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Using a pair of sequencers and some White LED Bulbs, these tail lights were transformed from stock to fully sequential plug and play monsters.
I put together a course just for this project, to make this info easy to replicate in a clear step by step process. If you'd like to do the same to your WRX Tail Lights, definitely check out the link below:
I used the Corsomotion V1.1 Sequencers, and sliced up the factory circuit board to make use of the awesome high quality LEDs already inside the tail lights. Its not easy, but with some patience, and more importantly some clear direction, most people can pull it off!

Buddy, hey: what's up it's chris, this is a question i get asked all the time. How can you make this red plastic on a tail light, be totally clear like this section and the answer is there is no way you can't make red plastic that was cast with red pigments in it clear, there's nothing you can do about that. So you can't do that, but what you can do is take out this little clear piece from the wrx tail lights and you can decide if you want to frost the backside or keep it clear. That is the question that i have for my boys down at throttle.

So let's drive down there and ask them okay. So what i've done is opened up the factory tail lights and i modified everything on the inside, but there's one thing that i did that i've. Never done before, which is i frosted, the inside of the little sea lens, that's on the tail light. Now on one side, i didn't do that, so we have a very clear, see-through little sea light section.

You can see the individual leds in there, but then on the other side i put that in the media blasting cabinet. I hit the back side of that little c bar and now it diffuses the light because it's not so see-through, so it spreads the light differently. What we don't know is: what's actually going to be decided on what we're going to keep, so you realize you're today's astronaut right these guys in here. Why am i today's outfit cause? That's what the kids want to grow up and be like they want to be.

Oh, they don't want to go fight, crazy scary fires and be on the street saving people. I mean some of them doing that's dope, but they want to grow up and do i know it's weird people being like. Oh, i want to be. I, like friends, who are teachers and stuff, not cool.

My kids say they want to be youtubers. That's like so weird to hear because it's like, i guess it's normal now, but it wasn't normal when i started right. So i yeah it's pretty cool like that. People want to be calvin.

No, you don't. Oh i'm a bad influencer, don't be calvin. People want to be mickey. How are you supposed to do? Wiring if you don't know how to do it? Mick, spec? Ah, there's no such thing: hey uh! I just want to interview you extra, send it just just send it.

What do you think about doing what you're doing right now uh? I think it's freaking awesome. Okay, so you get to do this every day. Bro! If you were a kid, would you want to do this or would you want to sit in a cubicle? I want to do it not as an adult. So yes, not now, but i still want to drive in this thing: oh yeah, not bad for 1993 dude, and this guy, you guys are that's so crazy.

All these amazing cars and they're like but they're, turbo miniature go-karts, it's the best yeah yeah. Those are dope. I need to do that to the mazda, so full dry carbon door tops flash uh alcantara. I like that dude and then i ordered a carbon covers that are going to stick on here too, so carbon, so crazy, dude, something i recommend if anybody's modifying their own lights or they want to do this, for customers is have a set that you can use.

All the internal parts, for so these are not the original throttle tail lights. These were not the ones that came with the car. It's a set that i had. They actually came off dustin's car years ago, i'm all over the place right now, dude we got a nice prime, wide body, kit, you're missing some bolts.

The main thing is that these are now gon na be matching a lot better. All that crazy red it just pops out like crazy. It's all gon na be black inside it's gon na look just and i've had like sitting on a shelf. I cut them open.

I modified all the inside pieces and now that i have the brand new tails that came with the car, i could just slice them open, swap in all this cool stuff, seal them up and the job is done, there's no waiting for a painter or to wire Or do anything custom, it's all done in one day, five minutes later all right! These are the finished tail lights. I cut open the factory ones that were exactly like these ones right here we had to borrow these from our buddy dennis it's a big thanks to dennis 619 wrx, but what i had to do is i had to take the lights slice all the way around. The whole perimeter of it and then what you saw last time i was here, was the internals. Only a lot of people thought that they were just like black taillights, but they weren't.

It was just the inside pieces before they were put behind the red lenses. So now they're done now, they're completely sealed up and if you ever have to cut open tail lights and seal them up. This is what you're gon na use. This is a silicone, but it's super strong.

It's eight one, one, seven three! That's the number for this permatex black sealant, so that is the recommended thing to use if you ever build custom tail lights so since these are totally plug and play no wiring whatsoever needed we're gon na pop the trunk. Stick them on the car and the install's over. So since i can't see anything in here, i'm gon na swap out this bulb yeah buddy. So there's a few different functions that are just built into the sequencer that i used on these things.

They do a cool parking light animation. So as soon as you turn on the parking lights, they do a cool, little dance on and then they stay in a dim mode and then you step on the brakes. All those same leds get brighter, but you can set them to flash so they'll do like that f1 triple flash. Then, of course we hit the turn signal.

They'll do the sequential c light as well, because we took out the factory turn signal bulb. We've got an extra space, so we can have an led bulb in the original reverse section as well as in the original turn signal bulb section. So we got two super bright white leds for just a crazy amount of output in reverse hi, sir. What up? Oh dang, the bun today yeah damn got the logo in here that fly ride.

Logo sequentials dude killed it because, like last time when i was here, the insides are black. When you look through the lens, it looks like they're smoked, but they're. Not it's. Just that shiny chrome, isn't there anymore, so it makes it look like it's tinted, but there's nothing.

That's like keeping the output from the reverse bulbs or from that little c, bar so clean wow. That is a huge improvement. Thank you. So much for coming down craig's been doing this for us.

Of course, instead of me like having my typical 100 200 courses, it's gon na be seven bucks so for people that want to get these and they don't want to pay me to make them, because i just can't make that many lights they're going to know how To do it themselves and something that i recommend big time is exactly how we built these was i started with one set of lights. I modified all the internal parts, i got them ready and then, when my customer throttle brought me their brand new tail lights, all i had to do was cut them open, swap those parts inside and the job was done all right. So i've got the load resistor in here to make sure that it's flashing at the right rate, because if i didn't put that on there and because there's no flasher relay in this car. Yet if i turn this one on look at the complete disaster that that is, you can't see anything in comparison to how good that one looked a second ago.

So definitely important always make sure that you have load resistors. So you don't have hyper flash or a flasher relay like you, can hear going crazy in here right now. So once again huge thank you to chris for coming down here. He he takes a lot of time out of his day to come down here and personally install these lights.

So if you guys are in the market and if you're thinking about either buying aftermarket lights or maybe on the fence of modifying your own check out chris's course we'll put everything in the video description. Okay, boys! Now i'm going all right appreciate you man, you too, sir. It's actually turned out really cool they're gon na get some rollers for me and send them over email. So we'll see how those turn out, but i think it's gon na be sick.

Adios, sir, have a good day. Ah now two hour drive home.

By Chris

8 thoughts on “Make Sequential LED Tail Lights from Stock WRX STi”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nekros says:

    You actually can "bleach" permanently dyed plastic using high intensity UV. Only downside, is it may get very brittle and crack in the process.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars texasmagpie says:

    Have you dealt with the VW/Audi/BMW CANbus system? CANbus doesn't like too little or to much voltage. I am curious as to how you would deal adding the halos/demon eyes, and all that while trying to keep within the CANbus voltage, ohm requirements.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Donny Bo Danglez says:

    Hey, so I’ve been customizing Infiniti g35 taillights and using the same silicone to seal it, but the clear version.
    On one of the pairs, the clear reverse light lens fogged up from the silicone fumes I guess. Maybe also might have had something to do with static from wrapping the lens in cling wrap.
    Any ideas of what might get rid of the fogginess?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mz3_jake says:

    if i buy all the parts can you guys cut open my tail lights and install the parts i have for me i just cut one open an screwed it up, but if i send'em can you guys do it for me?

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Peters says:

    Lemme know when ur ready to do those e36 lights. Is the change in attitude toward it cuz of somehow there's no wired for bulbs run?

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars z33_SA says:

    I really love all the advice you give out it has helped me so much building headlights for clients.
    Is it possible you could do a guide on building 350z tail lights as I want to try customising tail lights I got quite a few requests from clients to custom 350z tail lights.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Milan Meiland says:

    Chris quick question!
    When you cut open plastic welded taillights, how do you attach the two pieces back together? Do you use the same silicone you showed in this video or something else.
    I couldn’t find a video of you explaining how to do it.
    Thanks 🙏🏻

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charlie Rumsfeld says:

    I have a pet peeve about tail lights that should be as bright as possible so folks behind the car see the brake lights so there is no collision. If the brake lights are altered with smoke tint or other means(like your method) defeats the brake light function.

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