Emelia asked me if I could do something cool with the lights on her 1979 Buick Regal, formally known as Mimi, but recently rebuilt as the "Grim Regal".
I used a set of FlyRyde Red Brake Light and Running Light Bulbs, along with a pair of Corsomotion V1 Sequencers, and managed to pull off a one day Sequential Tail Light build before her trip to LS Fest.
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All right, this is amelia hartford, and this is her 1979 buick regal called the grim regal, and these are the new parking lights. Today's video we're going to be talking about sequencers, but i'm going to use them in a way. I've never used before we're going to power up some led bulbs for a 1979 buick regal. It's gon na be a very, very easy diy project that anybody can do.

Let's dive in all right, you hit me up to do custom lights. I did i didn't know what to do. I just kind of threw some parts that would be on there, so i think we just kind of came at this as a completely different type of project for either of us um, but we did the sequential lights. I think they came out super cool and i'm pumped that you're you're, enjoying it what's left for the car you've got how many days left to finish this thing three days and the motor is sitting on the ground in front of where it should be.

So we should probably finish up and get out of here really quick, but we did get something cool done for the tail lights. There might be some headlight stuff to come, but all the engine stuff is coming. What are the numbers that you're shooting for for the the car? I hope one for 1500 horsepower - hopefully four nine, maybe eight in the quarter mile we shall see, but we got ta get the motor in first before. I can't even give you guys any of that.

All right: well, i'm glad that you like the taillights, so this is the module that i'm actually gon na connect and i have to find all of the ground wires from these super old 43 year old bulbs. All of these little connectors have a ground, a power for parking and a power for brake or like this little dude right here just has two wires going into it power and ground for the parking light, so i'm gon na connect all of the power wires together. First and then i'm gon na separate all the ground wires to go to this guy hook it up and then we're gon na have a really cool, sequential look. We're gon na have a fancy brake light and we'll have a really cool animation that dances on and stays solid for parking lights.

So these these bulb sockets are super old and they used to have like a little foam, a little foam gasket in there. But we don't have any of that. I think it just fell off 20 years ago, so we're going to just try. However, we can just make something, so this bulb stays nice and tight in there and uh doesn't pop out nice and tight.

Oh yeah he's doing this job, it's doing perfect, so, okay, diy gaskets. I got to clean up all this crap, this rat nest. This is old wire. Look at like how they used to have all the wire come together and then like fold back on top of itself and that's parking light and ground, and it is rusting.

So it's not it's not making good connection. And then that looks like somebody had their way with the reverse lights, like a hungry little rat um, so we're gon na change these wires up right now that gets cut got to cutty. Here's where you have the wires run from the front and then right here in this little pocket right here, is where i'm going to put the sequencers so just to keep them out from you know, water and all that. But having said that, there's a big ass tire right there fire will eventually get covered right.
Obviously we have a fuel cell yeah um, we're gon na have a nitrous bottle and then we have battery over there cool um. I don't know how all the trunk seals but i'll leave that up to you sure i mean the only reason i ask is like if this area seems like there's not really anything important, that's going to go here then i'll just have the electronics like tap door Around here i feel, like that's, fine cool uh. I want to do a bunch of oldest cars. That sounds fun now, just doing the sequential turn signals that sounds like there's, so many crazy, led modules and all that that are out that i don't even want to mess with now, if i could just change their bulbs out and make them blink silly.

What is the deal? Whoa looks like it just turned forever dude. I don't know which way to turn it. I quit somebody else teach me it smells like solder and spray paint right now. Yeah i mean it feels pretty good, so i'm soldering this wire on and it's connected on the board to two outputs, because it has a maximum milliamp output of 300 milliamps and i'm powering a bulb.

That's like 470, so i'm using two channels of output to equal. Roughly 600 milliamps of output, let's power up a 470 ml amp on that channel yeah. You shouldn't do this but like this is how i'm doing it to solve the problem. If you're going to go somewhere off-site away from your workshop, definitely i suggest make a checklist because i banged out a taillight so fast and easy earlier and then having to do the same thing on the other side right now, it's just hard and slow because my My mental capacity is not there right now make a checklist now, it's time to say goodbye to my socks and candy.

So do it in the right order. Yep, are you sure, you sure, you're sure, just to put the super bad song intro, so i'm just gon na solder the board the pads for these. So one is gon na go to channel one two and three: it's gon na go to channel two. No four is a single, so i'm putting solder on the ends of these, so that when i go to stick them on the circuit board, the two parts are already kind of already have solder on them and they just melt together.

Turn the parking lights. I'm going to flip dial, one up, dip switch one and then hey that looks dope, oh baby cool and then turn signal boom and then break. Let me give it some extra fanciness, so dip switch number three i'm gon na go from down to up and then we got fancy triple flash f1 bye. Bye, bye, bye, bye kind of can't adjust the speed much, but i'm gon na try to turn the speed down on this one dude that ain't right, nope something's backwards, yeah some shit's, those two are backwards.
These two yep, it's one. It's one wire connection: it's not a big deal force my hand. Okay, this thing better. Wow me really big right now.

I should be hugely impressed. That looks like some. Oh some flow there we go yeah boy, that's it! That's crazy! It's like part of the show that was crazy. I like that and then it does it's eliminating so much more light.

Oh yeah, it had no ground connection. The way that it was originally was like the the wires were connected by a big rusty piece of metal. So it just wasn't bright so now they're super bright, but they do such cool things now whoa. So this is the little dance.

This is the this is the fanciness. When you turn on your parking lights, it'll greet you with a little like what up. We do. Cool things and then the turn signal, so it's on like hazard style right now, but it does a sequential from inside out and then with your brakes, there's little switches.

So we can adjust all this stuff. But this is the hey. I'm breaking don't hit me f1. Triple flash, so i literally don't think i've ever seen this on a car older than a 90s anything, so this will be sick.

Thank you. So much this looks sick. I'm glad you like it. That's the big payoff at the end.

It always matters if somebody's stoked, when they see it, turned on it's all worth it. So we got to hang out here at her shop. It was dope, there was lots of cool cars, they were doing more important engine work, but we at least got to put our touch on the custom lights. I love it.

Thank you.

By Chris

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    Could you make HALO lights on this car!!!!!!!

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    Nice! Love to see the new tech on an older ride. Clean upgrade!

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    Somebody give that camera guy a chill pill, great lighting job

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    What kind of soldering iron is that?

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    very nice job, do you think this could work on a semi trailer?

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    Nice work, watching your vids gave me some confidence to do mine . i have a 1988 cutlass, i used a trailer-hitch led converter to wire my sequential module box up.

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    The camera man looks like he has parkinsons

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