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What's up, we are going to be doing some pretty fancy uh side markers today, so i've got something here that looks kind of ugly looks a little bit scary like and today we are going to be putting a wire harness onto there, i'm actually even going to Epoxy those things a little bit - hopefully that's not too loud, but uh yeah, it's gon na be cool, so we're gon na work with the wire harness got a brand new video that is gon na drop tomorrow and that's how to do custom wire harnesses how to Assemble everything which is funny because that's kind of the exact same thing that we had yesterday - that was that or the live stream on saturday, but it took an hour and a half long. So this is gon na, be like a clear, concise, getting get out. All the tools that you need all the equipment, um and the materials all that good stuff, so that's gon na be showing up. So, if you're watching this as a replay later just know that the video that we used in this video is gon na drop tomorrow and then you'll get to know exactly how we put it together, pretty cool.

What's up my man, i am happy to see you here. Um, i'm gon na be streaming live every single day on the weekdays, unless i get hacked by some on the internet and uh have to do damage control like happened on friday, so other than that um. I'm gon na stick towards the end of the day, so it's 4 p.m. Pacific standard time right now and that is probably gon na, be the time that i'm um showing up most often up until christmas day.

So it's gon na be uh a good time. Sinister donald house tim shields, james hillbilly, hydrographics, what's up gentlemen uh, so we're gon na put not the harness that i built on the last live stream, but one that i built for today's youtube video that we shot. That's basically the same thing just without any of the extras um. How we doing on volume is music.

Annoying is mike annoying. Anything need to be adjusted because i'd like to dive in boys, but until then what's up dude, i would just say hi so d check out all the high level belts. I know man, you guys are just straight black belts. So for people who don't know we have a belt system here.

That means that, just like martial arts, you'll start off with a white belt and eventually all the way you'll go all the way to the point where you get a black belt and that's where a whole bunch of these guys are at donald says where the voice. Oh where's, the voice yo all right, i'm gon na share my screen. Let's, let's get this thing happening, you know it's speech chat but not just come on speech chat. Let's get this thing going actually, with the all new nissan frontier, you know, whoa, wait, wait, wait! Wait spotify, you can't do this.

Did you guys hear that i can't have that music in the background, my god man? What were they thinking? That's not cool! I stopped playing. I stopped playing spotify and uh. Apparently they were just like no bro you'll start seeing that black and red belt soon. That's that elite level.

Oh, let's see i'm gon na try to change you guys to put you on the chat dial here. Dude did i just get demonetized what jerks? I don't think it really matters, i'm not trying to not trying to make a million dollars off the live stream, but feel free to chat away. Gentlemen, it's about to get a bit louder! I'm going to show you how i do this in a sec, see right here how this says: tc helicon go xlr mini i'm going to change that, to it says music right now, i'm going to change that down here to chat it should. Let me give you guys full balls out chat, say something come on boys, don't be bashful, don't be bashful, say anything, don't be bashful billy, dirty balls.

Sorry, what what was that dirty, dirty bowls, okay, good job bryce! Well, that worked! Okay, uh diving right back into it. Apparently, i'm gon na have to open up epidemic sound directly and we'll just use our our typical stuff, our typical music here. What's everyone building these days nice to be here, have you made any led lights for a polaris slingshot? I have not i've been asked a lot about the slingshot actually quite a bit. Sorry, i'm looking for looking for music is what i'm looking at.

Typically i'll, go to see the instrumentals epic. Let's go epic today see what happens, and i should be able to find switchback bulbs 360 cause they go in my housing from top. This should work. Oh no, it doesn't now it tied it together.

Damn them, i'm so excited for a minute there. Whatever that's cool. Okay, well, when this thing gets all epic and crazy, i might have to turn it down the problem with that is, then you guys get turned down and i'm like no, no yeah, it's fun when we get to chat and talk, but normally i have my spotify Subscription which lets me run a separate app, which is a separate dial on my little uh, my little keyboard here we do have another camera today, though, let's see hey, so this little dial is what i was talking about, and i can have you guys talking on One of these and then music on the other than me and then full system so yeah there we go. Oh, i do love plug and play hids.

Don't i all right last but not least, check out that angle. Gopro there gopro there right and then we got the fancy camera and then we got this, which i may or may not use. Can i show you guys something really quick? I got ta show you uh. This is set up for my other phone.

That's not in here right now, but do you see anything happening right there? Let's see what look who's holding getting flack for retrofitting some dc-2 assemblies? Oh well, loading trucks and it's a way to cold eight degrees, fahrenheit see what i'm seeing so crazy. Sorry, i just think that this is the funnest kinda hard to tell with that. Color though, let's take the one from goku, i think that's fun, that's a good time for me. Okay, i hope you're all thoroughly interested in that this epic music is wow.

It's even a little bit a little bit. Epic. All right. Are you powering those wirelessly? I am powering those wirelessly.

You are correct. Look at my tick tock! I just made a little tick tock of it. Ah, it was fun. Okay.

This is what we got. Ta. Do today wow damn this epicness, though very cool, it's a lot of epicness all right um. This is gon na, be my wire harness.

So that's what we made today. Here's the ring the power source yeah the ring, but i wrapped it in yellow tape so that it looks like i don't know, yellowness super saiyan-ness. This is what i made just for side markers. Is that ridiculous? Or what so, we've got left side right, side um, and for that all i need is these little fellas, so you missed the last live stream.

I was showing you trinidad and tobago about those bro. Hey all thanks to you, thanks to you, uh is the ring. What, let's see, is the ring, your it's my precious. It is it honestly just looked dumb because it's like little coils, no copper, coils and i was like uh, that's weird.

How can i put this on goku, so it makes it look like it's not just some nerd gadget powering up leds, which is what it is, and i was like. Ooh he's got little like blue wristbands like little uh whatevers. So it's like okay, i can nerd out. I could wrap some blue tape around those wristbands and then some yellow tape around the ring, though in hindsight i should have just wrapped the whole ring in yellow tape and then put them on.

I literally put them on him and then i went around the ring. I don't know not smart okay check this out so again. This is what we're starting with today, that we don't want all that. We don't want that at all.

Do we how much for it? So we have two things that we need to have hooked up to this wire harness show mode, 1, show mode 2, um and then power and ground are basically going to be attached as well to these guys, but the two things that are not going to be Attached to the wire harness are going to be our turn signal input and our parking light input. Those are going to go directly into the ghost from the vehicle right there at the uh at the module. Now. The other thing i'm going to do is i'm going to solder these connections on here, as well as i'm going to solder a longer yellow wire on this is all stuff i'm going to do right now, so soldering iron is all hot and ready to go.

Um. Oh, is it i wonder if it's because of that it also might just be because of moving my mic stuff around earlier. Let me know, i'm monitoring it right there, but if it goes bad, you guys got ta. Let me know, but we are gon na, make a bunch of changes and then i'm gon na put new epoxy on here, because at one point i used these for something else, and then i took them out, but they never had that white wire there.

So i literally dug into this module and exposed the um the input for parking light hooked them up, and now they do dope stuff, let's uh. Let's show them right quickly and then we'll get into it and start chopping. Stuff up should be cool. But what are you guys all up to this week? What are the big plans before christmas? Are you working on projects damn look at that monster? Oh god, so good where's tim at i'm, quite certain.

You are responsible for this, sir, so nuts and then, let's see on friday, see if we can get this on the phone. I'm using glue ghost to trigger ghost b5 show modes for the double whammy: double whammers. Oh that's funny! It looks like it's that one, but it's actually peaceful one. Okay, i'm gon na get to it in just a second.

I was just playing just want to show cool stuff. Oh this phone definitely shows it better. I'm sorry! I should have probably changed it to that. Doesn't that show better then check out this animation for the parking light, so dope love that amber just comes on your face.

Get my shop completed before christmas, so i can real start making money there. You go right on so what what do you have to do? In your shop to get it to the point where you're satisfied with it, i'm gon na dive in by the way - let's see, let's try that here we go yet another angle. This is something that's going to be annoying. I have to chop this big stupid connector off.

Look at this thing got this big old fat boy connector. This is fancy stuff that was needlessly added back when somebody that worked for me that did needless stuff had decisions that he was allowed to make uh. So i got to undo that bad decision and then make sure that i've got these things all sealed up all good to go so that they just sit flat and have this big bulkiness don't add things that don't need to be added. That's that's my opinion.

I mean don't needlessly make things like super professional bro, and that was a big part of the video that i shot today. I watched a bunch of um. Have you guys ever watched a video about making wire harnesses that are concentrically like wound up nice, just trying to get things out? I got you cool. Well, i'm a big fan of uh, quick and dirty getting it done before it's right.

You know what i mean. So, by all means do things the right way. I just uh just a big fan of diving in and going nuts, and on that note i might yeah man, i might even just chop some of the epoxy off of these things a little bit. I could show you some of the epoxy on here is just unnecessary, so i might be able to make these things even cooler.

Let's dive in i'm, going to start soldering these things up, uh we're probably gon na go at this angle quite a bit. So we can see what's happening here: yeah and uh jay, i'm actually not a big fan of the um winding everything up on uh with the drill, unless it's really small gauge, since this is what is it uh 18 gauge wire knot is not as worth it To me, okay, this is what i want to do. If it were these wires, though, these little guys, i think, that'd be pretty dope. It's just kind of a cool little thing to show off with it looks neat all right.

I'm going to chop these all down to the length of this black wire, what that said. That donald said that, what's the name of the video about making wire harness, so that was two days ago we shot on saturday on the live stream, but the one that i shot today doesn't have a name. Yet, oh and i actually did a much better job. I taped the wires to the pipe this time before i did it because on the live stream, they kept just slipping off, slipping out of the pipe did it slip out.

That was the problem. Okay, that's gon na! Be that little dude's key and then i'm going to. I think i i don't want to do this. I probably don't want this much longer for the white guy.

What is that this camera angle? Oh the camera angle, control got it. This is called a stream deck. So if you look at this, this is my bubbly and this is a stream deck and then this is called the go xlr. So that's actually the the controller.

If i'm like you, son of a and just push that button um and if i'm about to sneeze and then i'm done sneezing and i push it back so little things for streams that help um but not necessary. I just like to nerd out um and then where's the far off one. That's me way down here, so there's been a lot of stuff set up that i just haven't, really had a big need to use. Yet this one is normally set for the little lens check this lens out.

This is what's normally on there, so this will basically fan out the angle, see how that actually looks right, and i go like this and it's like it's all weird. I don't know if you can tell that or not things are skinnier look at the stream deck and then fat boy see that that's because that thing picks up on the light. A lot cooler um, but to be honest, that wasn't all that interesting to show up close. So i'm going to talk to you guys like this.

Just just be a human, and i just can't do this. I like this one. This is just my style more. The epic i just couldn't, do it it's too much nice bro little extra okay! So, let's solder on these guys, i'm going to finally break out the quad hands, did another little feature for quad hands on the video of the live stream.

Since i can get you on my 80 inch tv is that nice dude, i was at walmart yesterday and they got big ass tvs for like 400, something bucks 75 inch tvs everywhere like go to walmart. All you're going to see is 75-inch tvs, tvs. What a time to live in what a time to be alive, boys so dope to hell with minorities thumbs up thumbs up wow. That was a weird one.

Where did that come from? You know what i haven't ever set up, yet i haven't done um. I haven't done the what's: what's it called oh moderators and stuff like that, so what about that got? Ta use the pipe jake use that pipe crazy, but uh yeah, the the walmart tv extravaganza was interesting. Huh, that's crazy! I don't understand the the v1 guy. The hell is that let's kick his ass out of here and block him, you know i've been doing a lot on uh on instagram.

Lately has just i've just been going through and blocking people. It's been great. Let's see, how do i do this? How do i do that? Two weird, oh dude, i do got sinister j in the house. Look at that gangster.

I deleted his message. Can you delete his his existence from my channel? That would be awesome. Yes, i love that i have a moderator. Jay freaking never cease to amaze me, my friend, ah internet punch in the face nice eat that pal nothing like dicks getting served up.

So i had this dream this morning and it was that i was gon na wake up and come out to the workshop and find out uh laughing marine heat shrink. That's the kind of dreams your boy has, and i realized i have a bunch of marine heat shrink that i hadn't set up, and here it is yes, yes, the band hammer, there's something very few things. Do i care about from people like kanye or diddy, or anything like that? One thing that diddy used to say was no bitch-ass-ness. Oh i'm with that.

So let's go no time for ass-ness all right. I'm soldering these smiles little bastards and where are we at and when this is done, i'm gon na show you i'll lift it up to the camera. I think i have a fly in the brim of my freaking hat round of applause for our boy. Sinister jay get out hey um.

I also want to highlight my guy wolf pack. If you guys haven't check out his channel hop over there really quick. He did a video a couple days ago on december 1st and he did a dc2 integra and he basically just like, walked everybody through that that job exactly like, i would do it tone of voice just laid back style. All that stuff was exactly how i would hope to do it myself, like i just did a great job and, if you're interested, i want to see more people kind of taking that action and going out and starting youtube channels and doing all that stuff and steal Everything i say i don't care, that's what i want go help people show them how to do it.

I wish i could do dc2 integers on here and it actually like work out, but but jay is working with with wolf pack too. So it's just cool all this stuff is dope bringing people together. I heard it called a linchpin, the other day which that even sounds kind of sketchy, but apparently just means like the person that like brings people together uh, that's what i'm interested in doing. You know what i mean.

I don't want to be the guy that does it all just wan na get dope people together. I have a face made for radio tv yeah. Can you guys tell us between the two of you? Can you give us any spoilers about wolf packs build because i do understand that it's got to be some kind of craziness all right. Let's go so i'm gon na go soda black to black.

This is where you guys talking, helps me out. Oh yeah. Well, he's got a channel like he. I don't want to do reveals if he doesn't want to that's for sure.

I understand that stuff, although i'm just so behind, basically on everything anyway, i'm kind of just like spill, the beans bro i'll get i'll forget. If i don't, this is actually really hard to do in the dark. It looks so much cooler when i don't have all the overhead lights are on, but i need them damn it about to turn on my phone. Oh my god.

No i'm not! You know what i'm going to do want to know something that i suck at doing a lot i suck at using quad hands like i'm supposed to. I just get lazy. I just want to do it without crust, pepperoni from papaji's ease. Are you now? It just sounds dope.

I always tattoo. My thumb, yeah hold that thing until it's cooked in all right, that's so much easier. If that wasn't an advertisement for quad hands, i don't know what is all right now we got red john was asking me earlier. While we were filming, he was like how did it take you an hour and a half to do this? Like i don't know, i just i'm just done during live streams.

I need to get me a set of quad hands. I have one too, too lazy. Yeah got to got ta use the quad hands. I wish they would pay me dude.

I so wish i feel like. I would just absolutely kill it for those guys, especially right now, i'm just not a cute young graduate. They went that way. All right, let's see so i'm going with i'm gon na, go with yellow to orange here.

Let's do this, that's better. They have a program that pays yeah. They do. I need to use that.

Don't i i'm in their affiliate thing i just forget about. I don't like that. Dude here's, the thing i think if you want to run around and like spread uh, promo codes and affiliate codes and stuff like that to your friends and family, i think that's fantastic. I'm setting up an affiliate for all of you guys.

So you guys can all make 50 of the money that comes from your referral to my courses. That's awesome, yeah jay was close, but here's the thing if i'm gon na make you a video dude, that's worth a bunch of money. It just scales in value over time. That's not given a referral code, give a damn a better referral code, you're just so busy.

If i make you a video once then my time scales, damn i know just got ta go back to school and get a degree right then it'll be worth it. I need to become a cute chick too. I hear that's a decent strategy. I don't know people take all kinds of different roads to success.

Mine is a slow and stupid one. So if you uh want to go the slow, stupid approach, i got all kinds of advice for you all right, but boy using these quad hands right now telling you no joke. Well, clearly, no one's paid me to say this: it's just good stuff um, but i will say i should try to get zach in here too does zach ever join the live streams? I kind of forget i never hit up my buddies. I hit up my my boys, my go-to guys, everyone here, but uh amber zach.

Let's tell him, let's tell him, i do have a degree in school. Hard knocks that's for sure. Zach ryan reynolds is my spirit: animal uh, zach livestream. I could get your co in here too.

Come on zach come hang with the boys. Zach got this. I finally made a bunch of changes on my site. Oh i got stuff to tell you guys.

I'm excited about um. Okay share! Let's get your co in! Here! Sorry, i'm dumb, i just want to listen to you guys for a minute, while i say stuff, while you say stuff, i can't even say stuff boom, all right. Let's see if they show up use your quad hands earlier wire. The new 36 board 36 watt board dude, i'm waiting for those 12 volt uh little pieces of magic.

James sounds amazing, sounds good okay, so i want to gamify some stuff. The other day we had uh it's here. Yes um. I was telling some of you guys to dm me the word custom.

I don't know why hell yeah james, i don't know why some of them didn't seem to trigger, and i've asked that company like. Why does sometimes it work and other times it just doesn't trigger? Like it's supposed to so i'm waiting to hear back these guys good to go all right and then i'm going to add a nice long, yellow wire, all right, y'all. There's someone used to go to the back of the light, two of them who that who that ear, co? What's up you guys um dude yoko, i'm gon na be driving past you tomorrow actually can i come say: hi. Let's do it bro i got ta go! I'm gon na do some porsche turbo s.

I don't know anything about porsches, but it's like a nine one and a half something or other. I don't know anyway. I've got a really cool customer that used to have a nismo gtr sold it for a porsche, got a super dope, one that wasn't too loud nice. Please, can i cool man i'll hit you up.

We're gon na have a packed day, but it's a hundred percent. Always worth stopping by when we go to like north la or anything always a dope excuse to see my boy, i need to go, see. Studio beats three irko's. The man uh he's got some crazy stuff he's got he's got big plans for the delorean.

I was telling um john today, you know their size, insulation sucks. I was talking about how erika's got like detailed specs on all the stuff that he does and i'm very cowboy fly by the seat of my pants like to a fault for sure um. But one of the things that we respect and we think it's so cool me and john we're talking about earco she's working with these high level people. You can't just be chill like you, you got ta, have your stuff, dialed and figured out and, like sure, you know, adjust and be adaptable, that's important, but like planning stuff out and being very intentional.

I give a lot of respect to that. I'm not great at that big picture stuff sure, but like her project, i'm like dude, i love the fact that you're so on it with different plans and options and thinking through it, because you could see what that results in for him and it's dope. It's good stuff and it's professional and um. You know i don't want to say that, like i want to be a different person or anything, but i do think that there's a refined version of me who's much less reactionary and much more intentional, like i don't want to say at all costs, but definitely placing Higher value on planning, you know who would love that my wife, she always tells me, i wish you would plan anything and i'll like plan out like some video trip.

I won't man brian gardner. Well, my boss is in the other room, and i i asked her to please give me a moment with the boys get a wire harness done, show off some cool side markers we're halfway there and now that i've done it, i don't have to change any camera Angles except for that one um yeah, i don't know, i'm feeling good about it. So, let's, let's take this. Oh here he comes look busy.

It's funny. All right. Zach is in the house: hey where's, where my man zach's at i don't see him jacket. Cook says: ay what a g thank to the boss for letting you roll with the homies.

I know man, that's always how i feel about this, and i felt for the longest time, by the way, guys i'm gon na have so much stuff, actually working inside of the stream. Now the stream will actually be the web that connects all the things together and it's like as long as i'm in the mode of getting stuff done, and i can hang out with the homies while i'm getting that stuff done. There's no reason to not stream a lot. That is a big part of my strategy for 2022 is just getting to hang out.

It sounds so good. It really does i go into these like work. Holes like just pits where all i'm doing is just grinding. All the damn time that can kind of suck that can wear on me for sure tick, tock, the legend in the hues when i grow up on tick tock, i'm gon na be like zach cook he's my he's.

My inspiration he's my inspiration all right. Let's get these guys chopped up, have one wire look at this. Look at that little rat's nest: it's not actually rat snaps, but um. There's one wire.

I don't need, which is our blue brake wire and i'm gon na kill it right meow. I feel i feel like the break input should have been. This is no like talking bad about ghost or anything. I wish it was like the last one why's it gon na be the first one i get confused, so these two can hang out together over here.

These i'm gon na cut nice and short, and then we're going to solder them up, see it's already coming coming along getting better looking come on. Bro focus pay attention, sony easily distracted by shaking booties. I'm saying it can be a big problem. Papa john's isn't delivering right now and i'm at work.

Absolutely tick. Tock is the devil. You know what's great um how different things are from the lens that i see them through compared to like the the consumer right, the person that that just shows up and just watches versus the person that shows up there to make stuff. I don't watch a lot of anything.

I think if i watch a lot of anything too much, it's movies and netflix um, but not content. So weird, i i have a hard time kind of understanding where i'm at with the supporting different creators i feel like it needs to be more behind the scenes and not greets from poland you're from poland. What's up happy to have somebody here from poland, that's dope! Um but yeah, like i don't know, i don't feel like me watching my friends. Content is like the best thing that i could do to support them.

That make sense. I don't know it's like getting them hooked up with a dope brand or like a dope collaboration with somebody else or something like that. It's a completely different value structure. So i also have come to understand that a big part of the last year for me has been learning how much i value like the creator economy outside of my niche, just like in general, i just like working with craters good.

That's gon na play a big role in this year. Coming up too, i'm going to be launching a course for people that want to learn how to do short form so excited about this. I bought a new domain name because i named the course something and i was crossing my fingers just hoping that i'd be able to buy this domain name. I bought two different new um urls, but the first one is for my like how to make short form videos it's my formula, so it's called short formula so i bought like.

Why is that available? That's so good, so good! So i'm excited. I think that is going to make six digits first year right out of the gate, so excited about that. I'm super excited about not worrying about the money whatsoever. Um behind fly, ride, moving forward it just being a pure community and kind of like, like like love for the craft situation, not a hey.

I can't work on your car because it doesn't pay as much as working on that car. I don't want to work on cars unless it sounds fun, so it'll all be fun. Getting away from monetizing fly rides. Sounds amazing, how about don', oh god, how much, how much dot com? How about 11 bucks bro you know what's funny - is that when i i've i've told you before but like when.

I wear certain shirts out like the one that nobody understands what it says, because it's just weird context, but it says um how much and then is richard underneath. I know nobody understands it, but i always get compliments on that. Damn shirt why? Oh jesus sweet baby! Jesus, it's funny all right, i'm attend the ends of these bastards. Now i'm not going to change the angle.

Nobody needs to see me soldering care. I put it right, that's too low! Look at that! Look at me. Soldering! Do you feel, like i'm, improving on your life by watching this underscore how much underscore smack underscore smack guys? I had an epiphany dopey today out hey. If anyone knows what it is i'll love, it says, don't profile, headlight builds ghost them whoa, that's dumb, bro! Damn shots fired time to answer this, but i bought the cross emotion, crazy, module with led halo rings.

Can you do it? I just wire ground my jaw and the wire to the blinker to make it work. Can you guys help out our boy nicholas and nicholas? Are you in discord, because if you're not you need to be, i did put something up today. So if you go to uh squad, you can sign up for sequential squad free um. I put something in there so that it's now gon na ask for your discord name.

Everybody know how to get your discord. Name, everybody! Anybody, i'm going to get my guy to make one! Here's what you do. Let's show you right, quick! So don't switch! Look at this, you click on your name, see this little name right here. Oh you.

Don't see that name right there dude. Do you? Okay, damn it! Why did it go full screen? If i want you to go full screen i'll, tell you fool, damn it? Why is that doing that? Why do you that just happened to everybody? Okay, here's, my name! I click on it boom copied copied my name to the clipboard and if i hop in here, you want to see what my name is on discord, i'll paste it uh. That's what my name is, so that's how you get your name 301.8, all right and then, when you do that, you're going to be able to load that up in sequential squad. And then, when you do stuff or don't do stuff, it's going to be able to send you automated messages into discord from the online courses and that will also trigger stuff that happens in instagram we're gon na gamify it and cool things will happen.

You're doing a great job with your tutorials man that was 10 years ago. Isn't that crazy 10 years ago, yeah, 2012. 2011. 2012.

I did that b8 dude, those b8s suck to build. They are hard, they're really difficult, but i appreciate you, man, glad you found us glad. You found us tell you what look at me. Look at me already about to not use the quad hands again like a schmuck man.

Those were the good old days, though this isn't my parents house for like a year, getting just keep all the money that i made from the business or put it to. You know like getting ready to buy a house and all that man. Those were better years than when i lived rent free at a property that i was supposed to hook up and sell. I don't know if you guys heard that story, but i was supposed to sell uh like put some money into a house that my family owned, and then that was like a year before or two years before, the economy tanked big recession, hopefully i'll make it back Before you shut it down tim, i need you to come back, so you can see the beauty of your animation at the end of this it'll be good but yeah, so crazy story, uh call me tanked and kind of lost the house.

That's how that went good times, but that year, where i was just living with my folks, it was just had the little boy, the wife looking for homes, to buy, trying to figure out how to convince a bank to give me a home loan because of making Headlights that was interesting. I have no idea how that worked out. It did hey that guy is here. What up that guy happy to have you? Oh man, let's go.

Oh that's hot. What how are you driving smack smack car? Am i driving my car? Is the the beater, the mazda 3 beater it's gon na, be so weird to not have a like? I don't say this like feeling bad for myself, but not having a bad car. It's gon na be so strange. I actually kind of kicked myself because i feel like these days, if you're a content creator like you, can kind of get a free tesla.

But you know what i'm talking about like. If about tesla's videos about tesla's, like you kind of get the monetization they're like paid for, come on, come on baby, well, i'm kind of ready to be done. I want to play with these things. Yo all right and last but not least, is the green.

Oh you, son of a tattoo on my finger last one nobody's saying anything. It's getting weird guys! Look at that chris bowen, damn coming through with the big old fetz super chat, capital studios street gangster pictures of the delorean in front of such an iconic building. Look at that dude, you got it. Chris i'd rather have another x5 than a tesla.

Can i get a let's go brandon man? That is crazy. So i'm just going to tell you. Oh you're, still here huh what a gangster on wednesday i'm in capital studios. In hollywood, i'll have to take a million pictures of delorean yeah for sure, okay, so the uh first thing i just want to say is chris bowen just mentioned something.

I want to read it to you guys. He says looking forward to receiving the cut lights video, so i've been talking about this forever or one on a attaching a potted ghost to the back of housings and running ribbon cable through the housing. Merry christmas, and thanks for another vlogmas chris, you are the man and i will 100 prioritize that not just because you gave me 20 bucks, which you're dope by the way um it's something that i have two different videos of me: sealing lights. One of them is a porsche cayenne and the other one is a um, a lamborghini gallardo, the taillights.

So putting those two things together, and i also have the one with the um with the bryce um dm me on instagram or you just go to instagram. But the i've got the one with the ford focus and i've been thinking about doing another one, including the what's. It called the hyundai veloster, the new one i did have to cut one of those things open and i am gon na have to seal it back up. So i'm gon na have four different versions of ceiling, cut lights back together and those are going to um.

You know do some some brief overview. Like i mean i'll, just tell you right now this straight and easy version of it to kind of answer. The super chat. Is you plastic weld a few anchors on there, so let's say that you've got a whole light.

That's cut open like this, this little dude right here, so you do like one little weld right here, which i did do that on this one little weld here. Let me just show you this will make more sense, so this there's a little bit of soldering right, like melting of plastic, the clear to the white, and then i did the same thing right here. Those are anchor points, they're not holding everything together. They just create something that's holding onto it.

Besides, the actual sealant come on focus baby. This is exactly the same way that you're going to seal a headlight or a tail light that you cut open. You just do some anchor points at like four good strategic points. Around it so think about doing like a rectangle like one here, one here, one here one here and then after that the cool thing that you can do is it keep the edge exposed and then run masking tape around it, so that you have this perfectly straight Line where it's got a little bit inward on the lens right and that's going to expose a little bit of the lens and in the backing there and that's when you're, going to use that permatex sealant and go all the way around it smooth it out.

With your finger, go all the way around and make sure that it's really really like thoroughly covering the whole seam of the light. That's already been bonded down, at least temporarily, by those four little anchor points, and then the last thing that you do is you peel that masking tape up, and it leaves you this perfect ass line on that um, the sealant? That's it! So thanks for the super chat dude. I hope that helps and you will see that soon and then i'm going to be loading a bunch of that stuff into the custom taillights class and the headlights 201. So that's dope, um and bryce yeah.

The easiest thing to do is you can go to instagram lowercase. So, let's see, if i can do that, for you have you ever made custom underglow yeah i've done custom underglow, we're gon na we're gon na do a few like a little shoot out of it yup. So anybody wants to go to discord. That's a quick and easy way to go.

I don't know why i don't have one of these. For that. That's the stupidest thing i haven't done that, but uh yeah do you hope that helps? Okay? Let's get back to this, i just have one more wire to attach i'm sure, we're out of time right for the anchor points. No, because it's gon na get hot, it's gon na.

Let go you need plastic welding if you've cut open something, do not rely on anything. That's not um rigid, so there's also another good tool that i want to do. Some reviews on. I got to reach out to the manufacturer um, but it's a hot stapler.

Anybody here, that's in discord, have a hot stapler tool, hot staple tool. There's like all these different shapes. Some will be like a straight bar uh. Some will be like a little s.

There's all these different little. They look like staples but they're in a they're. Basically, in a gun, that's kind of like it looks like a branding iron like you would brand like a cow or something with it's like on a barn. It pushes into the thing right, but what it does is it burns in a little metal anchor and then it leaves it there and then you pull it off and it leaves this metal anchor so that metal anchor is burned into the plastic on both of the Things that you want to attach that's gangster yo, of course jay has one.

I think, that's sick. So yeah can i just formally court my my man jay just ask him like. Can we just get you as an instructor in the academy like let's go, let's go. We got zach, zach, just barely started and i'm so excited.

I just told zach, i'm like bro me and you have both posted, so many videos. So so so many videos for free and all of those free videos are so valuable if we curate them and we put them even in the paid courses. Let's go, you cannot get a let's go brandon but, like i think it's funny pretty it's pretty funny, but, like i don't give a damn about all the things that the world cries about in these live streams. I don't know: that's not why we're here just trying to teach people stuff without having really a whole lot of incentive to do so.

Just because i like you guys, i want you to win because i suck at making everything happen on the first try without screwing up, and i get to tell you about it and it feels good. So that's why i'm doing this certainly not to complain about things in the world. I make enough problems for myself bro, i'm saying you know what i'm saying lightsman our boy al is here: that's what i'm talking about yeah, i'm all about the upside of things that are happening right now, like how cool is it that hang out, regardless of where We're at just chat and have this freaking this uh, i don't know british chick, dictate all the things that you guys are saying. Oh yeah, that's! What's up, i'm not a big fan, though, of people popping into the streams and being like hey monkey dance say the funny thing i want you to say get out of my house.

We have enough to deal with yeah and you know what this is. What i do want to say too, about um about the groups when you know when stuff happens, when like when personal stuff happens, i think it should be shared in the community. You know what i mean we're all a bunch of humans. I think we should be able to talk about non-lighting things, and it not be this like whatever uh like.

Oh, you can't talk about anything, that's not lighting related or like no, like you know, if you're happy about something you want to celebrate a win or something like that. That's why discord's dope? Because it's not a facebook group where it all just gets mushed into one thing, so discord's dope and i think off topic is super relevant there and i think james is the best uh cheerleader for that, because we've definitely had a good good, uh camaraderie with a Bunch of different guys in there and that's what i love about watching things happen that are way outside of me: they're, just a community dopeness, so communities where it's at that's what i care about. I want you guys all to win. That's why i do this and yeah feel free to about the world in dms, and the one thing i don't like, though, is that, like sometimes stuff gets a little bit like squirrely with um, with, like oh, buy, sell stuff like that, and people like people reach Out to me to say: uh, like hey, can you moderate this situation? Somebody sold me something and now they're not answering my dms.

Don't ever do that. I definitely do not care about all of that. Like this guy said, he would do this on this time and then he didn't. Can you help me, like teacher sally, pulled my hair like girl, you better turn around and deal with sally yourself.

That is not for me to do so. That's not why i have a community. I just i don't know. I just want a little psa.

Don't don't ask me to help you uh find resolution with a thing that you bought for a build that you're planning i suck at that too. Let's all just take care of our own problems like grown children. Yes, all right. I kind of have this thing together.

I want to chris. Isn't the cops? I'm not the cops? Yes, i am definitely not the cops true story, all right, i'm gon na hook. These things up to the wire harness we're going to give him a once-over tip my hat and say purse. We still got a few minutes, not kicking anybody out all right.

Let's go! Let's go get this out! Huh! Get that right there, this right there that right there, oh schneider's, yeah i'll, do that off the stream, because i don't want to mess with it um. What i've got is to cut those those little connectors out. Oh yeah. I always know at the end of that one song everything starts over: let's just hop into a tropic breeze, all right.

Let's take a look at what i've got here, i'm working with, so this is our harness. This is what we just soldered everything together so that we could have a nice cute little connection. Now again, i'm going to come out tonight. Epoxy these things up a little bit better, just to make sure they cover all the extra things that we've added, including all of this.

I just want it to be. Like nice, real nice, then this dude coming over here, i'm gon na hook him up and there's already some solder on there yikes, oh f it i'm just gon na full, send commit solder. This dude up real fast, all right, favorite, star wars movie. I think you are probably a return of the jedi guy who said that it sounds like something james would say.

Ah that was nicholas, i see um. I will blow your guys's mind. Oh i'm, not i'm not gon na, like this at all lose respect. For me moment, so i'm a massive star wars fan all the way star wars fan too much so um.

Sorry, i don't know, i don't know why that just it had a james tone to it um. But i really did as a kid really love empire strikes back. I really did love um jedi, probably the most, and there was a specific reason for that. One of them was like boba fett.

I was like oh he's so dope luke at the beginning. Um really was super solid. I got ta tell you, though i lost my at the end of episode. Nine, i almost freaking.

It almost got me like at the very freaking end with the suns i was just like. I was about to just drench the floor. There were, there was some there was some special stuff happening, so i was not a hater about the new, the new movies. I think so many people were um, but i thought that episode 9 was kind of ridiculous, how they tied so much stuff up.

I thought was fantastic, so um, i don't want to say it was my favorite though i just had some moments so jedi. Definitely overall certainly none of the prequels. I don't know, i think it's kind of just a. I don't know that there's like a favorite now, because of so many things, if i could say my favorite situation of all star wars, let's say mandalorian, because it's just all the best of all of it so good.

I love it. I am quite the fanboy of the new stuff yeah watched. Everything only thing i haven't really watched. Um like i should have so far - is bad batch, otherwise um everything i've watched them.

I've watched all of it. When i was a kid i used to watch the star wars, movies um, like relentlessly just over and over and over again so i've probably watched jedi empire and a new hope, hundreds of times hundreds of times like i i've won contests about star wars, trivia, like Gotten hundreds of dollars worth of prizes for it and stuff like that, so i i don't know it has served me well once that a football coach asked me what was more important football or star wars, and i laughed in his face and said star wars, and Then i left practice to go watch star wars. It was great one of my top star wars moments. The lone tie fighter flying into the ship bay.

Tell me was that one of your fellow star wars lover. What part of that or what was that in context? You, chris all right we're gon na go ground powell, oh god, it's beautiful, luke! Oh fancy! This looks good, it's crazy, too bright. Oh, my gosh good! That makes me happy. I'm gon na go watch something right now.

You guys got me going. Yeah um who's excited about the book of boba fett because i actually read a book in school 20 years ago, not in school, but like why. I was bored at school, not paying attention to school um and it was about all the bounty hunters. It's a dope book.

This looks so good, i'm tripping out. I suppose i should probably end the stream with some sharing of what i'm looking at over here, because it's just so good. That's the right one ninja! You got it. Let's go tails of the bounty hunter yeah.

I was like that's what happened in the sarlacc pit? What so i'm curious, how much that's gon na stick with um? You know cannon, i guess when it comes to what they show in book of boba fett. Okay, here we go come on guys come together. You can do it. I love when we come together.

Whoa, that's right, huh! What up nice? You said it on the white um this right here and i'll all open it right now, all right! I'm about to go inside boys, but before i do my beautiful wife just brought me something i want to see what it is and then yes, so here's what we just worked on this is for the wire harness dude. So i have a little cheap solder. Extractor fan here, but that's one of the first things i want to work with with jbc that should be cool all right. Let's go to our ending scene.

You guys already knew what those looked like, but now our wire harness is looking good. It looks kind of ridiculous, like i don't know, look at all that. That's not it's not like. Everybody feels all warm and cozy inside, but but she brought me this and i don't know what this is wow that came in one day.

That's freaking, awesome all right. So we're gon na do a another video. You guys remember these guys. I haven't done one in a while.

Remember that come on you jerk stop not auto focusing. Are you kidding me? I quit these guys they're pretty dope, so this will be tied in with the sequential tail lights, so we can make them bounce left to right, make the strobes bounce so we're going to do a dual input circuit with the little diodes and we will hook up Left and right side output from this, and then it will be powered on and off as well as mode with a little remote control. So that'll be coming up. Another video during vlogmas i'll, probably just do a full video on that and then um.

You guys will watch me build it on the live stream, cool good. Everybody have a good night. You guys are awesome thanks for showing up tomorrow's gon na be crazy because i'm gon na be on the road, so i'm probably gon na be in a car. I don't know we'll live stream for a bit and chat.

If you have any questions or anything that you want me to talk about, i will try to get um, maybe some other all right, my friends, it's been real, appreciate you all. I will see you yeah. Let's talk star wars tomorrow that sounds good cause. John's gon na be driving.

I'm just gon na be chillin all right. Everybody be good, happy, vlogmas, happy monday, later later, dude.

By Chris

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    Thank you Chris, wish I made the money to join your team a learn more but don't give up on me yet…lol.

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