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Weird one: here's what's gon na happen. I have no idea how long that camera's gon na last, it's gon na die. I don't know: what's gon na happen, i do know the chat will be happening in the background, and i know that i got ta record this video, so i'm gon na hang out with you guys, while i do that that was way too freaking loud. So i need to be able to think a little bit as i do this.

We're just gon na see what happens so you're interested. How i make the videos you're gon na, probably watch me mess up a lot right now and we're gon na record a whole bunch of different stuff and unfortunately, a lot of the cameras. Are it's like they're, just pissed off at the live stream right now? So some of it won't turn on like i want it to um, and i'm gon na have to do a couple things here on the bench like work with a couple programs. So as i do that i figured i might as well just be streaming might as well.

Just have you guys in my ear as i go, mr fab lighting, it's going good guys! Thank you for joining, so i tell you what i'm going to see if i can't get something updated on this little ghost module right here, just that i can use it for the video. I think a 20 channel switchback should be in order about that. We're gon na hook it up to our ghost module here and hopefully hopefully, it's gon na work, but anyway, like i said like i figured, might as well just go live while i try to film plus, hopefully we'll get james to pop in and maybe i'll figure Out what the heck happened with this gopro, just hates me now. I don't know why.

I'm like work, bro, output, things where you at. Why don't you want to work stupid so something i do on all the ghost modules now is. I always add these little uh five pin rgb wires and when i do that, i just want to be able to cut into them, and i want to be able to access the uh, the computer hookup. So who has watched me to any of the ghost modules where we set them up with these little rgb connectors and who can hear that terrible, terrible noise? So bad and my kid had a little christmas party today it was so freaking cute his little uh preschool group.

So i did not get to do nearly as much work as i was supposed to, but it's all gravy got some big congrats from my guy john, who is gon na start doing some uh really cool new things this coming week. I want to give him a public shout out here we go let's plug this guy in and maybe we can even see it from that angle. Let's go. Let's go see if i can connect this bad boy.

I just shared the live to james full score sounds like old dial up lol sounds like old dial-up. It does huh all right all right. We're gon na connect. This thing it's gon na work, it's gon na, be amazing and then i'm gon na film it and hopefully my battery - doesn't die 27 times, while you guys are watching because that's a thing, my ultrasonic cutter is giving me problems loudly crying.

It's like yeah. I hate my life, so you know it's working all right: testy, testy, fab lighting, oncoming fist, medium skin tone, yo. Why is this thing not working? Oh failed. The program device.

That's why got it um? It should have worked. Let's see what did i do wrong? Sirs. Just give it another go 20 channel switch back program. Please work that'd be fantastic.

It's looking like it's programming. Isn't that weird? Isn't that weird? I wonder if every time i pick it up to show the camera, i bet you that's why it's dying, because it's flashing, flashing, flashing, barley, farley, farley, farley, farley, farley farley got it okay, this time, let's see if it works nice. Why is it only going there, though so weird all right? Let's check our output. Oh, we don't have other output.

Oh well, i think that'll be fine for the video it's going to show some stuff happening should be cool dynamic check the final they like to crack. What's that custom led, so we had a uh, not not. We had a. I had a just a random thought and uh like hey.

I think i'm gon na do something what the heck you know. What's weird dude, you know, what's super weird wait what? Why is that even the case? You know what's so strange, this thing's plugged into the computer right now, but the black wire came unplugged, it's not even grounded it's like being grounded through the computer. See like watch now, probably won't work, that's kind of scary. I didn't even know that could happen anyway.

I was going to say that i'm going to call these other leds hillbilly leds, because that's what they is they're the hillbilly leds tell you what we're going to film them up right now. I just want to make sure that i had that programmed for this video stuff, while listening to chris, what's up gents and check this out, so we got um, that's power. Actually we're gon na go power to this, and these are the corso motion ones. So what are your thoughts? What's gon na be brighter? I'm gon na show you what the leds actually look like that i'm filming this video on.

So those are the white and amber leds from corso motion. The ghost programmer. Does the arrows match up to use say that one more time with the ghost program there's the arrows match up to use, say that another way, maybe maybe i can please get your shine on uh? I guess this is the other one that we're gon na be showing. So that's the little led pod.

What was that? No billy handshake, that's funny. He'll bailey handshake t what crazy all right! So here's what we're going to do! I'm going to film um the first couple different parts of this video. It's going to be a weird stream! I figured it was either going to be no stream or i'm gon na film a bunch and pay attention to that and i'll be able to hear you so feel free to talk amongst yourselves. I'm not talking about my balls today.

That's all i know been there done that, and it does just absolutely annoy me that i can't have the uh. I can't have the other thing hooked up. What's up chris sinister hooray love your work boss? I believe my issue is i strip the small side bolt that losses to change the blade m. I can't tighten it enough heartbreak loudly crying, i'm gon na, probably suck at questions today, just because i'm gon na try to film this thing as well as i possibly can and you're gon na hear me talking with a different voice.

No more bulls stories are rolling on the floor. No more stories laughing rolling on the floor. You will hear me talk with a different voice for sure um. You know we could try, though too i'm not sure if this will work, but i could try something.

You'll have to tell me um input microphone, sound output put microphone again. I don't think it'll. Let me do a little uh, airpod yeah, i'm over here working on cars headlights while watching chris green heart. Yes, okay and i'm gon na drop this a little bit because i know i will get massively distracted, but i will hear you - and i will see you because i've got the chat pulled up over here, so shoot a couple different little parts of this and you'll Get to hear the promo, because that's what we're about to talk about, so it should be cool.

Okay, i think i'm set. I have no idea guys. I don't know what i'm doing in life. Let's get this it's kind of how it is when i work with john i'm not 100 sure what or how i'm gon na do what i'm gon na do.

But i know i'm gon na try: okay, okay, gents make chris laugh challenge. It worked better after i cleaned it a bit and go put on the professional chris voice, rolling on the floor, laughing rolling on the floor, laughing rolling rolling on the floor, laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing. Here we go all right now before we get going on this, i'm going to show you guys exactly step by step, how to make a connector like this that's plugged into a sequencer and how i wire in all of these things, that's going to be in the Free course solder and circuit board, so that's going to come up for this. I'm also going to show you exactly how i have connected all of these different little guys, we're going to also show you that on the microscope there so, instead of it just being some tiny little circuit board thing, you can't barely see we're going to get nice Up close and personal, and that's going to help you decide what kind of parts you want to use either that's going to help you decide what you want to use either the corso motion hello.

Yes, i do know that filming and streaming so we'll talk in a bit. That's going to help you decide if you want to use the unique led, pods or the strips or the new hillbilly leds, which i'll talk about at the end. Okay, there's that and again i'm going to cover everything like the tools that you need to use the types of wire, the types of wire that you're going to want, as well as little parts like these connectors. That's all going to be in circuits.

That's all going to be in solder and circuit boards yards guys, yikes, it's freaking difficult, especially not having a cameraman when i'm used to it. I'm spoiled boys yeah, i'm so hoping that this works out the way i want it to my screen. Okay, we're going to dive into the look of the strips first and something i want to point out on these is you can see all of the yellow leds are super continuous and you've got this row of orange leds? What that is, is the yellow? Is the white and the orange is the amber color, but you can see that they're, like they're super close together, so you get a nice consistent line. I'm gon na turn on the sequential right now and show you what that looks like we're.

Gon na compare that to the look of the corso motion strip, which is very similar, but instead of it having the separation between those two colors going horizontally is done vertically. So that's a pretty little subtle nuance, but it does make a difference in the look of the gaps in between leds. Now last we have these monsters and there are big gaps in between them and they're also going to have a significant difference in output. So, depending on your exact application, it's going to help you determine.

Do you need something that is super subtle or something? That's pretty hardcore you know would suck if i didn't hit record when i'm saying some of this stuff. This just is what it is all right. Oh, i got ta record on this guy too. That's gon na suck.

Are you recording you don't look like you are? I don't know what happened, but this thing just feels like it is not recording very well anymore. Okay, we're going to check out the corso motion board right now on the top side. You can see these little leds are soldered on and they are very, very hard to solder on if you're gon na have these things yourself, i've personally never done that with the unique led strips or the pods. When you look on the back side, you've got another situation, and this is actually really good.

We've got the pads pretty close together. They're, nice and cleanly labeled, they say uh, either white or red and amber with 12 volts in the middle. We've got the two different resistors and we can see where we can just join them together, strip by strip. We just put these little pieces of solder in between or even a piece of wire that will join those you can tell just how giant my finger looks in comparison to that little connection, so these are very small and it's kind of hard to work with these.

If you don't have something to magnify on them like this little microscope, so this thing has come in pretty clutch with all of these little solder. I don't know situations this thing's coming pretty clutch when it comes to soldering tiny circuit boards like that, which is why we'll be using that in the demo that i do on solder and circuit boards? Okay, okay, all right! This time around, we are going to look at the core, so motion strips okay, this time around we're gon na look at the corso motion strips and very similar to the unique led, except we have a lot more accessible pads on the top side. So these ones - i haven't soldered up the strips, but i have done the pods on them. This is where it gets a little bit wild.

It's a lot harder to see on the back side what all those markings are they're a little bit blurry. So we can see that we've got like v. Oh, it looks like v, but it's actually an a so a for amber and we've got what looks like a little plus mark in the middle and a little diamond shaped thing. I think it's supposed to be the w, so we can tell that we've got white, we've got amber and we've got power um and all of these things they run common power.

So power runs through the whole board and you can so. Power runs through the whole board and, if you're setting them up with the sequencer you're going to send all the individual channels to the ground connections right so that a and that w are both ground connections with power coming into the board in the middle. All. Right now, look at these monsters.

These are the hillbilly leds. These, you can see, have a bunch of extra little little chips inside little leds themselves. We can see four of them they're connected to why they're so ungodly, bright and we've just got a very basic board on top the resistor. We've got this little capacitor there or i guess that's actually for current flow.

I don't really know anything about current. I'm not the guy to ask about that. I'll have to bring somebody smart around to teach it, and the back sides are just straight up, aluminum, nothing to it. So we do have these little through holes to run the leds, but other than that everything is what you.

What you see is what you get on top of these till billy leds. Last we've got our hillbilly leds. These are the new ones. You could see the four little leds inside.

That's why they're so ungodly bright. We've also got the onboard resistor and a little dude to regulate current uh. I don't really know much about that stuff. So we'll have to ask james some questions about how all of these things work on a future video, but for now we can just see that's.

What's on the top side and on the bottom, it's just straight up aluminum. We can see the through holes for the wires, which we will do in that demo on the website, make sure make sure you sign up for the demo on the website. So you can see all of these things getting wired up for what we're going to do. Next, which is test the output chris needs a break, my god, this is hard.

I'll go get my little uh little drink. Is that light just shining right into the camera the whole time? This? Oh wow, that's that's cute! I like that. One, a nice little uh stalled moment. I'm excited to get my hillbilly stuff, i'm excited for you, too eddie from cali.

I don't know if you knew this was going to be so weird, but it seems to be so. I'm going to spend the next few minutes chatting with you guys and then i'm gon na close this up and i'm gon na get my output shots, because i need everything to be super dark for that in here. So any i'm curious. If you have any ideas for what would be a cool way to make this video as valuable as possible, so i'm going to do the um like showing all the parts, which is what you just saw right there.

I was like actually inspecting all of the individual. Little parts of the leds and then the next step is going to be actually showing how bright they are and showing them in pretty much like full working. So i finally got here: let the show begin it's funny, because up until right now, marcus, i was back to the camera, recording something else, and it was weird and i'm still recording over here, like a dum-dum, do you like tacos those things are hardcore. I like tacos man, rusted and busted.

He likes tacos and sequential lights. I can't blame you for that. Those are two decent things: two decent things for sure wow. This is cool.

I'm just checking out this speech chat thing and it actually breaks down all the different speakers and kind of calls you guys like lists everybody out, um man. I was talking to the company that has the live streaming software earlier and they said that they're gon na have it set up to where, if i'm doing the stream, like, i did yesterday where it uses the it's like. It's just a completely different setup um, but they're gon na have it to where i can do all the camera, switching which she said. That's gon na be coming up at the first part of the year, so that should be cool um.

But let me ask again questions specifically on this video i'm gon na be walking through the difference between the top three uh sequential leds that i would use, or that i would tell anybody to use. So, let's turn this up now. I can actually pay attention. If i could show a way to do a switchback version with normal 12-volt source and another version version using a sequential module, huh yeah, that's a that's, actually a really good idea.

I like that. I will do it. I have some um modules right here that i can use for it as a matter of fact, so i will talk about using an exchange driver and i should probably look into this and see which one is which okay, that's, output, cool, yeah. That's a good idea! Any other ideas, any other thing that would make that video video valuable to you, so you can kind of get the idea when i test them all i'm going to turn them on um i'm.

I think i'm just going to turn on the white led for the test now. Do you that's actually a good question for you? If i do the test uh, do you think that it's worth going all the way through and being like here's, what the rating is on the white leds and here's? What the reading is on the amber leds? That matter. Should i just do white, i don't know. I figure that'll be kind of easier.

No, what is the deal with the stupid camera reset? Full, i'm so done with streamlabs obs. It needs to burn with fire, go away, quality versus the ones you have there, let's see so cheap quality, so low, cheap quality. First, you have there, do you think, so i think i can mention it the fact that what most people buy on you know, amazon and all that stuff like what the difference actually is with it, because it is a massive difference, especially in output um. The hard thing is it's not it's not easy to show apples to apples, so i would have to tape off.

I mean i guess i could tape off the like amazon. Sequential, that's funny. Should i do that? Do you think i should go through and um like tape off all, except one little section of the leds on like in amazon yeah? It's right here. It's a light measuring brightness device.

So what's gon na happen is all the lights will get shut off? I'm gon na turn on the leds, um and usually with this box, actually the way that i do it is i'll, take it off the tripod and then it'll just completely cover up. So i guess i don't need to turn all the lights off. It's just gon na be too damn hard to do. While i'm live streaming.

I can already tell i was like nervous. I didn't want to do it bad with people watching what a weirdo i signed up for that too, like nobody made me, do this live stream, but um yeah. So this will actually just give us a reading. I don't even know the specs doesn't matter.

It's just going to be a comparison about the numbers so um, that's the perfect way to show cheap versus custom high end parts. So let me actually get out that part that will actually help get some of this moving actually check this out. Let me show you guys something too: this is the cheap part, but yo, you might be surprised. Have you seen these before? Oh here you see anything like that.

I'm not gon na lie this thing's, not terrible, and it's i don't know how cheap it is. It's i think it's for, like a motorcycle had like a little housing. These were uh gon na go on mickey's cappuccino before he sold it. I brought him here and i was like: oh let's see if i could take control of the like put my own leds in there fail.

I was like nah. I can't i got way too many other things i need to do. Yeah, okay, oh but they're, really, ugly blue. You see that both would be helpful for comparison.

So i think that's not a bad thing, but i could just tape up like for the leds or something that i mean just so. We can actually get the readings apples to apples, four leds, four leds and then the other ones are a little bit different. But what do you think about this? This is just an out of the box thing. I don't think it's very expensive.

Just does a little sequence: it's not dude! It's not bad, to be honest with you, but you can't control anything with it. You can't you know you can't change modes or anything. Do you have a voltage? Booster driver a voltage? What's the driver booster yeah, but i don't know i kind of feel like that 850k that whole idea it's kind of late with the booster that hey it's jake. What up so i can test these um it'll just be interesting.

Just to have the actual. You know information about it um, but what i really wanted to show was what most people used see you guys are making the video better. Just let me have a quick little conversation. I appreciate that big time you know.

There's this thing in business. You always hear about it, especially in like digital marketing. They're, like you, don't really even have to know what people want. You don't even have to know, just have to ask them and then like after you've asked people what they want, and then they tell you, then you make it and then you make it available to them and then guess what happens.

I actually want to buy it. Okay, this is going to be a red one. I think oh, no, that is not red all right. So in this case i have a super dope camera that makes this look like it's amazing and it's not um.

Here's how you can tell if it's amazing or not, because instead of it just blowing out the camera and being super super bright in one spot, the camera just is like all right. We have to completely blacken out the whole background to be able to show this thing off, so it's not actually great, so the camera instantly gets lighter and then it comes on and just darkens it. This is the cheap 20 one. I guess the best way to do a test would be completely like wrap it up or something sticking like ooh.

Let's see, if i got some heat shrink, that'll fit it that will actually make this work out. Well, it's all coming together boys. All thanks to you all right. Let's see, let's see i do.

I have some heat shrink that you know i think it'll cover it without i don't have to heat shrink it, but it should work. Marcus says i'm a beginner, so anything and everything is new to me - love learning about your lights, trade, cool man, i'm glad you're interested. You can tell they're bright when your good camera looks like james phone camera, james's phone camera, camera phone - that's funny! Oh love, james! Where is james where'd you go bro. I was gon na totally dude.

This is hard i'm trying. I totally could have just put the like the braided stuff on here, but whatever i think that's fair look, it see. Do a little raiding like that right. Let's see if we can do it, oh you know what else i did recently.

I didn't even talk about it, who dat, who just tipped me without fear, i'm just kidding whoever you are you're, fantastic, hey! Welcome to the builders! Welcome to the builders club, i actually by the way i've got like the different tiers in memberships, and it's kind of just been like a way that people can support just show up. But i am building in tech special sections, especially for like discord and stuff like that. That will correspond with memberships here, not because of the money side of things, but just like i want to be gamified. I want people to know that if there are a certain member here that they'll get access to certain things in discord, yeah yeah, okay, um - let's do this really quick, really quick like had one guy hit me up recently.

He was like he's like as soon as i could figure out how to cancel my membership. He like wanted me to work on his car, and i didn't want to so mad about it. It's like soon, as i could figure out how to cancel this thing. I'm out of here - and i was like first go here - then go there, then click this hope that helps bye, deuces bud thanks for being a 99 cent a month contributor.

I appreciated him, especially after he left, because he was a complainer all right check this out. This is now not running on a damn 9-volt battery because it kept dying constantly. So now it's hooked up to power, but i made a custom diffuser for them because it was all the customer could afford full score. I was like, and now it's hooked up to power and i couldn't find the power button.

Okay, so here we go. We got lux on right now. If you've ever seen, one of these things it'll instantly go to lux. Everybody wants to know what's the lux, but if you know much about how i've done it put it to foot candles instead, unfortunately, everywhere confused face all right, so youtube, but just hard to find motive to simply record candidates, see ya.

What was that so yeah? I want to do youtube, but just hard to find motives, myself motivation, you mean to simply record and edit well, let's talk about that man, let's i want to talk to all you guys about this, because i got definitely want to see more and more people get Going with this stuff but um, what like what is it? What is it about youtube that makes you not want to get going with it like what what are the biggest barriers or hurdles or whatever with it? I'm going to tell you what i see: i've got 14 points, i'm just gon na do a spoiler alert. You guys want me to tell you how bright this stuff is right now before i do all this, this one's 14.2 foot candles and if i throw this other little guy in there, that i've lost, because i have i messaged james at the start of the street. Thinking face: where are you james thinking face sorry, i'm camera shy. What and that's what i want to know about see.

Here's the thing is, like i've been spending a lot of time, talking differently, influencer types and all these things and you'll have these you'll even have these chicks, they're, just freaking gorgeous right, just beautiful women that do not want to get on the camera, not because they Feel like they won't look good, but just there's like something about it being awkward and they're like not having it like jay you're, beautiful bro, you're, a freaking, beautiful man, beautiful man uh, but no i get it like. Listen people don't want to get on camera. I don't think that's, i don't think, that's anything new, but i actually want to get to the bottom of it like. What is it about being on camera that bugs you out, you know, maybe i could help do some unlocks, i'm recently retired and don't have time to video

Not really. Everybody has time to video themselves when a camera pops up everybody every time from the kitchen. All right, let's see this is aha. This is interesting.

So first one was 14 foot candles, still waiting on my addition to squad on disc. I think this one is 19.3, so i talk too much on the camera, but editing man, editing. I talk so damn much. Are you kidding me? I talk too much.

Let's check this guy out this guy's pretty cool. I kind of made this thing recently, just because i had extra potting compound. I don't want to waste it sheesh anyway. This is also a thing from james that i bought, i didn't buy it.

Actually, he sent it um. Somebody was asking about setting up a capacity well they're, actually talking about making an led that fades off, so just hooked up a capacitor to this see how it fades off instead of being instant off, but the largest hurdle. Yeah trust me, i get it ask everybody who i owe projects to to complete it'll, be like chris sucks at time. That is a huge part about my future about doing things that don't require so much time.

Okay, so now capacitor disconnected no fade instant off. Consistency is difficult when you don't have time to youtube full time. My channel has gone up 1100 subs in a year, but it is work it so is dude and 1100 subs, like that's so hard to do at the beginning. Getting your first thousand uh uphill like a vertical uphill, it's just a random little light.

Oh, let's see how bright it is, though. I knew there was a point at some point. I realized that i'm supposed to actually do something. Okay, let's check this guy in comparison to anybody else.

Reasons why you haven't done youtube yo, take a guess what this one is. This is like a dedicated driver and it's like hardcore last one was 19. guess what this one is just curious. You might have a thought, any guesses, any guesses.

I know there's eight seconds to nine seconds delay, so we'll wait for a second about guesses. Now keep in mind full freaking driver just pumping stuff out. I don't know this thing's hardcore 19 volts was the first one or not 19 volts 19 foot candles was the first one. I changed music, you guys aren't guessing, but that's okay and i'm gon na go back to the christmas music.

I thought it was dope genres. Christmas, sweet christmas, all right, 191 foot candles is what this was: hey, hooray. Finally, caught one of your lives, the other one was not. This is a weird one.

This is not uh. This is not my finest triple threat, but i'm happy you're here, hey indeed, okay, so we jump from 19 foot candles to 191. is bleed off by past the cap and should be instant off use resistor to lower voltage. So you don't burn light out what bypass yeah use your resistor to lower voltage, so you don't burn the light out.

No, this doesn't need a resistor at all. It's got a driver, so it's all regulated exactly how it needs to be. Tell you what all right! Let's do i got that? Let's try this oh nope, not that one! No, that one! Where is the guy? I triple threat dude the wire break off that no i've got another little pod over here somewhere. Oh, i found it so unique.

Led was 19 foot candles. Sinister lol, open mouth smile, i don't think so tongue out, okay or some motion any guesses, any guesses, one little course of motion pod. What do you think? What do you think? What do you think 19 was unique, led what i'll retest unique led right now, because we got 35 foot candles and corso motion hi jay. I thought that was you see connecting old friends.

Let's see, try this one more time: freeze how much open mouth smile a mosh, how much dude that's making me squint! It's got ta be 17.! Okay! I don't know what i did book before. That was so dumb. I'm getting 52 so check this out guys. This three led pod is reading 53 foot candles.

Let's go to car voltage 14 point something: 14.2. This guy jumped all the way up to 70 to number 25. 75. 77.

78. 79. Okay. 81.

Oh as i push down on this side, okay, so it's like 80.! All right so now i'm gon na take 60 this guy off now i think most people run these things at 12, volts, not not what that was, but this one now has four leds on it. There's also something important about the resistors being used um. That is a big part of all this stuff, so this one may be specifically underpowered yeah. It was specifically underpowered at 12 volts so that it could handle more than that because, with the four leds i'm getting readings of 90, i just saw 95 96 all right.

96., interesting, okay, so just to make sure that i'm apples to apples again, i did turn up voltage, but the difference is, on the other, led the crazy little guy that i have lost now, um that one specifically doesn't change when you give it more power because It's it's gon na just send the proper amount, regardless of the voltage which is cool unless you're like running super low voltage, then i think it can freak out. Let's check this guy one more time, because it's a bit of a monster last time it was 190. This time it is 190., oh well, we are consistent and, like i said it should have read exactly the same as last time, so we went from uh. We about doubled our output from the other guys, and obviously, we've got a big giant block.

Why did i freeze again? How come nobody told me, or did i just now, freeze where my hillbilly's at? Where am i here billy last, i will check this little motorcycle fella and then we will check hillbilly leds. You guys are just spoiler, alerting the video that is gon na come out tomorrow. This is five. I got to go okay.

What do we think boys? We were at 90 on the other. This thing is really bright, with 14 volts, actually kind of impressed. To be honest, a little bit closer up to the ceiling too yo guess what paging hillbilly hey you're frozen! One am i frozen again? Oh, i was frozen dude. Your guys's delay is so fat.

That's crazy! I can't believe it um, but yo. That is not bad. 187. 87.5.

188. Dude. That's basically the same brightness granted it's twice as many leds, so kind of not fair um. Let's do this.

I'm gon na throw a little piece of tape. That's better tape! The end! I just wanted to be four leds this time, so it was 180 with four dude. I got a headache already. Look at all these freaking leds at 14 volts destroying my head uh, i'm gon na be blind.

Somebody in my comments. One time was like really concerned. Like you're gon na be blind, don't be stupid. Okay, let it go.

Does the brightness tend to shorten its lifespan wow? What a difference? That's interesting! Yes, brightness and heat rolling on the floor laughing and rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor rolling on the floor. It's 61 foot candles now down from 180, something so yeah i mean, i guess, apples to apples kind of matters right. I was pumping out way more power before so now that this is a fair fight. Now this is not as bright as the unique led or corso motion.

Interesting still looks pretty cool, though all right, i'm gon na, do one more before i end the stream we're gon na test, the one the only the hillberry um and check out that wire just sitting there waiting destined one man uh, i can't see which goes where I'm just gon na guess have to have a good solder joint on here, hillbilly lights. I like that. What do you guys like better hillbilly lights or hillbilly led? I just tried to call him and it went straight to voicemail. I think hillbilly fights jay.

What do you think hillbilly lights? We just figured out That was about to happen because you could still call them hillbilly leds, but i think i think hillbilly lights is solid. Donald tell me where he at you should know: hillbilly lights, that's yeah man. I think that that's a solid ass name billy bites yo what a string, it's changing lives all right and what are guesses for how bright this thing's gon na be uh the cheap amazon one.

Just now that i thought was actually pretty impressive and that's 64.. We were like 79 on the unique led sound of a batch work. We got some some weird off-brand music going, but that's okay, good for it. Merry christmas baby, your shine on hillbilly lights, baby get your shine on here billy.

Here we go 120: the truths 120. Okay, any other guesses, dynamic, auto works, the only one paying attention. Sorry that was really bright. I wired my backwards, but 12 v, 120 dude.

Nothing did anything else. Make arcs like that. Make flares on the screen. Look at the flare look it i mean.

That's basically a potato as well. Good night, gentlemen, sean paymer, my man. Here we go the other guesses, 180 120.. Merry christmas, sweet christmas, oh god, that's so bright! All right and our big hardcore winner was the um.

As far as like the brightest thing that we had turned on was the one with the driver, big old, stinking craziness in there. Oh humans are 140 160. Merry c christmas final guesses, i'm about to tell you, i'm booted tell you what's up, everyone are those one. What leds yeah man, let's go i'll, do a reveal right now.

You don't even got ta. Believe me read it picture yo! Okay! Here we go, i'm going with two hundred and santa some twenty-five light skull. Hey it is the winner. That's pretty dope! You guys just spoiled the christmas movie, so you see this video you're gon na know all off the bat what's gon na happen.

Let me explain something to you. Let me explain a little something: the uh, the fact that that was brighter. Then this with the driver with a dedicated board like look at oh yeah, that's right! That's what it is! This thing's got like that starboard and all that mr team um dude, i'm i'm pumped the fact that that can be on a sequencer. That's insanity, i'm gon na come out here tonight and just finish up this video film a bit.

I'm gon na go, spend some time with the kiddos, but damn can you believe it? I can believe it. I knew when i saw those things the first time i was like my god - sweet mother of god insanity, so the spoiler is there you've seen it brightest thing known to mankind, not even a little bit brighter than the competition all the way brighter. That was crazy. You know what i sucked right now is.

I realized that i froze, but then i had like the screen said something else. Anyway, you guys saw nice. Yours are on order, i'm excited for everybody, so excited smile. What's up pal jay, sean jake and everyone else.

I didn't mention individually james for president i'm out of here boys. My eyes hurt. I need to go close, my eyes and take some tylenol. You said it's the winner, i'm in the edge of my seat wandering the number i showed you.

Oh you didn't see. Did you not see, i put it up to the camera? 195.. Everybody see that 195. rusted and busted thanks for joining us.

You guys, i will see you tomorrow. I got ta get this video shot. It's gon na be a good time. Amp it pools.

I don't know i don't know, i i think james has all those answers all of the not fun stuff. Other people know i just i'm not that guy boys it's been real. I tried to film live, i kind of failed miserably, but it's okay. We did get a new member in the builder squad, let's figure out something on uh on discord, i'll talk to you guys in discord tonight i'll, be there later peace thanks for joining me see you tomorrow, love you gesture,.


By Chris

One thought on “Trying to film a new video about sequential leds for 2022”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HAMMER says:

    I know I just mentioned it on I.G., but damn im so excited to try those Hillbilly LEDs for my taillight project.
    The goal has been smooth, spotless diffused strips of red lighting similar to these nes Audi and Porsche SUV's.
    I was successful with a particular aluminum channel and diffusers that press into it, but after the leds go thru the diffuser, the brightness diminishes quit a bit.
    I think the Hillbilly leds will be the perfect solution for this project if his Red leds are as bright as his whote/ amber seem to be.
    Really excited to try this and have some cool examples to show off.
    All the thanks to you Chris for always showing us what is possible.๐Ÿ’š Merry Christmas to you and yours

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