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People are pissed I make videos about building lights, but I won't take their money to build them lights. In this video, I invite you to hang out in my workshop, grub some BBQ and a beer, and I explain why I make these videos.
Also, if you want to get in on this beautiful opportunity to make content, promote what you're doing (even if it's not automotive related), and chose the opportunities that fit your lifestyle best, I got you covered with a free course:
And of course, if you just want to dive in and build dope lights, start here:

Me making these videos is pissing people off. Let me go back a little bit and i'll explain why money see i've spent the last 19 years of my life, just learning how to build crazy custom lights like those ones right there or way back way back in 2003, i was actually i was making this Thing just so that i could build cool headlights, so i had to learn how to make some parts. These are some halos plot, some old parts, yeah these a few years later after that these things came out and yeah. I guess you could tell these these things.

Weren't very good either though, and then i tried these and also these, and eventually these scary little things and then finally, about 10 years after i had started these guys right here, sheesh every time i learned something cool and new. I would just share that with people, and i found that video was the best way for me to do that. Okay, so now that we're here, let's talk about these guys that keep getting their feelings hurt. Who are they? Why are they pissed off? And what do i think about it? One of the most recent guys was so upset by the time that i had sent him four replies that he told me i was a straight up fat.

The guy was so mad that i didn't want to build lights for him that he wanted me to explain to him. Why i make these videos if i don't want to build lights for people so for you? I want to explain the three different types of people that i make these videos for and then later i'll explain why and for him well after he acted like an ungrateful child. I just blocked his dumb ass after he only wasted a few minutes of my most valuable asset. I make these videos for the curious, like i literally make blinky lights for a living that makes lots of people curious, and they just want to ask how much and next i make these videos for the diy guy who wants to get in and learn how to Do something online and then go take action and build crazy stuff himself.

I say himself because 99.9 of the audience watching my videos are guys and to their credit, actually of the youtubers who have hit me up. The women were actually way more hands-on with the lights than the dudes, with the exception of my buddy mickey over at throttle, i'm pretty sure most of them, too think i'm just like a plumber for hire, throw some money at me or in the case of the Youtube guys throw me some exposure and i will work on your seven days a week. No thanks bud, there's also a third type of person. I think a lot of times when people hit me up for the first time.

They actually think that they're, this third type of person, these are the people that just pay me to build them cool lights. So this is actually what all of my customers used to be. There's even a few years where i actually went way out of my way to do the fancy shop - and i don't know all the stuff that i thought i needed to do so that i could get more of those customers, but over the two or three years That i was away from home. I realized i just missed being where i was comfortable.

I missed being able to see my kids during the day being able to make dope food and hang out and kind of just be like the king of the castle. So far, i've talked about the people that i do. These builds for. The second reason i build lights is for the art working with my hands and just being creative.

I like to stretch my mind and come up with like complex solutions to things that other people are just straight up afraid of an easy example of that is, go to any body shop and ask them to do some crazy, wiring to your car. They're. Probably just gon na say no and that's because they're smart. They know that if they start messing with wires on your car, it could create more problems that then they're on the hook, for they don't want any part of that.

They just know that it's not profitable. I love knowing how to fix crazy stuff like that, but even more than that, i love being able to take lights, that weren't, designed to do something and make them do something. Crazy and again i like working with my hands and working with parts that were developed by super super smart people and just get to do creative things that no one else is messing with and listen. It's cool that i teach people how to do this stuff and it's nice to know how to do things with my hands and be artistic and creative and all that.

But the third reason i do this stuff is actually for the money. So look a few years ago, this was not very profitable for me to be teaching and making all the content doing all that stuff. But these days, especially things with, like short form, video, there's so much opportunity for creators. People like me, who like to work with video different little pieces of content, for you specifically and i get paid instead of from you from people like mark zuckerberg or youtube or tick tock or whoever it is.

That has a platform that wants my short form. Videos. Now, for me, i feel like this is extra dope, because i get to make videos specifically for you without worrying about getting money from you and that's great, because i can be honest. I can tell you about what parts are good.

What parts i think suck and i can honestly just make little entertaining bits of information that have to do with custom lights now. Does that mean that every time a guy with a street bike hits me up and wants me to work on his lights, then i'm going to just say? Yes, no, it doesn't mean that at all or a guy, with a vw, the other day that hit me up and wanted me to make him some led reflectors for his rear bumper. He got his feelings hurt when i said that it would cost less money to buy the tools and watch some of the videos that i have available to him than to pay me and wait a ton of time. He said that he wish he wouldn't have even asked, and i agree with him.

I don't know man if that makes me a jerk, because i don't think that if you make videos about how to clean a house that then everybody should just expect they can call. You to clean their house, so just because i get paid to make the content does not mean that i'm available for everybody. Something else that that allows me to do is work on lights, for guys like this, like my boy john over there, instead of worrying about it always being some high paying customer or my buddy irko, that came by the other day with his delorean, we got to Do all these cool things to his tail lights? I get to do that without worrying. About like hey erko, you got ta pay me thousands of dollars, because if you don't, then somebody else will and i need to go where the money's at well the money's at where the content is being posted and that works out perfect for me now.

Why did i show you me making food at my house and walking around all these? It's because i love it here. I love to be able to make these these videos for you. That's why i do it because i love it because i get to be creative. I get paid for it and i get to just teach people my craft, that's pretty dope and listen.

I get it. If people hit me up and i tell them - i don't want to do their job. I understand why maybe they might take that personally? They might think i'm judging them and saying they're, not good enough or internet famous enough or they don't have enough money or something like guy. That said, do you vibe with money like this? Is not the kind of person that i want to attract? I don't want to attract rich guys that talk bad about their wives and their family and then like pretend that by paying me they're not going to treat me terrible too, like i get to choose and the reason i tell you, this is because, if you're building Lights, you get to choose as well, you get to decide who you want to take money from and what you want to do with that project.

Do you want to turn into content? Do you just want to go head down, build something, send it off to one guy go on to the next guy, because i did that for a lot of years and it stopped mattering to me because it wasn't enough. I want more. I want to learn. I want to learn things that i can put to use in a way that moves everything forward.

Not just moves me to the next month to the next wave of bills and stuff like that. So i get to be choosy and i think that if you become a specialist you can be choosy as well. So were my feelings hurt when the guy called me a name the other day, because i didn't want to work on his honda. No, and when the guy hit me up about his bike, did i feel terrible that i couldn't work on his bike, not really because i've got a bunch of information for him and even for the people that want to learn how to make content like i do.

I have free information for you so check out the links below i'm putting a bunch of stuff out there for you bunch of these online courses, a bunch of free information to just get you started, because i don't want to feel bad about making thousands of dollars From making these little short form pieces of content and these youtube videos and all that stuff, i love it, and i just appreciate the fact that i even get to do it. It's such a different world than it used to be, and for you, who's watching all the way to the end, just let me know put a comment below i watched to the end. I appreciate you so much and i just look forward to 2022, bringing you a ton of more videos just like this.

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