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Live yo, it's gon na be good. It's gon na be good. Hello fly rydians. I don't know why.

I always start the live streams and i have to take a drink of something and then not actually say anything. I'm gon na try to and i accidentally start the live stream, not public. So then i talk to myself for a while, and i start feeling bad and, like i haven't, warned anybody that i was gon na do this. I didn't tell you.

This is just new. This is just like all of a sudden i'm here, i'm just talking to myself. There's nobody in chat, because nobody had any warning. Like you didn't know, i was gon na go, live and then slowly they'll start trickling in and we're gon na have a video.

Today. It's about these lights, they're super cool, see if i could share the angle, so i can't show you the best angle, i'm going to try in a minute when this thing has some more juice to it. But the idea is, we are going to look at the file that i have the tim. Actually, my guy, let me know if the volume is too loud on the music and stuff, but long story.

Short tim came up with this animation for something different. It was for wrx lights and it just happened to work really well with these gtr side markers so we're going to make those files available. We are going to share the squad. Life get everybody in the squad, so you can download the free files and work on them.

Cnc gla in the house. Why do you never do? Pickups pick up drugs hiccups? What's a pickup um because i don't use the same thing: google chrome on the music channel and then knows what he's doing. I think, maybe is that better? What's up mr james trucks? Oh! Is that what it was? Oh pick up, trucks got it little cheaps yeah! I don't like trucks, that's pretty much. The only reason why i don't like uh, pushy ass construction, working truck guys, these guys suck and that might be you and i don't mean you suck.

But in my past i had to deal with some dumb meatheads with trucks, and i was like you know what i don't want to deal with those stupid meatheads, i'm just going to go ahead and write off them in their whole clan. That's what i did probably wasn't the smartest thing, because the truck market is like the biggest one in the custom lighting world um. So there's that i don't claim to do everything the right way. I just i just share what i do.

I guess so eddie from cali sweet elevator beat uh. I need to bring it back up right are we? Are we better now because i was way too high before? Does that sound good? What i don't even know what i said james? What did i say because i'm down to make some bumper stickers, oh david, said yeah the guys with the big truck and the little peckers for sure, so um yeah, let's dive into it, i'm gon na see if i can get this other phone hooked up and Then we will do some live programming of things. This is really cool, though the fact that this program works on here, um, just you know what we got to do too, is get you guys back with the talking chat. Remember that are we talking chat for a minute? I want it.

How do i get it back? That would be so dope john. How did we do that remember when we had talking chat and we had they were like whatever they said on the speakers, i could hear and it'd be even better now, because it's just in my ear, so you won't hear yourself, that'd be sick, so who's down For daily weekday daily live streams, hey we got a new sub diana. Is that that i don't know why the fact that somebody named diana just subscribed the channel tells me that it was a dude. I don't know our dude's name diana because only dudes subscribe to this channel.

So if you are not a dude diana and you just subscribed more power too that's fantastic, alpha v garage where's john, when you need him he's right. There say: hi, john hello! Is that correct, um? No, the chat is on youtube, but remember we had the cool little thing like. That would be a fun thing to do like, even though it does not hold much value to like people learning anything. It's the first damn day we're doing live streams, we're back ready to get daily live streams monday through friday, and i'm gon na have a bunch of fun.

I'm tired of everything not having the fun aspect, so we're gon na go hard on that, but it's so much fun when you guys say stupid stuff it like pops up. At least i can hear it in my ear, but i don't know i don't know is that of any value without you being able to hear you saying silly things, because maybe we'll have to find out a way, so the stream can hear yes, okay! Well, let me just ask you guys, because this is a question i always ask. I haven't asked you yet um first off: where are you watching from right now and uh yeah i'll, ask you some more questions. I have to have you guys.

I've asked you that same question so many times. Let me know in chat where you're watching from and uh tell me is this. This is the first time you've got a live stream or no we're gon na have to. We have to keep the know about the live streams going and find the best time to do it.

I like to live stream at the end of the day, but it can be a little bit ridiculous because if my kids start going nuts, you can hear my wife just screaming. In the background. That's raising my eyeballs, you know what i'm wondering too. Is that i bet you anything you guys just couldn't hear me, because my mic was turned down a bit.

So half the time i'll go back later and i'll watch the chat music. In the background watch the music in the background, i'll watch, a replay of the live stream and then i'll just be like damn. I couldn't even hear the freaking music too loud talking. This is gon na, be fun to get everything dialed back down.

Okay, i'm at maybe maybe like 90 85 volume on mic. This is so weird. I practically want to get a different like earbud, so that i can listen other stuff, sound good. Now, okay, don't need to do anything.

Do i need to adjust my hair? Okay, i got it go to the restroom website. Go to restream, i'm not streaming on. The restroom, though, does that matter, restream, dot, io, slash, chat, okay, you can add any channel to it so and i can add any talking channel to it. Okay, boys, dot, io, restream, dot, io, slash chat, you know, that's how i was supposed to do.

The thing chat i flaked on these guys. Maybe i can open a browser. I guess browser the white left button. The white left button in the middle screen, um sales.

Hopefully this is it they're, like you, are not logging in you're locked out, bro you're done. Oh yeah, like you, please enable channels. Do you see a button for channels? I don't. Oh, a button.

Click, the r, maybe okay, bye right yep! No, you don't want me to do it. Oh activate the channel, uh bottom right, bottom right, all right settings active! Is there and activate channels? No there's a replying commands. I think just overall they're like screw this guy, we're not going to let him do cool stuff. It's free too, so i don't see why you don't have it huh guys? Why don't i have the the fun the fun toy? You won't! Do it oh well, one hour later mike is dialed in for sure app dot, restream dot, io, slash channel! Oh okay! Now, let's go, you know, nobody told me where they were watching from they're like this guy's, an idiot we're not telling him okay offline.

There we go channel's there does it need me to add it again. Maybe, since it's a new life, youtube sure connect youtube, we're trying to add a channel that exceeds the number of chanels. Let's see remove that channel, okay, guys an idiot that flowered. This will eventually, maybe be better for you, fine gentlemen, we'll see, let's see what i'm doing i'll share my screen, that'll be funner yeah to do it.

It's gon na show my social security number right now, oh you're, showing them steal my life. Why are you showing them? I just i want them to to be able to enjoy all of my information. What is this, though, why are we doing this? Just do it? Oh, wait. It's creating an event.

What don't make an event? Okay, so now what now? What do we do? Um if anybody has an issue with any of this stuff? It's john's fault, i'm just doing what i'm told so now you go to the is there a settings? Button: mac, no destination, sn? K9 wow! That's an interesting name! Coronado! Look at that name: hey hello! What's up okay! So what do you want me to do? Are you in destinations, yes, destinations? Uh-Huh? We have to go to settings right where just go to the top right, where it says, chat, got it and bottom right settings we're going to get this guys. Is there a notifications tab? It says the chat is ready to display messages and twitch says. Are you talking to me mixer, there isn't even a mixer out there anymore. Nothing doesn't happen, notifications.

No! This was all for you guys and it's failing, that's, okay! This is the way we did last time. I think really back to what just back damn. I guess dashboard: where is that up there on the tab? Okay and then our team rtp mp settings later yeah. It was a good, it was a valiant effort, we'll figure it out tomorrow.

It was an effort, i don't know if it was valiant, but it was an effort how to pronounce oh mac cop and k9 2 118 coronado. My name is chris fly. Ride works though nice to meet you long. Beach new york is where you are at very nice.

David says just had to say. Thank you for what you do. I just ordered sixteen hundred dollars from the retrofit source last night to do my first retrofit saved four hundred bucks came at the thirteen hundo wow you're welcome my man. I am happy.

Are you inside of headlights 101, because if you're not, i think i need to just put all of that stuff, just shameless plug again back inside of sequential squad. So i put the link on the description too. Let's actually try to get back to the point of all of this. I've stopped telling clients to come watch the live streams, because i get so off topic, i just start doing stupid stuff and then they're like.

Why am i here? What what am i doing? You told me that i was gon na get to see my stuff. I just see you being an idiot, that's what they tell me. They are right. Let's see, let's see if we could uh pretty sure i got another camera angle.

Will it work iphone all right? Push the little hamburger, so you don't see all this see if we can get this to work, this should be cool. I just want you to see the up closeness properties. Hey. Have you noticed that the um, the camera it always zooms in and out, like a bunch of times, all annoying like and it's not it's being a good boy, so iphone 10 edit epic cam there looks like it wants to work, damn it's like it wants to, But it's not, and i don't know if it has some sort of a ndi.

Oh maybe we can do it through ndi that'd be dope. So when i hook this thing up, it used to like freak out epic cam, camera nah dude. You had that for years. Huh, what's that epic cam? Oh yeah, i remember back in the huh no way yeah, but this isn't gon na work.

I don't think it's gon na work. It worked you guys. I know you don't think. I know what i'm doing.

Neither do i, but at some point in this stream look at this like. I know that i don't have my full camera angle right, but look it hey got you we're getting there boys i'll know what i'm doing soon enough, so we're gon na do some programming of this stuff. I am gon na get this somewhat dialed and i'm gon na turn that back off, because it's super bright. Ah, i wan na answer some questions because i make it super hard to get a hold of me on purpose and then i'll go live and be like.

You know right there and anybody could ask anything and then, like i don't know nobody uses that i feel bad like you could also pay to hang out donald's in the house. What's up dude, i'm so stoked that you're inside the courses now we got zach cook. Oh, i should actually tell him that i am live, although in the last post i did on the ghost lighting thing uh i mentioned that we were gon na go live so hopefully he pops in here but um yeah, i'm so glad to have you inside of The academy, because we're gon na be doing such fun things now so much different. All right, although you were the closest, no one, gets it right over it.

Oh ever i get that i totally get it so um tell you what i'm just gon na start talking about what we're gon na do on these and then i'm gon na clip that section out to repurpose it, because all the fun goofing around stuff, not super Valuable you know i don't think anyone's gon na be like i'm so glad. I watched that part of your live stream chris, it's more of me, just being a goof um and we'll clip it out and put it all in there. So i'm going to share with you first off the files that i've pumped into these, which were shared to me by our guy tim shields, so we're going to take those files we're going to load them into um into discord. So if you're not in discord, i need to make a cool little thing like that that talks about discord and other things um and then i'm gon na upload, this video to sequential squad after the fact and i'll have a download of that same file there.

But i just want everybody to have access to download and upload their own version of these files, because they're going to ship out tomorrow, if anybody has any cool animations that they come up with i'll test them first thing in the morning, i'll share them out on Instagram and then um i'll do a little poll and see what people vote for what they think is cool and i think that's cool. Let's see oh got him see if i could get this thing somewhat, adjusted better. Oh that didn't work. Okay, i got ta set that down.

I got ta change that and i got ta push that right. That's it! Let's see if i can get this dialed geez. That is difficult. I don't remember all the freaking buttons in here come on.

Bro just show full screen. That's all i want. I need anything special. What do you use? Uh live streaming programs to want to tell me that hell, i'm supposed to push to get this to open up.

It's like locked, damn it oh well all right anyway, be! I would be more in more course as soon as get more money. Donald, oh did donald. No, so you actually joined the first thousand bucks right, not the academy. You did the m1000 mini course, because hey here's, the here's, the beautiful thing about that, instead of doing the academy and doing m1 000.

That's the whole point that, like it breaks down how to make the money. But you can't do the course so yeah, that's dope! Brandon says: he's got a 2011 silverado lt crew cab. This video very helpful, which video is very helpful and what are you trying to do if i worked on any 2005 to 10 dodge charger head and tail lights um, i haven't done the older chargers. No, i haven't, i did the newer one and then i was like uh.

I hate burma, steel, even the soft stuff david says it would be awesome if they weren't so bright, probably a little janky. If you had a pair of sunglasses in front of your phone, that would be dope. I do have some sunglasses in here somewhere. I have the ones that i put on when i make fun of people who tell me i should do addressable i'll show you those those are special to me, they're near and dear to my heart and there's some of my ultrasonic cutter cutter things.

So, just so that we're clear on this there's a bunch of wires coming out of the back of these of these here, guys i'll, show you okay, so that's terribly small but watch this. Why is that not big? Let's get bigger all right watch this, so on the back of these there's, no no crazy wires. There would be the way that i used to make them. There was like all the individual wires from the leds came out.

The back and people would always get so mad because they wanted me to know that i could just use addressable. So for those exact guys we had the nerd glasses, maybe hey! How come you have? Well, you know if you just use a decimal it'll be way easier. James is like stupid. Chris dressable is the future and he's right.

It is it's more better um brandon! I have something for you, sir: go to i'll, even type it for you, How much you seem like the kind of guy who just wants to ask how much? That is why i made that it will walk you through a whole bunch of stuff yeah, we'll see you later i'll. Ask you guys on the livestream later yes that'll be tomorrow and we'll have the voice chat, i'll, see you guys later we will it'll be good, so there's all sorts of questions that you can ask and that how much download it'll help you out it'll help. You know what to do and where to go, and i wish that i could just get this thing to do something good, but it's gon na be what it is.

Okay, so first thing we're gon na do right now is i'm gon na share my screen and we are going to hop over to a couple different programs. We've got this mp lab ipe and then we've also got what i didn't have open and i thought i did, which is our ghost lighting sequence designer come on baby, we're gon na open up this file and we're gon na work on it. Oh and you know it's dumb of me, the whole time i've been showing you things, i wasn't sharing my screen, like i thought so there we go, who here in chat, has ever done any of the programming of the sequential stuff. Let me know just say me in chat and yeah brandon for sure check that out and then show back up tomorrow, and it will be great i'd love some done from you done pm me.

Sometimes thanks for sure man just shoot me over dm. If nothing else, i will make sure that i have somebody in mind that i can point you to this truck stuff. It's not me, and here we go so yeah. I'm gon na do some more gtr stuff tomorrow as well.

We had to just get something on here: i've done it through arduino, ide, fast, led there. You go brandon, it's more than me and that's a different brand, that's brandon david, and then we got brandon rossler. You got it dude. Did anybody just see this guy's freaking? Sinister retroworks just pop up nowhere.

I might have at some point what a gangster yes, now that we got jay in the house, we're good jay. I thought you left me for good. Tell you commenting on other people's stuff got mad jealous. You know.

People get all stupid and they're, like hey man. I see you're posting somebody, some other projects on instagram you're, not working on mine, where's mine. I want mine, that's how i felt about comments from jay. It's like.

I want my comments from jay me. I see you post some other places, i don't get them i'm jealous aj. I made a super dope turkey earlier i've never made turkey in my life and i swear to god. I just made the best turkey i've ever tasted we're gon na open a project.

From tim shields, it's a 14 channel sequence that i have right over here. I have the hex file tim. What do we call it wrx14 channel? Let's see if i could find that because that's what i have he says good to see. You live so much love from vancouver dude.

I love canada. I need to go back, they said no. I've been grounded by the wife and work. I know i've.

Actually, i've had people that were like in discord being like hey. I just want you to know that, like basically saying i can't get a hold of jay, i'm like yeah join the club dude. If he can't get a hole, if i can get a hold of him, you better not be able to get a hold of him, but a dude like i call dibs get off my kool-aid full nika says hello from serbia. Dude what's happening in serbia.

What time of day is it in serbia right now in vancouver? That's north of um? Oh i'm thinking toronto. I think vancouver's same time as us. What 4 30 a little bit different, i don't know, need to check in there check in where i need to check. In there hey jay, have you heard of jbc um soldering equipment, because we're gon na have a meeting tomorrow morning excited try to get some dope stuff over and start doing some product reviews of like tools that will be so cool all right.

Tim unique 14 channel switchback, i think that's it i don't know. Am i wrong? Let's take a look everybody seeing this. We are in ghost lighting sequence, designer right meow and we just got a pew pew pew. So i don't think this is it which is pretty dope, because we can start modifying this and change it up.

That's what we're gon na do we're gon na first things. First, we're gon na take the name, we're gon na call. This um gtr switch back side. Marker and you know what i don't think that there's any value in doing a left and right side to complicate things on side markers, because you could only see one side at a time right like unless your eyeballs were like.

I both smacked the mic and snorted in a weird sniffly way at the same time compile and i'm just going to name it that sweet 14 channels. What i don't know, though, is if this is like a 14 channel. Um left and right side see where's where's. The white - oh there there - maybe this is it - i don't know this will be cool, so we made a hex file.

I'm going to now load that hex file said hex file in here. What is it doing? Okay check it out. This is a little doodad here. This little guy is a uh picket.

Three we're going to plug it in to our ghost modules. Show you this this. Where see, that's a ghost module! It's an old school one got purposing this. Now i have my picket three plugged into that, and so these guys are now connected to that computer up over there.

So, let's see if we can disconnect and reconnect, i just wan na just want you to see what i see it says: device revision, something or other. I don't know why. It won't show me what's in here clear that just to continue this will clear all memory views, i guess the heck am i even looking at dude. I need to turn that thing off and back on.

I don't know what the hell it was doing. Hopefully it says something different this time, because that was weirding me out. I didn't know all right. 1936 um, i would definitely say what's up tilak patel yeah.

So if anybody has anything specifically for me, just write my name just write, flywright or chris or probably fly right, i think it'll actually highlight it um somebody want to try that just write. The word fly right i'll, let you know if it shows up orange on the screen and then, if you have anything to ask, because i'm mumbling to myself, i will know what to pay attention to gtr side. Marker got him sweet all right and i need to connect it's going to tell me this glorious day that connecting is successful and nope. You got ta spell it wrong.

To spell it right, one word: okay, programming, let's see, if anything happens, see a blinky light see. I can't see that okay, it says it's complete. Let's check it out. How glitchy is this.

It seems kind of glitchy to me, oh well. We got a different animation. There. That's whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa.

We got stuff happening, sirs, it's pretty cool, actually wow, i'm into it, which one do you like better left? Oh, you can't see sh, you can't see a whole lot kenny see if i could turn down the turn down the settings. It's just too bright, which one looks cooler to you left or right, jeez, cheese and rice. Okay, let's see this is parking light. Wow tim is a monster.

I swear look at this. Look at this intro, oh damn. Why does it even use amber? I don't know, but it looks so cool versus this one. I know it's super blurry, but and then oh, that's pretty dope.

Okay! Now i need a really honest answer. What's cooler left or right, do you like the nonsense, or do you like that smooth flow? I know what everybody typically says: what do we think, especially for turning left, is cooler left you're saying is cooler, so you could see it up close all right and then here's the right. Can you even hear the music anymore, because i can't, but it's what's up whatever whatever you guys think is cooler. I actually already did film this stuff for dude to get to see.

I'm really glad to do this. Now, okay uh tell you what i'm gon na turn off that i'm now going to hop back over here and i'm gon na reprogram the other side, because i think that was damn cool wow. What a weird situation like i've never messed with these. Ah, these side markers like this come on baby work.

I don't know, there's still two flashy true story. Well to be honest, david typically, the gtr guys that buy anything. That's sequential for me just want the flashiest craziest thing that they can buy. They get it all right, speaking of which do you guys, remember dave adams, i'd love it if he was in here dave if you're here i love you, sir um.

He joined the academy yesterday, that's so dope, so pumped about that. Oh my god. Look at that! Oh look at that god, so i'm gon na load these files up, so you guys can see how bonkers this actually looks. Coding was that is freaking cool, holy god.

No way this guy's gon na say that he wanted the other one. Both animations were from tim by the way jeez. This is so nuts, okay, i'm with you guys, i don't. Even i don't even care what else was happening.

This is so cool. Looking gon na give me a freaking seizure, though all right, uh parking, light turn on. I need to see my eyeballs looks, really good and turns now it's going to take a minute for one to catch up, because it's going to program itself to the timing. One of them is already adjusted the other one's going to catch up.

So i'm going to turn them off and then i'll turn them back on and it will be, as they are right now in perfect sink, sometimes there's a little blip when they're in white and then they go to amber it's that little blip that they a little Bit amber guys that was sick. That was freaking sick. I don't know if i'm alone in this, but this this show mode right here, holy god, that's cool. I want to show it from a different angle.

Oh my god, i'm so excited i feel like i did. This, but i didn't do anything i built these things years ago, they've just been sitting in a box. I saw him do a dude for a thousand bucks that had uh that wanted to do like crazy side markers on a different, crazy, gtr and man. Now i'm like wow what a what a come up for him and me tim just had this file already yikes.

I already had one of these little remotes kind of set up and good to go. So, yes, okay, i'm gon na switch back to me. Eyeballs hurting that was cool. I love that i love that you loved it and that it's hypnotizing time for lsd, my god that would be intense.

Tell me, though, have you even even been able to hear that in the background, or is that now too loud, because i'm looking at the little monitor there, it doesn't looks like it's about half as loud as i am oh live streaming is so fun. So apparently, the company that makes the program that i'm using streamlabs obs is like bastards and stole everybody's tech and renamed it and called it their own stuff. And i haven't ever reset up my live stream stuff through obs, which is the free software that these guys kind of, like i don't know, ripped off, and i did dirty and i'm excited about redoing the whole live stream, setting up all the cameras differently and getting Some stuff dialed in the same, but just better and working and not spending the first 15 minutes of live streams, making sure that everything works we've already gone through that last summer. We don't need to do that again.

Cool well got some music, so it looks like 85 percent voice in about 40 volume on music is a decent spot. I was using spotify for a while, and that ties in differently with the hardware, but i want to man. Um i've talked about it a little bit. I don't know how it's going to look in live streams.

I probably won't get to use it because it'll be too intense, but i have the hex grid. That's going to go up here and we're going to give away a full shop setup for um for a winner, i've gone back and forth. Can i ask you guys some questions and get some feedback? That'd be freaking fantastic. I want to do something with and and it'd be something that's very community oriented, and i want to do something where we can do some giveaways and encourage people taking part in stuff and for me i have one of two ideas: either.

I want to get people to start hopping onto the blog, because if you go to right now, you can click on blog. I've actually been writing blogs. Where i take the video and then i write a whole big thing on there in any of the like hookups or promo codes or discounts or links or whatever it is for that video. I put it in the blog because i don't want to put all that stuff on youtube and then give you like 28 things to do on on a youtube video.

I wanted to be like clear, like one thing like just sign up for sequential squad. Just sign up for headlights 101 or whatever it might be, so i want people to go over to the blog. I really do, but i would just settle for people participating in general. So what kind of thing for you as a viewer as a busy guy who's? Just randomly tuning in and watching fly ride videos when you have time or watching the free course stuff when you have time or live streams in this case, what would be a good thing for you to do? Um, that's not like asking too much like! Is it asking too much to say, go, look at click on blog and comment on something on anything, because what i want to do.

I want to incentivize this. For example, instagram recently made it to where, if you notice, if you go look at my instagram for months and months, i barely barely use it well, i used it a whole bunch for the last two weeks. You know that made me a thousand dollars. I got.

I got a thousand dollars for posting, my tick tocks, basically to instagram, because mark zuckerberg really wants to incentivize creators to show up on instagram and post reels worked for me: dude waves, a thousand bucks in front of my face - and i made basically 100 bucks a Day for 10 days straight until i'd maxed out how much i could make dude that was dope. So i want to incentivize you guys to have different stuff where whether it's like the big prize is like a giveaway or it's led bulbs or products, or i work with a brand, and we do like a tool, giveaway or um. Something - and i want there to be one place - that we do all of that stuff and i don't want it to just necessarily be like hey comment, blah blah blah on my instagram. By the way i'm gon na be doing a lot of sms stuff.

So like phone like text, message stuff, that might be a way that i do it. I'm also gon na be doing a lot of live streaming and call out stuff. So i'll say dm me. The word custom at my on my instagram account so instagram.comflyride like if you want right now, if you can, i don't know if you can or not.

Maybe maybe it'll kill the stream for you, but dm me. The word custom see what happens. I'm actually kind of curious, so somebody do it. Please comment back here in the chat and see what happens um, because it should automatically send you some cool stuff and i had a really cool conversation with the company.

Today it's called mobile monkey and let me tell you what my intentions are with this and why i want to incentivize people doing a lot of these things, because mobile monkey has a free service called instachamp and it's basically automation i'll donate some addressable stuff. Yes, i've got j in the house jay. I need you actually in the courses, though donating your your brilliance. That would be the best not just donating contributing so that we can all get paid, but um instachamp is an email, automation tool and i'm going to be working with the owner.

He sold his last business for 150 million dollars and then started. Mobilemonkey mobilemonkey is like whitelisted, it's like tied in with instagram the api itself, so they're able to do some really really really cool things. Inside of that, and i don't want to just focus on my marketing people - i want to focus on the custom lighting people that i love and that i've built this community for, and i want to show you guys how you can automate your dms on instagram. That serves your audience specifically.

So let's say that you're, like the honda civic july projector retrofit man, that's what you do. I talked to that guy recently and like let's say, there's all these questions that he knows. Everybody asks one of two people. It's going to be either the guy who's, his potential client or the guy who's.

Not so he's going to be able to ask questions that identify. Are you a civic guy that wants to duel eyes or not and upon answering the question that you're the right jewel eye guy? He might have some frequently asked questions and things that he's able to feed you all this happens automatic. So all he has to do is build dope lights and then get people to actually message him and it will automatically start responding and serving them. So what's this says jake chris live while i'm at work.

I needed a podcast today, after almost breaking my leg. Well, sir, after almost breaking your leg, you've got the fly, ride, live stream and you'll. Have it every day about 20-ish days, i'm sorry to hear about your leg. Um! Let's see james says james already has thrown in stuff by the way, but he says i'll, throw in a set of leds red white and amber and donate to the cause.

Bro, yes, go gee, you broke your leg. What the hell bro almost broke, i'll donate some addressable stuff, you get addressable you get addressable, you get. Addressable fell in a gap just wide enough for my leg: ooh and fell sideways, while in the hole sounds nar pants, gino. What up sir geno says hi and he has a very cute uh, giraffe, very cool thai boy, jr doing the doing the dab doing the the thing? Yes, okay, so yeah! I want this whole instagram thing to happen, big time for you guys, because i'm gon na be working with a company that i told them straight up.

I just want you guys to pay me to help make you the service. You hear the ice cream man. I want them to pay me for me to make them the videos that teach people like me how to use their software and make tons of money and that doesn't usually cross over with automotive at all. But in this case i'm able to teach you guys a free tool so seriously.

I would encourage everybody, go to and sign up for instacham, i'm even going to share my screen and uh start my music again because it stopped and that's terrible. I like this song anyway and we're gon na go to mobile monkey jay. You need this in your life, bro and then check it out for small businesses and creators instacham. This is what i'm talking about.

Do this sign up for free? Let's view pricing just so that if there's any sort of weird stuff in there um it's the champ vip edition this week, free gift get your get your gift, whatever it's the champ platinum. So this has some extra stuff that the other one doesn't. This is an upgrade, i'm 95 sure. Look at this.

Send text messages, automatic text, dm response up to five keywords up to five different story. Mention replies: okay, here's what that means. If i say um, i set up keywords and like one of them is custom, and i say dm me on instagram right now, the word custom it will automatically do stuff because i've set it up to do so. In my q, a like, i can add that little keyword and then say if somebody sends me this message with that word: give them this next thing show them this ask them.

This next question show them. This link put this picture link up to this youtube, video. Whatever it might be, i can just tell them how to make that happen. Um i'll get that monkey on my back.

It's to get the monkeys off your back, that's a beautiful thing, um, but then there's also other things. So if you mention me, if you, if, like i'm gon na, be doing a bunch of call out stuff where i'm gon na say um, if there's a video that you've watched the fly ride in the past and it helped you out, screenshot the video on youtube And then post it to your instagram stories and um tag me in it. If you do that, it's gon na automatically, because i have an autoresponder set up right now, it'll automatically send you a response. Saying dude thanks for shouting me out.

I appreciate it. Chris will hit you back in a little while. So it's just this automated thing that happens and then, when i'm scrolling through my dms later, i'm like hey this person. Shouted me out today, that's cool, but i could do things where it's like there's some incentive to do so, and it puts you in some drawing or some random thing like that.

Um and i think that'd be dope, because what i was getting at earlier is i'm about to do the whole roof in here with the hex grid and i'm going to give away a whole hex grid. Once we hit 100k - and i haven't really been pushing for like youtube growth, lately, i'm kind of getting the core stuff going. We need a launch um that was dope sean paymar in the house. What's up sean was it and i need to look at my damn phone and see see who these mans were because my email that it just went out the other day.

I thanked so many people in there and i see so many familiar faces in here and i'm just like was it shauna joined the academy. I know that donald joined m1000, which is cool but anyway on the subject of mobile monkey and automated responses and stuff, like that, i don't think that it's a fun thing to do like pretending to be there when you're, not. But i think serving people up information and helping them out and sending them places all while you're, just not even there you're, not even part of it, and then it just being like. Oh by the way, i'm a robot chris will be here later.

He'll he'll hit. You back, but that's pretty dope, so i hope that all helps out shawn happy to see you hey. Bro got ta fly all right. Shazil later on.

My man, that's what's up um, so this was gon na be an hour. It's gon na be an hour a day that we're gon na do throughout the whole um the whole month leading up to christmas on the weekdays, and what i would like to do is one last time i'm going to invite you to sequential squad what i'm going To do right now is i'm going to share my screen here and i'm going to hop over to where's this thing at up over to my ghost sequence designer and share these files with you guys and what i want to do. What would be ideal would be to take this thing, which is not that one, it's this one, okay, so this is what we just worked on um. This is what we just put on these side markers, which was bonkers.

So if you look at show mode one - and i start panning through that - you can see all of this different stuff now in sequential squad, there's already some classes where there's um, like recordings and stuff from these live streams that show you how to set all these Things up like, for example, if i just show you right there see how we only see those four little leds that are right there. If i just start clicking on these other things right here. Look at that 13 is white. 12 is amber.

11 is white. 10. Is amber and if i click that a second time now, it's amber and dim and then dim white dim white. I don't know, there's a bunch of stuff that we don't need to have on.

I just want to show you, though, that all that it is is just clicking around on these things, so pretty freaking dope, yes, was that one on was 16 on yeah. I guess it was crazy, so that's literally all that these are and when you, when you go through this, see, there's a speed setting right next to this, and it says how fast it's actually going to play through all of these frames. And so when we look at that kind of it's a little bit hard to understand like is that what does that actually look like we can render out a file that shows it. Here's a beautiful thing, because we're live streaming literally just show it so.

Oh come on work for there. It is so now we're looking at it. That's we're just looking at the files for this and now we're looking at it doing what we were just looking at those files bonkers and it froze sweet good times. Good thing that the stream's over anyway, but leaving for now read what you wrote on and off time cool.

I will read that for sure. So i'm going to share these files out i'm going to save this save the project. Then i'm going to make a zip file and i'm going to load this onto discord right, f and now just make sure that i got that saved and let's make this file the cows. That's what it's all about.

So i'm going to say. I guess i don't need the hex file to save it on there. You guys want a hex file or not i'm thinking that i'm just gon na put the uh jesus. It's always so buried it's so hard to find these files to make project date modified right.

Now boo send to zip zip, it sure move one come on guy send to zip jesus. That was hard all right, so i'm just gon na save this to my desktop and i'm gon na post. This up on discord right now, don't switch and we're gon na put this in sequential squad. So guess what? If you're, not in squad you can't access this.

If you are in squad comment on discord that you don't have access to squad and i will give you access to it - i got ta automate that later i don't know how the hell to do it right now, so i'm not gon na. Only if you ask here we go on desktop and gtr switch back side. Marker boof moved it. It is there the file you've seen it.

It's truth. What blue mean, what do blue mean uh and let's see where's james at on here, general lounge. So, let's say who's in here: who's got a name jake. What's your name in here who's in discord that i can give access to this right now, james, i think already.

Has it, let's see sorry, not even showing you what i'm doing well, here's james and look! Look he's not even in squad look at that. Look at that. Let me give it to him right now squad now. James can see that.

Can you verify, mr james? Can you see the squad section now and then also lights, men academy, lightspin, lounge, everybody who's in the academy in discord, i need to give you a special uh privilege to get in there. There's just gon na be certain things where i do. Announcements and stuff like that type should just be garforce all right. Let's see if i can find you gar, i don't think that this is how it works.

Is it guard force will do that it won't what a jerk, so one thing about discord that i suck at i need to hire like, i think it'd be dope to be able to hire a discord. Coach don't be so sick. Hillbilly says i downloaded that file. I thought you said: i downloaded that fire.

I was like yes, so will this be an okay thing guys, can we use discord? Can we upload download files you'll have access to everything um? One last thing i wanted to shout out because literally, why i did this stream, why i remembered to do this stream today? I do want you to do mobile monkey, but i also think ghost lighting has a different website. Ghost am i dumb? Do i don't know how to spell ghost lighting ghost like yeah, so i thought this was cool. Look at this front and center home want to learn, but don't know where to start check out our training partner. Mr fried rice, they have lots of online training.

I'm going to send them a new picture for this online trading material for how to animate sequential lights, blah blah so cool, so big shout out to dan and kyle. I think it's gon na be dope to um really work. Much closer together get people um trained up, get them from here. I'm gon na send so he's already got this.

I think it links you to squad, i believe, yeah sick. Yes, what will also be cool is um. I don't know, i think i'll give them a link if it'll say something right here like if you're already signed up click here and then that link will take you directly to the squad course itself, which, if i just take a moment to show you let's go Inside of squad just so, people can see what the dealie is squad. Look at all these things now, there's four freaking pages of classes, it's ridiculous and squad.

So this is free for you and members. Only facebook link is there. I don't know i wish, if i could make it to where, like you, click a button and then it automatically assigns that role in discord. If you're already in discord, i don't know if that's a thing or not, but that'd be pretty dope sequence library.

This is um a lot of stuff, it's so crazy that we actually did all this stuff. These were all lives from last summer, a lot of freaking stuff on here. It's absolutely ridiculous, but it would be cool, though, if on you click the button and it just dumps you off onto the squad homepage we're going to revitalize this. I've talked about doing squad 2.0 and all that i was going to charge for it.

No, i'm not um, so we're just going to make this better. Instead of making a second one cool, all right, okay files. Are there good the boy jr says? Would everyone have a chance on your 100k giveaway or just your discord or something, not everyone? I definitely don't want it to just be like some rando shows up who hasn't done a damn thing. I've asked him to do and then he wins something super sick.

It's gon na be for my guys that are here that are listening that are paying attention. You know what i mean, because wouldn't that suck, if, like somebody out of the blue who's, not anywhere not tied into the community, whatever just comes and swoops in and grabs something pieces out, nope, not on my turf sirs all right. I don't know why. My ear hurts, but i'm gon na go.

This was fun. You guys are brilliant. You all showed up made me feel like a smart man and uh yeah. We're gon na do some more of these things tomorrow.

It would be amazing seriously. This is spur of the moment if you get time to poke around with these, i am kind of over the moon about how sick this animation turned out to be kind of feel, like i lucked out and just happened to be while we were live streaming, but To find that file - and it looks so gangster on these is sick um, but i do need some help on those tail lights and a bunch of files. I got a million files that we could be doing on the live stream throughout the next, basically 20 streams, or something crazy like that or 15 or however many or in the next bunch of business days. It'll be dope.

Vlogmas daily live streaming vlogmas. I don't know how we name that we'll have to come up with it. Would you do a collab with adam lz or nah um yeah? I think i would i know his girlfriend colette. We did some stuff together a couple years ago um.

So it's not a big like hump the leg of famous internet kids guy. That's not it's not a good thing for me. I'd rather do a collab with jay and with james and with people that are that are here because they actually care about you guys. I don't know z, like i'm sure, he'd be like cool, so i'm not likes, but for me to tell him, like oh tell all your stu, your you know your millions of people that are watching you that this is like what they should do i mean.

Is it is it what they should do? Maybe i don't know we'll figure out the co-lab thing later uh. I think things are working pretty well how they're going now so just happy to have you guys, i'm going to kill it. I'm gon na get some more stuff dialed in we'll get the funny like you guys talk and you can hear it in the live stream and have some fun i'll get obs set up. It's gon na be very reminiscent of when we started doing the stream together.

Heavy in summer of 2020 um and then we'll see how that carries over i've been wanting to stream non-stop, and now i get to do that again and connect with all my old buddies finish old projects share with you guys stuff that we're doing so it'll be Fun all right peace out, i'll, see you guys tomorrow, don't forget to show up. I don't know what time it's gon na be so i'll make announcements and i'll make those announcements in discord and probably instagram and youtube stories and in all the places. So i think i can end this in youtube studio. I can here we go three.

Two one cheers boys.

By Chris

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garforce II says:

    still need to add me to squad btw, chatted recently in general so you don’t have to search for me

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garforce II says:

    i’ve had so many issues with Epoc Cam recently so I ended up getting a whole new webcam for my streams

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    Awwww I didn't get a notice 😢 woulda been cool to see you stream

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