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What would be more convenient to control RGB: your phone or a remote?
With the adjustability in the palm of your hands you can control the lights as long as you do not lose your phone.
But with the push of a button you can turn them in way less time.
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I'm using my phone to control three different types of bluetooth: color, changing stuff in these headlights, so using the xk chrome app. I can control the color of my bench and these x halos. Now i have a spectrum led app. That's controlling the demon eye inside this thing and then i'm using the blue ghost app to control the c bar and all the rainbow addressable rgb stuff.

Would you prefer to have three different apps or just hit three little buttons on a remote control?.

By Chris

8 thoughts on “Would you prefer an APP or a Remote to control your Lights?”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fitted Labs says:

    3 holy moly thats tons of wires.. the halo and demon eye could've been on same controller.

    bench included with the headlights too? deal.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jon Reneberg says:

    An app to control it all at once is preferable. Three different apps to control three different things is messy.
    I don't even want to carry the remote for my car, I certainly don't want to add another.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bradford Mailloux says:

    So are halos like the Profile Prism/Circuit Demon halos addressable, or only certain halos are unless you modify them?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Diesel Boii says:

    i only like my rgb on my pc setup. i thin rgb isnt neccesarily annoying or useless on cars/trucks but isd rather prefer it to be switch back leds IMO

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DJ Boom says:

    when i drive up on a meet i hit button 1 (colour changing LED's) an 2 for some insane (showmode animations) i never got the chance to play with the RGB addressable stuff but that will come soon enough

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sam Poli says:

    I love your content but man I miss the days when you’d make a 20 min video on stuff going super in depth

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MANS CAR International says:

    Of course, both should be available, but I would definitely prefer the app instead of carrying a bunch of junk with me or having a number of remote controls in the car. Better clean and integrity!👌🏼

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SupLotus says:

    Both if that was an option keep the remote in a holder in the car just incase

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