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New video, this time, it's not gon na, be me opening lights. We're gon na have john open lights. This is something that he had me on his channel now, i'm gon na have him on my channel we're gon na film him as he opens up those lights in this oven. That's at 220 degrees fahrenheit.

I have lots of videos giving you all the details, we're just gon na watch and see how much of that john has absorbed uh. I don't know if i should help him or not. I think i should just see if he's got it, let's see how it goes so this is my first time messing with headlights. I've seen chris do it a couple times, but i've never done anything like this before and i honestly think i have the confidence just watching him do all this stuff.

So let's go ahead and get into it. I'm literally just gon na be a cameraman. So, let's see how it goes so from what i've seen on chris's, videos and tutorials, and all that is you see these clips up here we got to take those off and look around the perimeter. This is where all the glue is at.

So we want to make sure, there's no uh screws or anything so there's more clips down here and make sure there's no staples, sometimes there's staples in the plastic down here i don't see any, but on the last headlight there was one that was hidden and from What i've seen chris do is don't pry on the front side, because you can crack the plastic so we're gon na pry from the back, and these are just little clips. They'll go flying put your hand over them. There we go two and two on the bottom. How important important are these clips uh? I think it's mainly just when they make the thing, but we'll use them and keep them yeah.

You can keep them in there yeah the other one only had three and they had the staple. I think that's why um they ran out of clips, so i do know that we do have to take off the little screw for the bezel. That's inside that way. It comes off with the lens and i guess you don't want to be placing the headlight on the on the table.

But if you do i'll, let you because it's your video and it's your lights. Okay, is that the only screw yeah, i think so, make sure again and we will be taking off the plastic here, so it doesn't melt while we put in the oven, make sure to take off all the clips and the plastic make sure to take off all The clips and the plastic before we put it in the oven, make sure when you're doing work, make your short form content, make your videos so that you could show people how to do stuff and they will start following you and it'll help your business grow. Trust me all right: let's go ahead and put this in the oven, and i've heard this by chris. A lot don't place the headlights on the metal place them on wood blocks all right, nothing's touching the headlights, so we are good later.

So it's been seven minutes at 2 20., it's time to take them out to 20 fahrenheit. Just so we're clear all right! Take them out turn this off all right, so we're gon na look at the headlight first see where there's weird areas kind of like this side right here, it's kind of curved, oh look, there's a staple! I found it. I go this way that way i don't scratch the clear lens, no use my thumb for leverage there. We go so since it has a weird curve there we're going to start from this side, but you do got to be careful with the bezel, since there is an angle to it.
You don't want that angle to catch on there. So let's go ahead and split. It open this is my first time doing this too. I'm going to find out if john's as buff as me, and you don't want to use tools for this, but you might need more heat depending on if it's going, but i bet it's not that's good.

It's pretty damn hot, i might use a screwdriver now, let's go it's going, how hot is it it's pretty hot? This is a good edge right here, so you keep working on. That edge is that we usually do just go with whatever actually starts showing you something. This hurts dude, it's really hot. There we go.

These guys saw that. Oh, i just took some metal right here, that's hot! You don't want to touch metal. Okay, we've got a good little crack right there. I don't realize how hot these get your hands actually develop way thicker skin over time.

If you do a lot, look at that, like a beast, correct, open - and one thing you got ta see - is down here at that little corner. You kind of want to push it up this way. Instead of just straight up, you don't want to damage anything. Oh yeah, you're, good, yep, all right there we go.

That's pretty cool all right. So now we could take out this bezel, which is what we're going to be modifying alongside with the pieces in here. Well, i think that's going to be the first video. That's not me of somebody else, opening a light unedited you saw it's not like.

I made it look easy it's just my guy popped him in the oven did what i always do and it went well so yeah stay tuned for more and go follow john's channel. If you want to see that, because most of this stuff, i'm only going to put in my courses, alright see ya.

By Chris

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