mean, i think, he's a genius, but you know who does want to learn from a guy who looks like it sounds like he's from india people in india. They really want that.

They don't want to learn it from me. So everybody in the right position, he'll teach about all that stuff i'll come through and try to game a fight, make it fun and um put a little bit more of uh. I don't know no accent spin on it. Everybody from except the people that say things weird.

It always makes me think about this people in the uk. They say weird stuff like banana right, like the second. A for some reason doesn't sound like the first a and then like, i don't know, i'm sure some of you guys know people that say winter in banana in the washing machine. Right, i don't know, point is, if i say, washing machine, even if you say washing machine, you know what i'm saying.

I've got this like no accent style thing unless skateboarder sounds like an accent. Okay, let me find these little things here. I'm blabbing! I want to show you guys something to a little test, we'll expand on this further this week. Um get these wires.

First, all right! Oh we're! Gon na do mystery boxes finally, too, because i'm gon na do subscription boxes and i got the uh i'm gon na. Try to loop in a few other companies who represents that all right we've got a five connector. We don't want that. Do we want a five connector do want a 5 connector so think about this.

We've got um power and ground. Show mode 1, show mode 2. Going 4 wires straight straight forward: okanagan dude! I love 15. 16..

I need some bad right now um, so you take a power wire from the remote control and that goes to the strobe controller and the strobe controller is right by the remote control. So it doesn't have to be long, so it could just be this little blue guy, and then that leaves us with the two outputs from the stroke controller that have to go down one over. We only need a five pin, connector. Okay, this is dope bro.

You hate me, i don't even know who said that yet, oh no, i i actually can't see when you guys say things it shows up on that screen. First interesting. I have to figure out how to zoom in okay, so we're gon na use a six wire connection, but that six wire connection is gon na go to five pin wires. What happened? What's going on er buddy? Hey, i'm glad you like the videos, okay, so we're gon na take six wires and infuse them into these five pin connectors.

These are really dope. If you haven't seen these come on focus, these are really really good. So that's what i'm using my wire harness um. I've also got a new brand that we're going to start talking about on the channel um.

Has anybody heard of jbc tools, see if i could just pull up instagram and start shouting them out? Real quick jbc tools makes some fancy stuff jbc soldering tools: okay, like i'm gon na pull up a dope video and show you guys um, there's so many of them. You got these badass tweezers. Look at these tweezers bonkers; okay, those those are soldering iron, tweezers right. So you're grabbing a component james.

This would be life for people that are soldering, tiny, stupid things. Um, oh yeah, yeah check these out. These are all different nice adjustable tweezers. Oh, you can't even see the ends.

It's too blown out about that way. I love those connectors. Do you see them anyway? Uh jbc is gon na, send some stuff over and we're gon na start talking um. They don't pay creators and because they've never worked with creators, but they're gon na send over some dope machines like fume extractor is one of them, a hot air station and some of the other stuff from what i gather.

It's just really expensive. They're, like the um, like the higher end version of what stuff i'd be using, but i'm just gon na use this stupid uh little weller never heard jbc tools yeah. So the pro. The fact that you haven't heard of jbc tools is where i come in and make sure that you have heard of jvc tools.

So that's the plan. My friends took these guys up. I know you've heard of quad hands thanks to jay jay enlightened. All of us, with his with his knowingness about quad hands what kind of food truck i'm hungry nice dude, i'm hungry too.

You know i woke up and i could not go back to sleep last night because i was thinking about the veloster headlights. Usps lost them to the dark side and get a metacal. Are you still doing hydro dip projects with your teeth? Lol, i'm hungry too um. So i don't have neighbors anymore.

Now i work from home. I kiss the fancy life goodbye. I was like bye fancy life. I don't need you, i'm about to put hex lights up in my garage work with fancy companies, that was the plan.

Okay, this is one side. So what happens with these? Is they send them in groups of five it's kind of annoying? Actually, this is from btf lighting or btf, whatever amazon btf people - and i got ta slide this little doodad over that and then here's what we're looking at see that. So that's what makes this cool, because this can be on the headlight. This can be on the wire harness and then all we're doing is making the wires that connect all these guys now, why it's so difficult for one of these aftermarket lighting companies to do this for me so that i could just choose a four wire harness or A six wire harness or god forbid, an eight wire harness - has this built-in.

Why is that hard? I don't know, i just don't think they're listening. I don't think they're listening all right. Let's see what about metcal macau is an rf soldering iron. It can tell you what you're soldering and adjust the temp accordingly yeah.

I think the stuff from jbc can sense what you had for lunch and it can give a pleasant aroma in the fumes. So it's way cooler than your met, cow, stuff, bro, i'll fight you james, it's our trinidadian street food called doubles full score all right. Actually another company reached out um porta, something portugal uh ireland and they have um these little like portable units and that is sick. J, i'm an idiot, i'm sorry.

I never broke character um, but yeah. So look at zach, cook's, um, tick, tock and he's got some of that ire ireland company on there they reached out too. I told him that don't really want to work with almost any company that just wants to shill some. You know product that cost to me instead of paying me like.

I think you should pay me pretty certain of that matter. Of fact i require that you must pay, you must pay, you shall not pass. What else is new? What other cool tools um? I know i. I dropped the ball with milwaukee.

I just never. I wasn't ready. I don't know i didn't have anything in place yet had a whole nother year to clock in so i didn't do it. I didn't make it happen.

Here's a tip for the wire harness, because i doing this and i i get that this is kind of a weird course to have in a paid course like sequential 101, but whatever it's where we're at. So i've got this connection and if you look at it, which thing would i want, i don't want this little guy that can move around on here. I don't want that attached to the headlight. Why is because it can break right, set the headlight on the ground.

You pick the headlight up it's sitting on the ground, you step on it, you snap snap, the little thing but the wire harness it's in the box when you get it, stick it on the car. Now it's just on the car. I think that the part that has the little twisty on there that should be wire harness side, because of that i know that these are the wires. These are the ones that i want to connect up here, so the next step in our wire harness making.

This is that i need to um well i'm sitting here and i just got scared. I think what i just got scared about is: i have my power ground chill mode, one show mode two and then the last connection that i need for this whole thing is gon na, be this uh, this white wire, you would think, but it's actually not because This white wire is just going to hook over to the other side, and then that will be the fifth wire on that side. So for this i actually have to have this blue wire and i'm going to prep it now. I almost forgot: that's why i made a deal about it and then we're going to choose what wire colors to mate all of this stuff up with right now, and then i will put the twisty side to solder it to all of these.

After i get my heat shrink in place, okay, so that's good boys. It's getting quiet, i think you guys are having breakfast having lives. Not live streaming on a saturday morning will be, in the first hand these ones way cheaper. He says that's the kind of stuff that i'm kind of like dude, i'm just at the point.

I don't i don't want to sell stuff. I really don't like i. I would love love, love, love, love, love. If light works had if i could throw a ninja, a shopify, ninja yeet, the shopify ninja at, and that dude just landed just ah just take everything copy, it make a copy of slap, some paint on there and now it says, fly ride.

And now i have a copy of, it's reskinned as flyride. All the stock lives that light works. All the orders go to light works. All of everything is light works.

It's just got a little skin. That says, fly right on there and then all of the stuff that i'm sending to that website from my socials for my videos, then it just goes right there and just wholesale orders are just popping in left and right for everything all the stuff that i don't Offer because i suck at fulfilling it because i don't want to do it, i don't want to sit there and be a secretary all day, but somebody's getting paid to do that at light works. They could do it, god that would be glorious. I don't know.

I just i dream out loud boys here we go, i'm going to add a wee bit of solder extra solder to the ends of these little connectors. That james said i could get on alibaba way cheaper. I don't know. I also do want to encourage you guys something face green heart.

I think if you're gon na do stuff or like any sequential projects, you should not do them very often. I don't think that you should be spending boatloads of time, making other people crazy, sequential work. I think that should be your tippity-top high-end offer like disproportionately more expensive than anything. It's like like.

Let's take jay, for example, he's got some beautiful, builds they're amazing, there's some really cool stuff that he does right, but a lot of it is color changing, which means lots of wires. All this crap that i'm doing a lot of it's um got the addressable. Some of it has, you know the different sequential stuff on there and then some of it i'm sure it's just like a retrofit and some standard paint and those things you know. I don't think that it makes a bunch of sense to say like.

Oh, you need to charge the same like. Let's say that it takes you like 10 hours to build a satellites that have some paint projector retrofit and in 20 hours. You could build two of those right, and so, if you built two of those and it made you, you know - let's say three thousand bucks right - two retrofits charge 1500 each make three thousand bucks. I don't think that you should just say that if the next person that comes in and asks you to build one of those, but with a bunch of extra circus stuff built in that's, going to take you 20 hours for just that, i don't think that should Cost 3.

000 bucks. I think it should cost more. I think you've made it way more complicated. So it's not two plus two equals four.

It's two plus two equals seven because you're like now, i'm tying up all my time into one dude and if he has a hissy fit or he dies or his car gets repossessed or some stupid life thing happens to this guy and i've just invested that 20 To 30 hours on that one project, and then it just flew away better, yet it'd be better to do a ton of one hour or two hour jobs in that same 20 hours, which would actually make the seven grand you know what i mean. Does that make sense, so sequential work, it's very time consuming, so if you're gon na do all the stupid stuff that i'm doing just know, it's valuable freaking valuable charge for that. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should okay, you already know we can't bill all the hours we put into this stuff. Well, i bill all the hours i put into it.

So if i can do it, everybody can so and here's the thing too about me. I tell everybody, i'm slower and i'm more expensive than everybody and everybody's better suited to do the job that you want me to do, but for some reason, because i make youtube videos - you want me to do it. I put my personality on the internet. You think that i'm the guy that needs to sit and solder lights.

What why why me, i don't even want to do it for you not like. Oh, i don't really want to it'd be nice. If i did something like, i don't want to do it. I don't want to work on your car.

I got a buddy who is he works for sony? We're gon na go visit him next week. He's got a porsche turbo s, something super dope he's pumped on it, it's worth more than what he bought it for after he traded his nismo gtr. This is my guy gino he's um he's uh. I don't know he's just a super interesting guy.

He knows some of his buddies are like in metallica or one of his buddies. Is, i don't know just one of those super interesting dudes in la that knows: lots of people he's in real estate all that guy's got a dope porsche sold. His nismo gtr got the porsche, loves it more and he's been kind of hitting me up like come on. Man come do cool stuff to my porsche and i i told him in a nice way like dude, i don't wan na work on your car he's like come on i'll.

Take you out to lunch. We'll have some beers, i'm like that, i'm in for i wan na hang out. I wan na talk. I wan na ask you things about life and business and all that talk uh, that to me that's everything wrenching on your car.

Could somebody else do that? I'm gon na do it anyway, because i'm gon na film it make a course for the flashers about it and sell that to people that work on those fancy porsches and charge my boatload money for it um. But the point is like i don't want to be. The guy there's somebody who wants to work on your car. They want to take your money and exchange it for their hours and turn that those hours into money in their pocket and they'll.

Thank you for it. I, like i, don't know man. I got ta really like you to want to do it like. I just did some lights for austin doing some lights for my buddy rich.

I like these guys they're freaking cool they're, supportive they get it. They know this people trust me right, but i screw up a lot, i'm just vocal about it, and i think that i'm not so worried about the uh the backlash because like where most people really eat eat, it is uh, they're, afraid everything's fear-based right. So it's like well what, if everybody finds out that i screwed up? Ah, oh no, then they'll turn on me. What, if you're the one that told them that you screwed up and then somebody comes back and they say that you screwed up, then they kind of look like a douchebag right.

I made it doesn't mean you didn't screw up. So in a world where i screw up constantly definitely makes sense to own it screw up a lot tim shields. What up? So i don't know you being open, makes you invaluable. I appreciate that.

I appreciate that josh, but if i owed you money, would you feel the same way? You know what i mean. Let's be real. I don't think that anyone's like the bad guy, because they're mad at me, because i haven't done something. Let's think that i have sold more of my time than i had time to sell and i've done that for years and years so that i can eat so that my kids can eat.

You know, i think, it's time that i make as best of an impact on that world, as i can from another mother, green heart, green heart and uh help you guys do better than i ever did and send you the people that think that i should do It because i make a youtube video. I should send them to you. You guys should form your guilds now they're starting to make guilds with like digital stuff, the digital world, doing guilds. It's coming boys, it's coming.

Creators, art, like craftsman, art people, oh they're, about to be so valuable because everything else is going to be a machine. You seen the ai. Have you seen the robots lately? Oh man, you better be an artist. You better be able to do cool stuff.

Other people can't do otherwise you're getting replaced by fred, the robot. Oh, you do a basic task over and over again all day long, not for long you don't okay, so wire colors. I was able to go black to black red, to red green to green, and now i'm left with a blue wire and a yellow wire, and what i have left in my harness is a blue wire and an orange wire. So i think we know what i'm going to do, we're going to go blue to blue and then we're gon na match up our citrus colors we're gon na have orange go to yellow.

I realized that all that ranting i just made is now part of a hundred dollar sequential course. Consequential 101, i just told people they're going to get replaced by fred, the robot, my robot wasn't just for entertainment. No, it wasn't bro what, if george orwell got to see what the future unfolded like? What would that guy say? Oh whoa he'd be like i'ma change, this 1984 bro. You know what happened in 1984 uh there's this little baby named christopher came into the world.

That's all i know about 1984.. Okay, come on baby, what a precarious angle here, precarious or curious! Oh question: for you guys in my emails um, i listen to a lot of very, very smart internet people, marketing people all that stuff, but i realize that most car people do not do the things most car world stuff doesn't follow any of these practices. You know these better practices, and one of the things that's been apparently proven over time is that in emails pictures underperform when compared to just text what i feel like car guys are like picture book like leave that picture. Look at that picture.

You don't want to read a whole freaking book of information, but then, when i write those emails, i get a lot of thank yous for writing those emails, i'm guessing if i send out a bunch of picture book style emails with, like click here, buy this click Here buy that i don't think anybody would thank me for that they might buy stuff. I don't think that they would but yeah orwell would say he was right um. But what do you think guys? I actually like writing. I enjoy the opportunity to kind of like put my thoughts on the paper type it out whatever, so i'm not at all against just banging out some blog posts and stuff like that, i'm into it um.

I am kind of against how i did this, though i'm going to actually make a change on here. I don't like this. I don't want to have a point. I accidentally twisted these wires together.

So tell you what i'm gon na do i'm just gon na strip the end and then just make that one flat little connection that will make me feel better. So on my emails, though, do i keep them texty? Do i keep them picture book? Do i focus on making uh? I don't want to make it sound like this, but like making an impact versus making a sale. I appreciate it keep in mind. I got ta eat, but i like i like to write, though so i'm not trying to just be like it's more personal and like there was more effort put into it right.

Not some flashy ad trying to sell stuff good, okay well, makes me feel better because you know listen at the end of the day. Why must you choose one or the other? So that's the thing is why one or the other, because of performance, so listen. Here's! This is like where my brain hurts uh. When you do the text only and you keep it somewhat basic and consumable it outperforms the basic only and longer form, because it's easier people know what to do.

You put the one link, they click it. It's pretty straightforward right and then you put in more pictures and now that's going to perform worse than even the long one of just text, and then you put in a bunch of pictures - and i don't know maybe just all they see - is that annoying ad - that Just shows up and they don't click on anything. Nothing happens. Damn donald you're, the man yeah.

Okay, hey, that's tight! Not everyone can read a picture. Well. I think you guys just perfectly answered my my thought, but i will i'll pose this question then shorter or longer, because i want people to read the whole thing and i want them. I honestly want to send a short one that gets more views and clicks on it, and then it links them to a blog post, but i've i've looked at the numbers doesn't work.

I can't get people to click, which means the only time i really have their attention is in the email. So what i've been doing is putting up a blog post on my website. I put all the links and all that stuff in there um things that i'm not even allowed to post in email right. So if i post an amazon link, i don't know if you guys know this if i post an amazon link in an email and that amazon link is telling you guys um to go to my webs or to buy something from amazon.

Using my link and i sent that in an email, i will get my account banned from the um amazon influencer program, it's against policy um and i think that's in place to keep people from really like laying it on thick and telling people use my link use. My link, there's all this very specific rules in place with how you can be involved in affiliate links and stuff like that, and i encourage you guys to do it like, especially if you get specialized all right sean. If you guys get involved in like teaching your particular specialty or whatever one car, whatever that might be um get involved with amazon affiliates share links, make some extra bucks from that, because it's there's no reason not to people from spamming the world with amazon links, yeah And i think that that's a good thing that they don't spam: okay, i'm gon na heat gun this by the way heat guns work way better when there's something behind it floating in the air like this, i only do for video. It takes longer and it's stupid.

Don't don't do that all right, oh also, if you want to take forever to do very simple tasks, do it while live streaming and talk a lot great way to hang out with your boys, though? Okay, so we've got it. So this is what i'm gon na. Do i'm gon na get something ready? I need to get a piece of heat shrink um before i do that man, it's a freaking mess in here before i do that. I need to make sure that i have these things not uh like do you ever use that spade looking thing, the first words that best explains what you are selling or offering is great full score yeah.

I agree with that. I don't know about the spade thing that you just asked about what is it? Do i ever use the heat shrink snap-on for heat guns? No, oh, is that, like a it, focuses it smaller, because i mean that makes a lot of sense right, like not just blowing all that stuff out. So what i want to do right now is actually tape this, so i just need some tape from, amongst a whole bunch of crap tape, tape, yeah and there's no tape. I mean, i know, there's tape, but i guess we're gon na use the old black.

It's funny because i i have these different colors of tape um so that i can mark stuff - and i don't know, make it simple for random things uh, but i never use the black one, because i just have big black tape. Usually, i don't think i've ever used this cheese, okay, so we're just gon na. Do some not good. I don't like to disconnect tape like that.

I don't care, i'm doing it. So we are going to see this little white boy right there um not going to put it quite at the same spot. So that's where i want these wires to come together, stay there and then and then i'm going to grab, let's just say, like five pieces of tape, all right and then just gon na stick them to my bench here. I'm gon na put these up the line.

A couple different spots so not good. I feel blasphemous ripping the tape like that. It just feels wrong, but nobody will ever get to these now. I know with automotive wire harnesses like for super smart engine management, cool stuff like that those guys get down and they like spiral this stuff and they dude, i'm not them.

I do not care. I'm just gon na make this thing: prettier, that's all prettier and more manageable does not have to send massively accurate data through it. I thought john used to help clean the shop thinking face rolling on the floor, laughing rolling on the floor, laughing rolling on the floor. Laughing rolling on the floor john used to help clean the shop john, never cleaned the shop.

John came in with video dude johnny used to use he'd show up with his drone and we'd shoot videos and do all that stuff. When i met john i'm gon na gush on john now, because you brought him up so i put out a post onto facebook - and i said: hey, i'm a local businessman, i make videos and everybody wants to make videos. I need some help yeah i just i just don't. Do the twisty thing just make it nice and neat if it's too sure, if it's six nope not into it? Okay, um, you know what i actually have one more wire to go on.

That's right, timmy! This other side, okay, so i said that i wanted somebody. Oh i do have it over here, good, never mind um! I need somebody to come out and work with me and shoot video and do stuff like that. Uh an intern and learn about this stuff. So john came out and he had all this gear, he had a dope laptop.

I asked him about it. He'd said that he had one thing and then he sold it and got the better thing, and then he bought something else and then, if he wasn't using it, he would sell it and get something that he would use. Very practical, very uh, like like a guy who was trying to up his game, but there was no return in it for him. He wasn't making any money doing it he's helping out friends, just learning the craft um and i was just mad inspired by the dude and he came up nearly finished by the time.

I realized i wanted to twist the wires i'm usually done, and then i realized. I left out a wire um anyway, me and john just got along really well and he just kept showing up and helping me out with video stuff meeting cool youtube people and doing i don't know stuff that he was interested in um and then earlier this year. I told him to quit his job that he hated and paid him to sit next to me for months and months and did some client work together and did a bunch of stuff. And i give him as much money as i can, and i encourage him to do the things that he's doing.

He doesn't really need a whole lot of encouragement. My guy just takes action. Super super cool to watch him grow and do all the stuff that he's doing so. I am i'm the one inspired by john and he's doing kick ass work, so i did almost like 4 000 in sales on a shopify store this month.

So i'm like a proud papa. Definitely it's a mentor mentee um, slash, homie relationship and it's really nice to sit and bounce ideas off another creator every day, because the creator life very isolating. That's, i think. That's why they're all weirdos, because they're like 20, and also they get internet famous and they haven't had to like, do a whole lot.

Yet they don't know how bad life can suck when they have to work their damn faces off and what ends up happening. Is people get jealous, they don't know how they don't know how to freaking handle things. I can't imagine being internet famous as a little kid you're like i was such an when i was 20.. I don't have to do anything.

Oh man, i had a super hot girlfriend and put a bunch of money into my car and started a company like i didn't have to do anything. Those were the good old days. That's before the money dried up before the family, money went away so yeah. I see people like john just being out there chasing his dreams down connecting with the right people and being valuable.

It's dope. I can only encourage the same to anybody else. I'm just trying to raise my kids to not be an like me, but to be uh a hungry, talented dude. Like my guy john there.

It is all right, i've tinned the ends of these wires, hell yeah um. So i'm going to take the tape that i just lost because i'm absolutely helpless uh. I found some tape right here, though i'm gon na wrap it around these and they will be waiting for our heat shrink to slide over and get all this stuff dialed. So here's where we sit boys on our super long wire, harness video good thing.

This will be chopped up for sequential 101 because i have been saying so much stuff. So what we want to do is grab everything together now that we've got everything taped and everything's. All prepped and ready. We want to slide over heat shrink over this because that's ugly right and then we also want to have the loom coming up over it, the braided loom, so that it doesn't look like butt, because this looks terrible.

So i'm gon na go cut some loom. I don't know if you'll be able to see it or not, don't forget the who blue ghost short blue goes the battery good call um and that short blue is right there, okay, but that doesn't have to be. Oh, i got the sniffles boys hear me. Is this hello? I also have a little stick here.

I also have a little stick inspired fully by my guy sinister see if i could show it so. Here's all the loom and stuff that i got i'm gon na take the heat shrink slap it there. Here's my little sticky, i'm gon na try to get that. Uh.

Let's see if i can get white, i think it's too thick. It's fine! It's thick, but i'm gon na try. I guess all i have to do - is be able to get yeah that'll work so check this out. I got my little stick.

I got the little taped up end there. Oh, that that turned out to be somebody. You look up to. I got ta, show everybody that al.

I appreciate you dude all right turned out to be someone. I look up to green heart, green heart, nice. Everyone needs there's three kinds of people in this world: there's there's dicks and there's who's up team america come on sometimes so much wrong. It's just so good all right, so we're gon na go with our long loom.

I'm gon na get it on here, check that out so much faster. I learned this from my boy jay, where you at jay, so he just kept on pulling kept on pulling look at that look what's happening. You know what i'm not doing, i'm not playing inchworm with the wire harness. It's like a dick forever, although i do need to cut the end off of that there, a little lumi i'll, probably get her done, yep.

So look at this, i'm just pushing down the old pipe and now it fell out. Oh she does that he's a lurker. Okay, look it popped out. I got ta, then this will hopefully not pop out this time.

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