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Good morning i was up so late last night trying to make sure that i got some stuff set up for this. I could barely barely make sure that we got set. Let's get my air pods in got him got him christmas, music time, yeah coffee time morning. Jake dude it's cold.

They got for the mini split. Let me split so good dude, let's feed over or hear it over there cranking away, keeping me warm yeah this over here, so i'm finally streaming with obs instead of stream labs and that's good, because uh actually i'll change, some some angles, but we've got we've got At least one that works, i thank you for that. Yes, yes, yes, let's see, let's see how's this one. Look, oh, that one still looks funky how's this one like, oh, that one's funky.

Let's see, did you fall asleep baby did. I must unplug this guy. I'm sad how sad guys i got cool stuff. I want to show you right now.

This thing is dope. I used it already last night, so good, so good. Look at that! This is really hard to line up with my eyeball. Okay, some coffee on it so check them check them.

It's quad hands, but it's a little micro, a little magnifying glass. It's got led, hey, look at that works really good. I used it last night when i built these beauties, i got some really pretty gtr lights. On here throw some coffee on it.

I also got another thing to show: you got my americano ready, pretty sweet, magnifying glass and i thought i was tired. Oh i'm so tired um. But what are you drinking? You said americano. I got a hawaiian hazelnut, so check this out new toy.

This is what i've looked at for a while and i've wanted one, but i haven't done it how's that look. How cute looks like i know what i'm doing right got a little little flipper hey! It's pretty dope and that's what i love about it too. All those guys just pull right off and then hey nice. This thing is pretty cool.

I really do like it. I like that um. So what we're gon na do, though, for the giveaway i told quad hands this time. I want to run everything um, nothing on them.

Just you know people cry when they don't win and they're like. Oh, it's rigged, i'm like first off i i have zero control over who other people pick um, but i, like you know i don't mind, calling people out and being like don't cry. Bro come on. It's me: i'm i'm running the thing i picked pushed the button and saw who was selected um.

This is gon na, be the winner. I told them. I would rather have multiple um multiple contests, i'm so dumb and slow right now, i'm sorry, but i would rather have multiple contests and keep it fun and keep it interactive and gamified, and all that than to tell them like give away one of these one of Those and like just you, know, listen i i like the products a lot, don't blame you showing you that right now, i'm genuinely excited about it um. I would rather do a bunch of fun things with you guys.

Then them muster up like 500 bucks to pay me right, not not, because i don't want 500 bucks. I do but like i'll get that another way i'd. Rather this go to you guys and it'd just be a more fun interactive thing. So i said, let's do a bunch of these um little contests and give away something like this because see this monster way up here.

You can't that well, but there's this giant unit up there and it's so heavy. It's always it's kind of hard to get it out, and even this guy, this thing's dope, the classic, but it too is kind of big. What i mean, especially now that i'm like especially now that i'm adding all these little extras to it. But i do think it's cool that all this stuff is interoperable like that's just it is what it is, but that new magnifying glass.

I could just stick it right there right, so i think i'm all set. I got my quad hands. Lineup, like i got all the the fun stuff, so i was gon na do an announcement yesterday and get it started. I don't even remember what i said that she said too sleepy but yeah.

It looks like there's tentacles just coming off all over the spot. Right here, let's see, i should have this back now. Let's see do i got that? Do i got the hero5, i don't what a schmuck, oh well, i at least have obs running. So hopefully it's not choppy or doesn't sound, weird or anything like that.

I'm just glad i got these gtr lights polished. Looking perfect last night stayed up. Super late, i was like i need to jump on in the morning. Show the boys, the the cool stuff, that's going to be full free, the giveaway stuff and then we'll kick off the um little contest thing on monday, it'll be cool.

I was gon na try to show some stuff off too today, but honestly as slow as i am right now, i'm just looking around like how do i change all the screens? All this stuff is so different setting it up on obs, but um it'll be cool soon. We just got to have coffee together. So what are you guys doing this weekend and all the people are gon na? Be like? Oh man, saturday? I missed it. You didn't miss much bro.

I got five more days of live streams like this. If i could pull it off just to do what i said i was gon na. Do tails to make them fancier, building some front lights. Hey.

Could somebody tell the dude in discord? I mean i could do it right now, but tell the dude in discord: don't stick those jeep taillights in the oven, not a good idea working all weekend at my job, who said that too, by the way i'm gon na look in there, i could probably pull It up right now, discord don't switch damn. This is annoying, though i am legitimately going to turn stuff on okay, black screen, don't be scared, guys don't be afraid of the dark. I told him already, okay good. I appreciate that.

I was just like why. Why would you? Why would you do that? Do not do kind of like why? Why would chris try to actually fix something on this on the live that never works out? Hey, there's this hi, it's kind of weird delays on stuff. I've got! Oh, i'm so happy that i had that one working and then nah it doesn't want to play nice. Auto works, so you know who i'm proud of specifically for um posting up a bunch of videos.

Lately is uh. My guy john ortega, jr he's been doing good. There's james, i was going to show off your your new boards, but you tell me man, i i filmed that video and then i refilmed that video, because it was kind of terrible with me trying to do it live. I don't know why i thought that was a good idea.

It was just desperation, um and yeah. You tell me when, when do you want me to fire all the missiles? Because i'll do it? I got ta edit, the last little bits of um the video. The comparison it should be good should be good. I have three freaking chats up what a psycho he's been getting it hmm.

I got ta test the latency too on this one, because i know last time we checked it was like eight seconds right. You can go ahead. I've got the 28 channel and two color in the works. I think that's so smart dude.

I was looking at it this morning in bed and i was like one two three i was like 14. Yes, good that'll be sick and i think what might be really cool too is um. Really two second delay. How do you know that oh default, it's two seconds um.

I was gon na. Tell you, though, if you s, if you have enough of those things um, you know two of them side by side 28 channels like that. That's that's! Pretty dope like what's the what's the measurement on the 14 channel one because two of those next to each other. That's some hardcore stuff.

My thinking thinking is just doubling up channels for people that want to get like that super big strip section, and i always have guys in trucks that are hit me up about that. But where i see that that 14 led wide 28 channel version, that thing would be so good in every single jdm um like front bumper lights like nsx and all that stuff, like i didn't, think, there's any point in trying to be fancy about it. I say rip those things open blast in black slap that guy in there in place little 28 pin connector on there. I don't know what that means.

What does that mean? I don't speak that language bro. I can imagine no. I can't. I don't even have any idea how big that is.

It's starting to get more comfy in here. I got ta check to see if guys, gon na, do it or not. I think we got some of these guys are gon na ship off to. I don't think it's italy, i think it is italy yeah you hit me up last night.

You know what happened with these, though, after all the years i've been selling them. Someone needs to make a bigger sequencer. For some of these truck lights, inflation inflation happened. I can't buy so much milk and bread with these anymore boys.

These things got way more expensive. Last night, six inches nice, that's a great that's a great um stackable size, because i haven't a foot wide of massive brightness. Like i don't know, i'm i'm! I don't want to say i'm worried, but i can only imagine having one go sequencer, you know just with short little wires like it could be on the back of the housing, like not anything, crazy, nothing, nothing! Weird! With one of those nice little watertight plugs waterproof plugs. Well, i'm gon na give you guys a little freebie demo of an idea that i'm going to be working with btf lighting on um, but anyway, something that's just all in, like all inclusive like that, i think.

Having 28 of those white leds on wow, i was having an argument with google over the difference in liters meters and milliliters yikes leader, a cola give me a liter of cola. I have all these annoying dad noises right now. I sound exactly. I am my dad.

I'm exactly like him as bright as his lights, or it will blind someone yeah. It really will i mean it's gon na be obnoxious, so it will be great to actually have a nighttime mode and a uh use that break wire so that you can have a drl mode. Somehow i think, that's great, but imagine that man imagine 28 of those um two per channel right, so you could still animate all the white leds and hopefully, two per channel does not piss off the ghost. I know oh well, i'm a hack, it was all lies.

I don't know what i'm doing. Oh boy see how these things look see. If i could show you guys these, because i think they do really have such a better look than they used to all right. You son of a we're gon na, make you work gon na make you work, work, work, work work, i'm gon na make you work too stupid all right.

Here we go oh now. Here we go, i'm going to do it, so i want to show you guys stuff. I can't show you stuff if stupid things aren't turning on um studio mode. How do i do that studio mode? Oh yeah, i got a wicked delay too, hey how you feeling james hope, you're doing okay, dude, um properties, usb video activate.

Why was it not activated? Why were you not activated hope the boy is doing better? Oh, my boy, my boy's good kid was just trying to get out of school and you know what's funny is that did you guys know about all the the bs with um tick, tock stuff? No james is, let's go god dude. I can't even read why can't i read edit game capture hd60s there. We go, oh god, oh god, guys boom. What happened with tick-tock kids were saying they were going to shoot up schools.

So all the parents were like no do not go to school. Today. I didn't want my kid going to school wow. They just look so clean, though look at the um the cloudy yes, my kids school cancelled yesterday because of the tick-tock bs yeah, we didn't know we didn't bother letting them make the decision for us.

I was like cool well pointless, seventh grade possible gun, shooting um, i'm a pass. Let's not, let's not do that, and then you could just stay home like you're going to be for the next couple weeks. Anyway, he was happy, can't imagine dude, that's the scariest thing in the world, freaking having kids, there's nothing scarier all right, and then, let's see, if i can hook up this stream deck real quick, give this thing a new. Thank god.

We home school yeah, i dude. I'm i think, i'm not far away from that brother. I'm really not. I would so much rather just go find somebody.

That's like the best possible teacher for um, my boys individually. You know now we have to worry about guns, yeah man better. Today, i can send you the info on what we use. Please do you know what, because, like i i swear, this sounds pretty shallow uh.

I wan na i'm actually gon na be doing a new project. That's i'll! Ask you guys what you think about it in a minute i want to get on the road man i need to get out there. Let me go see people that i haven't seen for a long time see you guys i'm gon na come visit. Oh it's two hours.

I thought you said it's two hours delay. I was like man, my delay. Is that bad, i'm sorry, great videos got it. Whoever that was efren he's a man make sure you're in discord.

Dude. I got ta finally build out all these uh. All these little things, so, where do i go down this rabbit hole? I was. I was going to change something now, i'm not going to.

It was cool to make fun of the wrong kids. Why is this damn thing not making working work, stupid, um, okay? So here this is what i realized. Last night i was up till 4am. I was whoa.

What is that game capture? Okay, so i was doing stuff and i'm talking to all these crypto guys right, crypto metaverse, web 3 um all this stuff, and it it dawned on me that here's a bunch of these super smart people just doing crazy, stuff, changing the world and all that right. Oh there's a big echo: okay, let's see i'll fix it. Bye echo by echo echo echo, echo, echo. Oh growing, pains better right, no more echo dining mics yeah.

It doubled up still good, all better okay. So all these crypto guys, okay, now they're uh they're designing all this stuff in the metaverse and i'm gon na. This is what i'm gon na. Do i'm gon na try to get feedback from you guys because you get to be my little tester crowd um, but there's all these people that are super freaking smart and they suck at communication.

Like i look like an idiot right now, i'm not set up. I'm burping i'm all dumb and haven't woken up yet uh, but i don't care i like to hang out with you guys. I don't care if i don't look great because my my man john just showed up like i don't care. If i look silly in front of john john's, the man he's not going to judge well, even if he does judge me, i'm good with it.

So these crypto guys they do not want to say something, that's wrong. They don't want to mess up and get the wrong idea or like say something that they're historically not correct on or something like that, and i don't care about all that. That's stupid but they're so smart and they have all this information to share and the only way that you can get that information is to spend hours of your life or to stay up till 4am and listen to uh super smart people and ask questions and all That it's really hard to do that's very intimidating if you care what people think which you know like if you ask 99 of people, are terrified of like public speaking and stuff like that, i'm not i don't i don't mind, so i want to be doing a Bunch of check out that orange belt, i want to be doing interviews with these guys um in the crypto space and learning right learning about bitcoin learning about um. You know nfts and ethereum and, like i learned some stuff last night, guys whoo craziness, just what's gon na happen, um, like all these different changes.

Things have nothing to do with cars, nothing to do with me like teaching people how to make content or anything um. But it's the stuff that i want to learn and i feel like the best way to learn. It is to just interview these people. Do a podcast do all that stuff and then for me to take what they have all this brilliance that they're talking about and break that down and then deliver it to people like me and like you guys, so that you can understand it.

So i'm gon na be like an interpreter, because i know how to make content. I know how to make it not terribly boring and nobody in crypto land seems to understand how they can say smart things without it sounding boring as balls. So that's the idea. I'm gon na be doing that.

You guys are gon na have to tell me. I'm gon na have to need need the harsh truth, because that discord is gon na get pumped full of people that aren't necessarily car people and um. This is not gon na happen. On fly ride, it's not gon na be any like cross over there.

Just me just going to interview people, my man's learning can be cool. Oh i'm, not i'm so freaking. I feel so dumb talking to these people, but the weird thing is is like they don't know how, like the the beautiful thing about that whole space is that you can grow an awesome community and then in that community supporting you that community gets hooked up. Well, that's what i want to do with you guys 100 right like i would love to know that, just because we're hanging out here and more people are like finding out about it that, like you, guys, are making money.

What like that's that blows my mind? I talked to my friend the other night. We were talking about youtube and stuff a few months back and she got super into uh. The nft space after we had been you know, become friends and all that earlier in the year, and she met a couple different people. She was working with a designer and a programmer, and she put out this cute little collection of these little uh these little unicorns.

These fat little unicorns call them chubby corns, and they did this little release and then people like big influential people were buying them. Did she raised over three million dollars? This was not somebody who was making boatloads of cash all of a sudden, her life's different she's. Now, like thinking about things in a very different way, i'm not interested in like oh, i need to do nft, so i can make three million dollars. She's, definitely an anomaly.

She was a unicorn making things about unicorns, and then she did a little spin off of that called it chubby friends, little cute cats and whales and stuff like that, and that made over a million dollars ridiculous anyway, she's super freaking, smart, she's cool. She gave my kids some nfts for christmas, which is dope posted on twitter about it, and now i want to take that information and make it accessible for you guys because i'm barely learning it. So i think it's gon na be cool to actually not be like. Oh yeah, crypto crypt, like this weird far-off thing but like no, my friend did this.

My other friend did that this guy, that is a customer, did that like just whatever and interview these people and humanize it, because this is the cool thing. Let me tell you what she told me the other day that really just kind of blew my mind and made me be like man, maybe maybe there's a space for me here to act as an interpreter, because she told me something that i'd never heard. Anybody in that space ever do before. So, if you can imagine what these nfts are, just i mean we might as well call them cartoons she's flipping cartoons, she's making them.

She hits a randomizer button. It gives them different little attributes different cute little hat, one of them's farting a rainbow, the other one smiling the other one's frowning. There's all these different little traits different colors and it randomizes things, and it makes things that are rare or um or more common right. And then you know if people are interested in that then they'll they'll start like looking at this collection of things and be like.

I really like the one that does that i only see like one of those out of 300 or out of 3000, like only one of them has that particular attribute like it's got to be rare. I want to buy that one, so you buy it and you physically own it right, i'm not going to get into the specifics, but you own that thing: it's not about hey. Somebody else can just do like copy that picture, and now they have it too. It's like no, like you have evidence that you own it whatever there's you have a receipt that says that you own it.

Let's just leave it like that. Um and the whole thing was. She was telling me about this and i'm like okay, okay, none of that was different yet, and then she showed me this picture. It was this big like collage, it's kind of like, like i'm looking at goku right there or transformers or whatever, and you know like when you would see that picture in, like with your favorite anime or whatever and it'd, be like all of the characters right.

So you could see that, like with dragon ball, z, you'd, see goku and vegeta, and their families and gohan and you'd see like like all the different characters, and you have some what of a backstory about those characters because you've been watching a show and they tell You the backstory, just like any movie any you know avengers anything like that. You have all these backstories, so you're like you, get it there's more to that person than them just being in this case, like a weird little whale with a horn, unicorn horn. You know like like on elf hi buddy um, but she showed me this picture, this collection of all these people and uh. I'm sorry, john you're you're gon na lose out your massively valuable coffee and nft talk, but she told me when she looked at that picture.

She was like see that that character right there, that's this one dude his name is this: that's actually his family next to him, and she pointed out all the other little characters in that picture. Right next to that that one character and she's like see that guy, that's like a potato, a whale inside of a potato he's. Actually this massively wealthy guy blah blah blah that we found out after he started buying these things. And then this dude up here he's, like the best supporter, he's always doing this for us and that character right there.

That's this chick. She does this and that and she starts telling me the backstory of all these characters. For me, i was i'd been watching that, and it was just a bunch of little drawings right, just a bunch of little cartoons where you'll see the board apes or um whatever, like. I was watching this stuff and not getting it.

I didn't understand that, like the board ape yacht club was more about being in a physical club and having connection to people and knowing those backstories like. Oh, that's that guy, that's why these celebrities are buying into it, because it's exclusivity right and there's only one and you have receipts. Everybody loses you because they'll start talking about this stuff and get they want to. Let you know how smart they are so they'll be like well, you know it's because uh when they do this transaction and it goes into your wallet and then it's on the blockchain and then it's this and that and it's like people are like what the hell Did you just say bro, i don't even you bought a drawing and there's a block there's a chain.

What are you talking about anyway? The reality is, is this is big stuff, that's happening. Adidas just did a bunch of nft stuff yesterday, nike did it before that. I was listening to people say that they were trying desperately to buy this stuff and they couldn't it sold out. So so fast, it's crazy like 70 seconds and we're talking like insane money, um and the second that these people bought the thing that they spend insane money on.

It was instantly worth lots more money than that. It's gon na change, a lot of stuff and it's so damn complicated and the people that talk about it are so boring they're, so damn boring. So one of the things that i'm going to be working on coming up on my other channel is interviewing these people, making it digestible learning a lot and then, just like i do with the lights, i'm just going to break it down a way that makes sense For a normal dude, so if you are interested in learning about that stuff, you won't learn it on fly ride, because i will not put that here. It's not a thing for the car community, although a lot of people in the car community have those fancy cars because of bitcoin, and because of all of that, but here you know, here's the thing like look right now: you've got this uk voice right.

So in this reality, i'm sitting here, i have two camera angles and uh and jay's sitting over there with his uk chick voice. Saying sign me to f up, and i can't see him but like we'll, be able to hang out soon. You know what i mean like the live stream could very well be all of this exact same thing going down, but i can actually hear your voice and if you want to look like a freaking dinosaur or whatever cool, i really care about the whole side of Things so much, but some of the conversations i was having with people last night asking if things are going to exist, was like what, if you know, they're talking about um there's like digital, like um, like copies of everything. You know, google cars drive around they're mapping out all the roads right.

That's the digital universe has already been being mapped out for a lot of years right. They weren't just getting pictures of your house from the street side. They were digitally mapping out the world and that's done you know, like that's their cities, all that stuff. So, like imagine, if you go to somewhere somewhere super cool, maybe live chat on clubhouse for sure yeah.

I mean that's stuff that we can integrate now clubhouse. Very much is like a metaverse like you're in there already, but imagine that, like all of us that are here, are walking through some car museum. It's a car - and i just say cars because whatever car stuff um but imagine we're all walking together and checking stuff out and we're literally following a line that tells us that once we go this way and then go that way, it'll take us to the certain Car, that's in this car museum that in the physical world is actually there, but we're walking and we're talking and on the way there. Somebody says something funny: a bunch of us laugh it's this little moment.

It happens like that and nobody caught it on camera. There's no there's no camera crew. There's no movie director saying all right cut to that camera. Now you say this line now you say this and then somebody edits it and puts it together.

It's just us walking right and then we get there and we see the thing and that's it. But imagine if there was a replay of that moment happening that you could watch later. If you ever played the video game, mario kart, this is the analogy. It keeps going through my head.

If you play the video game, mario kart, you go through the race, you finish, you get. First, you get fifth whatever. As soon as the race is over, it starts playing this replay and it's showing you you driving and you doing the jump and you doing the slide and you spinning out all these things happening and showing you this replay from all these dope angles and it's getting In there - and it's doing all that so in the future, we could all be hanging out go through that car museum. We do the thing the guy says a joke.

We laugh and then there's a replay of that that cut up it's showing the reaction on this guy's face this guy laughing he's, leaning back and mouth open laughing big, and it's super entertaining to watch that moment, not just to relive it because you were there, but Just for anybody that can all happen without the need of any camera crew, any director anything like that. That can just be algorithms and things that are happening based on knowing how we like to consume. Content like zooming in on stuff people complain in my content. All the time, this is why i tell you guys all this, because i get to see firsthand some people get pissed off when john's zooming, all in all hardcore um and they're, like oh man, cameron, guy's, making me sick.

It's like no you're watching this because of the camera guy, dick richard you're, watching because of the stuff that he's doing and that's what that movement has drawn you or other people to this video and then the platforms tell all these people. They should watch it. So using that information and knowing how cameras, work and shots and angles and talking with directors and talking with youtubers and different people like that, we'll be able to build this stuff out into that world. And so a lot of me interviewing all these crazy crypto people and all that stuff we'll be making connections, because i want to help build that stuff.

I think it would be freaking awesome. It would be dope to get to hang out the homies and then like watch it later and have this amazing. I don't know, recap right that, like other people can enjoy richard, the pissed off comments help the algorithm bro. They really do.

My wife um angela, showed me this thing with cardi b, getting an award and she just thanked all her haters big time. She was like into all my haters and she was basically just like yeah. All your engagement really helped thanks. So it's a weird.

It's a weird place for me to be in right now, because i've learned all this stuff about making videos for how to do complicated things and then boil it down, so that people can learn it and me learning how to do that has made me learn things That are super difficult and now teaching that like how to do content creation and how to work with brands and how to understand like audience, retention and all that stuff. It's really pulling at me hard now boys, it's really trying to just like suck me away from a lot of the stuff that i've been doing so i'm uh. I don't know i'm trying to try and just fight the good fight and make sure that i got a lot of this stuff kind of dialed in and automated and keep it expanding and growing. So i need leaders, i need people that want to kind of take their brands and their name and their face and stuff like that and get it in front of more people and do that collaborating getting them on fly ride, getting them growing on their own stuff.

So i'm trying to cultivate some, i don't know some replacements. I guess is how you could say it. I don't know if that makes sense anyway, i just want to give you a little taste of the the way that my brain's turning right now. Thinking about all these crazy new things that happen, you know from the little nfts to understand.

Apparently, bitcoin people like that whole community they're just watching it slope down they're waiting for the chinese new year's stuff to happen which is going to make the you know, keep people selling and the market going down down down and then goes into tax season down down Down and then people start getting their tax return and then instantly it's going to plateau and they're going to start buying. So all the big giant money maker, like monster, millionaire people that are in that space are not going to be spending any money until april and then all of a sudden they're going to start buying it all up. Freaking crazy. I learned some good stuff last night.

Anyway, what should we end on boys who wants one of these, because i'm gon na make it to where all you have to do? This doesn't exist yet so don't don't bother, but i'm gon na put a um a thing into place where you're gon na dm me the word quad hands and then you'll instantly be entered in the competition right. So your name will go into the drawing it's all you got to do, but you are not taking it home unless we verify that you did the next things and the next things are going to be. When i, when i get that quad hands dm um, it's going to automatically send you more information step. Two now do this now go here and do that and then you're gon na go there and do that and then you're gon na get like an email or something here's.

The thing i wan na run mad contests. I wan na build my email list. I want to build the automations and the sequences in place and find out through that journey. What people are interested in yeah? I know they just want to win this little silly thing but like they also want to know about either how to make lights or how to make money making lights or how to find somebody who can build them lights.

Nice dude. I love that. That's uh! That's og right there boys, that's, who started this starting with this little guy. This was jay's, look what you did jay! So that's the plan.

It's gon na be kind of a scavenger hunt. You know what i mean treasure hunt first, go here x, marks the spot. Dig that up that says: go over there do that thing, um and whoever jumps through all the hoops will win one of these, and it should be fun. It's time to be grueling, i'm not going to tell you to do things.

You don't want to do. Just click click screenshot, whatever last thing, i'm going to leave you guys with um. I posted a video about doing the epoxy, and i saw my guy marine customs john ortega. He uh he did another one showing epoxy and all that and epoxy seal 9000.

That's what i've always used right? Well, they reached out yesterday and they were uh. You did create a quad hands monster and now i don't feel bad because i i told them i was going to charge them 15 000 to do a big campaign and they're like oh, we don't have the budget so now i'm just like you will send me Every cool thing that i want and then i'll just make videos for you anyway, because i like their stuff, a lot they're kind of it's kind of not fair, but i want to use the things that i do for fun with them and with you guys as Examples for other brands that forget fly ride like i'll. Just go. Do all that stuff with those brands and build it out for them just charge them like consulting fees, to do the branding to get to this point, oh funny, but epoxy seal they're local.

To me. Just like jay is local to quad hands and that blew me away. I didn't even know that so they're they're, local and um, i told them i'd, make some make a video for them and that uh i wanted to do some colors and stuff like that, and they said yeah tell us everything that you want to do before. You show up i'm going to take angela because she's into epoxy resin we're going to go, learn some fun, epoxy, stuff and film, and have some clear glowing green um.

You know like little ghost modules, but even cooler yet is goku up. There see him he's right. There um i'm gon na, make little dragon balls and in case those leds in them, so we can actually like have them. Looking like dragon balls too, i love the vice yeah.

Did you get to see it james? I don't know if i showed you the vice. Oh no jake, you saw it for sure, but yeah, so i love mine i'll, be doing a bunch of different um, a bunch of different little promo stuff, so i got five of their products. Now i really like this this guy right here. This specifically, is what um, maybe we'll just do this combo? What do you guys say? Should i sweeten the deal i'll just tell them.

I want a mini, and then i want this guy, because that thing is super freaking helpful see how helpful that is. I've got the third party vice. Yes, the third party see: wouldn't it be nice, if you guys had your voices instead of a silly uk girl all right boys, that's what i got for you, epoxy seal it'll be good, we'll do some fun resin stuff, we'll make ghost modules um, yeah and we'll Do uh we'll get this stuff dialed in here? I won't stay up till 4am the night before um and wake up tired balls, and i think i slept for four hours and i was like: let's go: do a live stream. That'll be sick, but i'm glad my guys lights turned out.

Freaking amazing, so i'll have another happy, gtr boy the who couldn't handle your deep voice, hey man! That's what makes it interesting so we'll we'll do that on the metaverse. Eventually, for now, you guys will have to put up with me and my not being prepared and uh one-way communication. Besides the uk chick voice, dictating what you say we are moving forward. We do have a camera, that's working and another camera that should be working, but it didn't because that's annoying but whatever so you guys have a good weekend enjoy yourselves.

Let me know what you think about um and i'll. Send you links 100 to a lot of the stuff that i'm going to be doing doing the interviews with the super smart crypto, metaverse nft people web. That's what i tell my wife he'll be sick. What do you tell your wife? It ain't that deep good boy, all right, panther lights, sam luisito, thanks for being here man, i don't know what the hell you said, but i appreciate you um james jake, all my guys, people that aren't here sean paymer.

I just want to say your name because it's nice hopefully hear it on the replay al where's al at i think al quit on me he's like aren't you gon na go live and i was like nah. I had a rough go. I got i got shook yesterday, got all scared. Okay.

Now the only thing i don't know how to do on obs yet is end the stream, so i'm gon na end it here in youtube and i'll see you guys on monday. All right contest be ready. Rabbit trails: let's go down them, see ya.

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