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Link to the V6 Extreme Switchback Bulbs goes live NOW👌
Here’s my prior attempt at this lol:

On today's episode, we're going to get rid of that stupid egg, yolk, looking glass, incandescent ugly bulb and we're going to replace it with this monster, that'll actually work as a switchback bulb all right. What's up, we've got this crazy universal bulb. We can make it fit any housing ever and it's got a brand new module that does some stuff that i'm really excited about. Like i think honestly, this deserves its own video, so today we're going to show all the different functions that this thing can do and why.

I think you should put this on your evo or your wrx, or your corvette or there's a ton of different cars that i've done in the past and they need these ooh. The lexus is 250 350 f that one needs it too. There's a four pin connector right there and you can put dielectric grease and make it all weather tight and then there's a three pin connector here and there's all these different base adapters. Now this one i can just plug it in and hardwire it to whatever.

I want that's more my style. A lot of people are freaked out about that kind of stuff, and they would rather have something that just plugs right into their vehicle socket. So they can use something like this 3157 bulb and the cool thing about that is, if you're plugging this into a car - and you don't want to have to splice wires your little load resistor. You might not even need to use it because this thing's so powerful, but if you do there's a little thing called a vlr15, that's vled's own plug and play load resistor, and it literally just plugs in and you're good to go plug this thing into your car.

The load resistor will already be there. We've got a little piece of tape to attach that to metal, and this guy will twist into place on any car. Okay. Now, if i plug this thing in to a 3156, it's insanely bright and if i plug this into a 3157, it's extremely bright and we've got both modes now.

So if i needed this to be just dedicated parking light, i could do that, and in this case it would be a dedicated drl that turns into a parking light. How do we turn a drl into a parking light with this one little wire so check these guys out? We have two different bulbs here. One of them does something crazy. I'm really excited to show you that, but i'm gon na plug in the laid back one first, so i got my connector in there now, i'm going to give it 12 volts and when i hold the bulb you can see with it engaged.

This is something that you would tap into like your low beam, so any time that your projector comes on. You don't want this thing to be competing with it, because it's so freaking bright it will possibly be brighter than your low beams, but just shining light everywhere. So you don't want that at night this is going to be night time mode. This is only 10 of it running but check this out.

Let's just change this from where i had the little white cap - god that's bright and blind to the black cap, now check this out. That's silly cool the fact that it can go from super bright, daytime running light, white mode to a dim, amber. I think that's sick now that was just taking use of the parking light mode, but obviously this thing has a turn signal mode that is 1400 lumens bright. We're gon na go from dim amber to super super bright 1400 lumen amber turn signal and it shuts off the dim amber in between blinks check it out.

Ah, it's freaking bright. Okay, i'm going to show you exactly how we can arrange the little knobs on the outside to go into this evo light. The nice thing about having all these little modules just twist off super easy, is you don't have to have it connected as you're making your modifications to the bulb itself, so what i want to do is look at the bulb itself, and this one's got this weird. You know little mazda rotor looking shape to it, and so i have these two little little screws right across from each other, but i think in this case i'm gon na just have to remove one of them.

Now you can put these things in any different arrangement based on where the tabs are, but there are no tabs on this evo. It's a really weird thing: the fact that it just twists into place with that weird triangle shape. I don't have a triangle shape that i can make here at least not the way that i would want to so i'm going to take out one and i've got this gasket into place too, because if you look, you've got rubber or an o-ring or there's, usually Something on your factory bulb socket and in this case that's what we have with this. So i'm going to put this into place turn it until i feel like it's actually going further in and it's not, which tells me i need to remove this collar.

I can just remove the gasket really quick, remove the collar put the gasket back on, and i'm going to put my screw right back into place. Okay, so i had it turned in a little bit too tight i've backed it out just a bit, and now i can feel it's locking into place. So it's staying there. I can honestly add as many of these things as i want until i feel like this thing is never ever going to go anywhere, never going to budge for right now.

I feel pretty good about it, at least for making this video. So let's turn it on. Now another really cool thing is vled's includes these different adapters. This is the one that plugs into the bulb.

This is the one that goes to a universal, just hardwired, adapter, a lot of people. Don't use stuff like this, because they're super afraid of wires and i get it, but your boy is not too afraid of it. I'm gon na plug in the ground and the power and we're gon na test this thing out wow, and that is some kind of craziness and check that out boom, there's just nothing out there. That goes from crazy, crazy, bright white to amber, i think, that's sick, but a lot of people would definitely rather have it all white all the time.

So i'm gon na take our little special mode hook it back up to the white. So there we go. That can be hooked up to the low beams. So as soon as those things come out at night, that goes dim and you've got white all the time, and then you still have the 1400 lumen super insane bright switchback and it goes back to dim white.

After this car does not have a parking light right here, it only has two wires going to it ground and power for the turn signal, so because of the extra little wire that we have access to, we can run that to something like the parking light bulb That normally just turns on actually this little dude right here we could tap that wire and that will now send the power to the super bright, drl mode, which then again, if we tap a second wire, which would be the low beam that is what's going to Give us that cool dim mode for night time, so you get a lot of functions out of these lights. That there's no way you could get before, because you would have to run wires from inside of the light to outside of the light, and it would be a mess if you don't believe me, i've actually done this exact video. So i will link up this video that i'm showing you right here on this one, so you can check it out later i'll put it down in the comments below as well. Let me know, would you rather have something that is super insane bright and it's easy to set up, or would you rather run lights with wires coming out that shouldn't be in? I don't know, watch the other video first comment back here after.

By Chris

14 thoughts on “How To install the Worlds Brightest Switchback Bulbs on ANY car.”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Papa John says:

    Need something like this for turn signals on my motorcycle, can't fit all that in a cruiser style turn signal.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The English Trucker says:

    That bulb looks like its some high quality chiniesium. Its gonna have a shocking beam pattern.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ramon Jimenez says:

    Hi there what’s the part # for extreme bright universal drl conversion kit and how many lumens

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Scypheroth says:

    here is the issue with that….in some countried…like mine that is illegal…because signals need to be certain colors…because during the day at max brightness of the sun its alot hard very hard actually to see white light than it is amber.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars only1muppet says:

    You should remind people to have their lights aligned so they don’t BLIND on coming traffic. It doesn’t matter how bright your lights are if you’re blinded by someone else coming towards you.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cats of GTA 5 YouTube Channel says:

    I had an employee from an automotive store. Tell me. If I go to insanely bright headlight or light bulb whatever you want to call it. It will melt the wires and cause a fire.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Topias Salakka says:

    I just wish these were road-legal in Europe, sucks that the only legal lighting mods we can do is add lightbars.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A B says:

    I watched the video. A couple of things I thought of was the screws that can be adjusted to different positions. I feel that over time, vibration will back them out unless some thread lock is used to keep them in place. Also, if you do not use the smaller wire to connect to the low beams to reduce the amount of light from the LED, how much glare is that going to produce to oncoming drivers? I do like the quick connects for the inline load resistor and the different bulb type connectors.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Havoc7991s says:

    I had VLEDs a long time ago in a GMC Yukon. I live up in WI where we use salt on the roads in winter. Don't buy these if you intend to drive in the winter where there is salt without major modifications. The drivers, bulbs and automotive plug harnesses will not last a winter unless you completely cover them. I changed out all the brake lights and turn signals. I had to replace all of them within 9 months of owning them. The other part I wasn't fond of, the lens on the bulbs will pop off too. Hopefully they are using better glue now but it was a disappointment when I noticed the lens rolling around in one of my housing.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff B says:

    Can I make this work for my hi beams/running light on a 2021 ram with overly sensitive canbus system?

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Camilo Vega says:

    Hey bro have a f30 bmw and what bulb would you use for the parking light if I want it switch back

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ba1atu says:

    I would rather install the recommended and legal lights, and not mess with the electrics of the car!

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jose Duran Jr says:

    I really would like that for the fog lights on my 2004 Oldsmobile Silhouette premiere minivan. Is that possible

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pingitzer Attila says:

    there are several problems with this, first of all, it is not allowed, and second of all, it blinds the oncoming motorist. so much for that. it's a waste of money.

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