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All right, here's, the problem, you want these awesome multi-piece led headlights, but you don't know how much they cost. You don't know what questions you should be asking and you don't know where to start we'll stick around, because today's episode is all about the jewel eye. Led headlights from the buyer's perspective, all right, if you haven't watched the last episode about july headlights, i'm going to put that in the playlist, so you can watch it after this one. But this week i asked you questions i sent out an email to a whole bunch of you guys.

I also asked in the community tab here on youtube, and these are questions that you guys have sent me that we're answering today in this episode - and i also reached out to a couple content creators that paid people to make them july headlights in their cars. So i got a guy with the civic. I also got another guy with a civic. I guess they're both civics.

I just realized that uh, but they have some feedback for us as buyers as people that don't know how to build this stuff, but they wanted to have the july headlights. Also, later on in the video, i have some output shots driving at night stuff that was supplied to me by one of these creators in his civic, and i think you're going to want to see that if you want your questions answered, definitely make sure if you're, Not a member you can join here. I've also got my email list on the website. Let's dive into some of the first questions that we have check this out, john got the idea to put one of the new hex lights.

These are what's going to be hanging from the roof. This whole top is going to be all done up in these hex like soon, but he wanted to just see if we could get better lighting anyway. That's why it looks different. Let's start with my man, peter henrik's boot, he sent a message basically saying like what happens.

If you install these things and a part fails like, can you replace anything, can you are there bulbs in these july headlights and that's the first answer is easy. No, it's an led, it's built in. You can't change it. You can't increase the output.

Several of you asked that, can you make them brighter not really you've got a driver, that's made to push a certain type of led and that's it. That's all you get. You can't change the color. You can't change the output sure you could but nobody's gon na.

Do that they're, bright they're good already. You don't actually need to change anything on them and, yes, they are brighter than a regular, led light bulb in a projector david monkell says: would it be easier to just buy the new nhk led mini projectors? It's obviously some new aftermarket projector on the market. Here's! My thought on buying a bunch of individual little squares, i've seen a couple of these things from friends of mine that are builders. I don't want to mess with all that.

That's so many individual little parts that you have to individually aim. I'm sure you could. The problem is now you're spending your money to make something for somebody else when what they want is that they want that really cool look directly from acura by the way on that subject, you have all kinds of different options. You have a quad row of low beam and a quadro of high beam.

I think there's different types of acura projectors that are july, so you've got the ilx, the rdx, the tlx, something other x, there's so many different acronyms ending in x from acura that have jewel eye headlights and they are damn expensive. So let me get to one of your other questions about how expensive these things are. Okay, next up we have a question from custom, led creations in trinidad and tobago. He says on a scale of one to ten.

How hard is this retrofit? Let me just take away any doubt: it's a ten! It's the hardest, you're not going to find a harder retrofit, because there's all these different mounting points, there's all this stuff that you could do incorrectly to perfectly have three points of adjustment like a ball joint and then a top up and down. You know adjustment and then a left and right rotation. All of those three points have to be exactly at the right pitch so that it doesn't push out light onto the road diagonally, because that would suck you do all the things perfect. But then you mount it on the car and you don't realize that the headlight has to be rotated because of the way that these lights are built well now they're crooked, and that makes it an extremely difficult thing to do.

You probably need to have the actual car. If you want to do this thing perfect or you have to do the same type of light over and over again and trust, me that's going to come back up later when we hear from our dude lisandro on his little interview, my guy also asks what was The hardest part of the retrofit, i think i kind of just covered that just all of it, it's ridiculous. It's big! It doesn't mount easy. He asks also, if something fails in this retrofit projector stops working.

Can you replace parts nope again? You cannot uh and how expensive are donor headlights to be used for this retrofit. A lot of people ask that question. I hear that most of these used acura headlights that have jewel eyes in them are about 600 bucks, a pop, which means you got to buy a housing you're, probably not going to be able to find just the projector in good condition by itself. You need to start with a donor housing doesn't matter if the lenses are scratched or if there's broken tabs.

You just need to find a good housing that hasn't been opened and doesn't have a bunch of cracks and stuff where water got in there. It's got to be clean inside, it's probably going to cost you about 600 bucks, because they're, even in high demand all right. So let's hop into the questions that i asked the two content creators. We have two guys, one of them nocturnal habits and the other his name is lisandro.

He's got a channel called mod garage, so both of these guys, i'm gon na put their information below, but i asked them: what's your favorite part of this headlight build, let's hear from lisandro first, actually, specifically, what i like is the unique look, so i can, literally With the phone choose any mode that i want, it looks super aggressive, the red looks fire. You can do whatever you want with them. So that's my favorite part of that, like i said they were rare at the time super unique and they're still my favorite part of the car, like no matter what fitment's on point but um they're my favorite part there. I literally every time i take the car out or go anywhere.

I get questions about the headlights. They just look aggressive, it's on a civic when it pulls up when you're driving. You know they work like normal tlx satellites. It just looks super aggressive.

So that's my favorite part all right. Well, nocturnal habits said that he liked that it was different and unique. I think that that just goes hand in hand with what lisandro said. Nobody really has stuff like this, and it is in general, most people's favorite part of the car.

What a dope siren! Okay! I asked both of these guys. What is something that you didn't know that you wish you would have known before you got into this project. Let's hear from lisandro first um what i didn't know when i first did the jewel stuff. I had a different car and i was gon na try to retrofit it myself and i did not realize how hard it was to actually you know, do the whole setup.

I bought the parts i bought. The jewels myself didn't know how hard that was. So that's why i ended up paying somebody to get them done all right and then from my guy nocturnal habits. He just said that he didn't know it was gon na, be so much back and forth with the builder.

He had some problems, he had to ship the lights back. He just i. I don't think he realized how much was involved in it. What could go wrong and so he's had a little bit of a struggle with that, as well as the fact that he just crashed his car, so it's probably harder for him to actually have these things and enjoy them right now and that sucks.

But we're wishing him good luck to get that thing back on the road. Okay: let's go back to lissandro we're going to answer the question how much specifically in this car - because it's the second set that i did when i did it - i paid from 1200 to 1400, or something like that - just for the labor and the housing for the Civic, i supplied the internals, the tlx jewels themselves with the ballast and all that stuff, so we heard from lisandro how much he has invested so far into all this stuff. What he didn't know was kind of all involved with it and why he had a builder. Do it for him nocturnal habits? He ended up paying, i think about 1400 as well, and i think, if i'm not wrong, i think that actually included the parts, so that builder did not make any money and now he's fixing stuff.

They didn't do right. That sounds like a bad situation for the builder. That's why we're going to do a whole video all about this subject from the builder's perspective next week. So we'll talk more about that at the end of this video, let's go back to more information from lisandro, including what it looks like driving around at nighttime my complaints, mainly at least in this setup.

I was told that it could be fixed. I just haven't sent them out. Um is the output because they're pointed kind of down, so it's not like, like you, still get like a nice, even projector. Look because it's nice even light it's not scattered everywhere.

You don't see no hot spots, but it's pointed at the uh kinda at the floor. It's not like level like a normal headlight, so i just got ta get that readjusted in the internals, because it's already maxed out it does have the adjustment um from factory. But it's not uh, it doesn't reach to the height that it needs. So we hear from one guy with the civic that paid to have his jewel eyes built that he's driving around and he needs to send them back because they're adjusted to low they're aiming down and they're maxed out they're at their maximum high point of adjustment.

So they need to go back and be internally adjusted so that they have a little bit more travel up right. One thing i'd suggest, like 100, is know your builder and make sure that they have done headlights in your chassis because they could have done a whole bunch of jewels or any other retrofits in different uh chassis. And it looked good but, like i said i did two sets um the first one that i did was literally a waste of money. It was 1800 down the drain because the person that did them had experience doing jewels, but in a different chassis he told me you know they can do it et cetera, et cetera, didn't work 800 on the drain so know your builder.

Have them show you pictures of their work on your chassis? Don't just go by the oh! Yes, i can do it because i've done multiple different cars, then with nocturnal habits. His is the opposite side. One of his is stuck aiming too high up, which just goes to show. If you don't know the platform, if you don't know that chassis, just like lisandro, said you're, probably gon na.

Do this thing wrong. You might just adjust something that looked good on the bench, but you put it on the car it's aimed too far down or it's aimed too far up or one's aimed too far up, and then you got like guys. This is this is expensive and it's hard. It's super hard, 10 out of 10 promise.

It is very expensive, especially now compared to before they are a lot more expensive. Like i said when i got mine done, they were charging like 1900 1800 for the retro with labor and parts and all that stuff. That's my headlights, the last thing that i asked these guys was any complaints and again back with nocturnal habits. It was more complaints with the builder who, in his defense - and i just got ta say if you're ever concerned or if you're ever curious about, like who i make this content for number one.

I make this comment for builders because i have their back. I want them to make more money, i want them to charge what they're worth and i want them to do better work. I want them to learn more and be able to sell that and support families, or just i don't know, just make a better side. Hustle income doing this stuff, not even doing it full-time, just make more money for their experience and not have to like rely on this, because it's a crazy business to be full-time.

I promise i've been doing it forever. I've seen so many people come and go. This is the kind of thing that's like a builder killer, a jewel. I build that's a builder killer that can just make you want to throw it all away and just hang your hat up and be done with it.

So i'm making you a checklist, something that you can sign up for i'm going to put a link below you can sign up for that. I'm gon na send you the checklist things that you need to ask the builder and next week we're gon na hear from builders specifically about what it takes and about things that they wish. You would do differently as a buyer and last but not least after you sign up for that checklist, i'm going to mail, you the other questions that you've been asking both as members and people on my email list. I'm going to answer all of those in a special email that goes out just to the people on that list.

I hope to see you inside.

By Chris

8 thoughts on “Watch this BEFORE Buying Jewel Eye Headlights”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars sherylann0508 says:

    I've just started watching this channel and it's making me want to get new headlights for my Sentra Se-r SpecV 2012. I don't know exactly what I want, I just want them to be looking more modern and less boring. How do you design them/where could I find ideas? Any help is appreciated 😅

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ziyang Taoen says:

    It would be nice if you can show other Acura’s Jewel Eye LEDs!
    Other than the old RDX/TLX’s 5-unit eye with either reflector or projector high beam,
    The ILX has a 7-unit eye;
    The RLX has a 4+4 bi-pupil eye;
    The new RDX has a 7-unit eye;
    The new TLX/MDX gets a 4-unit eye!

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Miguel J says:

    Love your videos the 1 thing I love about mines is that I could adjust them at first I didn’t know why 1 of mines had a lower cut of line than the other until I watched your video and I found out On some u could adjust them , now they are perfectly aligned
    Thank You 🙏🏽 Keep up your great work.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wes Roberts says:

    @Flyride, you make me cringe every time I watch your video. Please protect your eyes man, LED's are lasers, you'll be blind in a few years. Keep your vision so you can keep the "vision", we'd like to see you around for more than the next few years.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bradford Mailloux says:

    I have a theory on how to properly align them horizontally. You would have to basically make an adjustable fixture to bolt up to the headlight body. Turn it on and shine it on the banner for aiming headlights, and adjust the fixture to line up properly. You keep that fixture locked to where it's at and (in theory) be able to use it to set up the jewel eyes angle. It may only work for projector type headlights with the clear line pattern.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Victor N. Uribe says:

    Can't wait for the how to video, lucky for me I got my tlx donor lights for free because of broken tabs. I have an extra set of tsx aftermarket lights that I plan on setting the jewels in them, do you think aftermarket headlights housing would be a good platform?

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R C says:

    Love your videos, trying to learn as much info about wiring, measuring voltage and all that fun stuff so I can confidently work on my Ford Fusion’s headlights
    Gonna add some sequential leds inside the housing

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J. Ward says:

    Hi Flyryde how do we reach you for custom Sequential LED strips that can do:
    -red brake light
    -Sequential Amber turn signal
    -white back up lights

    All in one "tube" the thing that scatters the light to make it look uniform & not see the individual LED?

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